Money dividend share Allianz: Late spring cleaning in the correction!

12:15  29 may  2020
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The shares of Allianz (WKN: 840400) have now recovered somewhat from the corona crisis. With the share certificates of the European insurance industry leader, it recently went up to 170.94 euros (28.05.2020, decisive for all courses). Since the corona low at around 117 euros, the increase is now around 46%.

Stability will have helped the insurer to a large extent: The quarterly figures for the first quarter have been pretty solid so far and have been characterized by moderate declines in earnings . In addition, the DAX insurance group has shown that its own dividend and adherence to the dividend policy are important. Yes, even beyond 2020.

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This operational constitution and the favorable valuation should therefore have been the course drivers. Especially since the alliance continues to lay the foundation for a long-term successful future, as current reports reveal:

A late cleaning up!

As Bloomberg reports these days, the alliance appears to be in a spring cleaning mode. Accordingly, the direct insurer would like to slim down somewhat, particularly in the life insurance segment. In particular, expensive old contracts could leave the insurer's portfolio.

is therefore rumored to have a volume of up to 9 billion euros, which is at the disposition. In Italy, among others, a regional focus is recognizable. However, the US bank Morgan Stanley was entrusted with putting the portfolio to the test and exploring further or more specific options.

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would therefore be discussed. The DAX insurer could possibly redeem up to half a billion euros by taking out the said life insurance policies, although some competitors also developed apparently similar plans. Potential buyers are companies specializing in the handling of more complicated old cases, such as the Phoenix Group. Basically an interesting twist, although the volume for a DAX group with a market capitalization of around EUR 72.5 billion is of course comparatively small.

course for a better future

But this measure also shows that Allianz does not take the current status quo for granted. No, even the crisis is used to keep the Munich insurer in shape. However, there are now few lucrative old contracts that could leave Allianz's broader portfolio.

The resulting earnings can help Allianz to expand the already excellent liquidity. Or on the other hand, to finance strategic decisions such as acquisitions or share buybacks. Measures that could significantly improve the insurance group's prospects in the long term.

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Such a step, even if it is small, can therefore be worthwhile in two ways. Firstly, by separating operational brakes. On the other hand, however, in order to be able to use the freed-up funds more efficiently. A perspective that investors should like. Even if the step now announced should be comparatively small.

Allianz: an attractive stock?

The management of Allianz therefore shows foresight, especially in the crisis, and continues to prepare for a better operational future. With a price-earnings ratio of just under 9 and a dividend yield of over 5.5%, the stock is also inexpensive. If Allianz finds its way back into the old operational and above all record-breaking track in the medium to long term, this could be an inexpensive valuation measure.

Especially since the management shows that efforts are being made to improve. Even if it's just a comparatively smaller (but still billion-dollar) portfolio of life insurance policies.

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