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Oracle Corp (NYSE:ORCL) is a tech stock that has a very low PE ratio. Stock price performance has been consistent since the 2001 recession. If you want to find out the best healthcare stock to buy right now , you can watch our latest hedge fund manager interview here. We read hedge fund

The two additional Buy ratings provide FLY with a Strong Buy consensus rating. With an average price target of .83, investors stand to take home an 101 Technology shares led the stock market Friday afternoon, as the Nasdaq composite was on the cusp of breaking a three-week losing streak.

Investing in tech stocks right now, in my opinion, involves risks. The market is even less predictable this year than usual. Tech stocks in particular fell sharply at the beginning of the Corona crisis, only to reach new highs afterwards. Even if the future is traded on the stock exchange, it seems to me that many a share price lacks any fundamental valuation basis.

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In addition, more and more players are entering this field, making the sector generally more opaque. In order not to back the wrong horse as a long-term and company-oriented investor, it can be good to use proven companies .

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These are 2 unique stocks I found! Both are tech stocks and I think they could be some of the best stocks to buy now ! All stocks are risky so be careful and

“The Only Tech Stocks That Matter” presents a diverse look at the biggest US-traded tech companies, as well as smaller, innovative companies that recently went public. They cover areas including social media, computers, mobile phones, electric cars, mobile payments, video games, real estate, online

With this in mind, I would like to take a look at two established companies in the e-commerce sector. On the one hand there is the industry leader

Amazon (NASDAQOTH: ) and the “Amazon in nice” from Canada, Shopify (NASDAQOTH: A14TJP).

E-commerce giant Amazon

In the midst of the corona crisis, it is really no longer a secret that the e-commerce giant Amazon is profiting massively from the events caused by the pandemic. In times when digital purchases are becoming more and more popular anyway, there were additional store closures due to Corona in the stationary sector.

As a result, many people were more or less forced to give e-commerce a try. Completely regardless of the reasons that led to avoidance of it so far. Due to this catalyzing effect of the coronavirus, the Amazon share has received a massive boost and has increased significantly.

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3 Small-Cap Tech Stocks You Can Buy Right Now . Which Canadian Bank Stock is BEST to Buy Now ?! (In-Depth Analysis of Canadian Bank Stocks ). Investing Engineered.

The latest October collapse of tech stocks has unveiled many bargains. For investors with cash to spend, tech stocks that have Others are less so. For investors with cash to spend, tech stocks that have been beaten down offer good value. You can buy at these levels and feel confident that in five

The story about Amazon becomes all the more interesting when you consider that the online giant now wants to enter the stationary trade. Obviously, you don't want to leave this field to companies like Walmart , which has an excellent stationary position and is increasingly penetrating e-commerce.

In addition, Amazon is still able to expand its number of Prime members. There are currently more than 150 million members. These are tied to the company in the long term with fast shipping, streaming or the ability to listen to music for free. On average, Prime customers also spend more than “normal” customers.

Don't forget the lucrative cloud business at Amazon, which should continue to do well. Because the more digitization there is, the more data has to be processed somewhere. So among tech stocks, Amazon seems to me to be a diversified classic.

Interesting alternative: Shopify

Like Amazon, the Canadian company Shopify is benefiting from the general positive development in the area of ​​e-commerce. However, Shopify and Amazon are not one to one comparable. Shopify offers its customers the option of opening their own e-commerce stores. In this way, entrepreneurs whose stationary shops had to close their doors due to lockdown measures could create online shops relatively easily and address their customers there.

Savers plough cash into stocks and shares ISAs

  Savers plough cash into stocks and shares ISAs Investors piled into stocks and shares ISAs in the three months to June, to take advantage of a stock market rebound, and shunned rock-bottom savings rates. During lockdown many workers who held on to their job suddenly found themselves with much more spare money as they cut down on travel and meals out. © Provided by This Is Money Investors piled into stocks and shares ISAs in the three months to June, to take advantage of a stock market rebound, and shunned rock-bottom savings rates British households were holding on to a record 29.

30 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now for 20 Years of Income Growth. The six below-the-radar tech everyone should, in my humble opinion, buy are If you 're single and die in 2020, you can have up to .58 million in assets before your heirs have to worry about paying a penny in estate taxes.

Tech stocks are among the names that lost the most ground since the market-wide July peak. They've also been less than impressive on the way back up The company warned investors in June that the ban on doing business with Huawei Technologies would ultimately shave $ 2 billion worth of revenue

Shopify is increasingly offering its shop operators more services, such as taking over logistics. In addition to the fundamental growth in the e-commerce sector, this offers scope for additional growth.

Shopify is not as broadly positioned as Amazon, but Canadians are constantly expanding their range. A trading platform like the one offered by Amazon is now online. In addition, the internationalization of the entire business at Shopify is still in its infancy. For me, Shopify is one of those tech stocks that basically still has a lot of upside potential .

Two Exciting Tech Stocks to Buy

While these two tech stocks are fundamentally valued at high valuation, both Amazon and Shopify may have significant future potential.

Both companies are not directly comparable, but they both serve very strong future trends. In doing so, they seem to be doing something right. So if you want to get exposure to tech stocks, especially in the e-commerce sector, you might consider buying one of the two stocks.

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Caio Reimertshofer has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. John Mackey, CEO of Amazon subsidiary Whole Foods Market, sits on the Board of Directors of The Motley Fool. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Amazon and Shopify, and recommends the following options: Short January 2022 $ 1940 Call on Amazon and Long January 2022 $ 1920 Call on Amazon.

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