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13:35  24 november  2020
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Trading Idea Deutsche Lufthansa: Stable high altitude?

 Trading Idea Deutsche Lufthansa: Stable high altitude? The Deutsche Lufthansa share is on the rise: The hope of a vaccine against COVID-19 - and thus of an early end to the Corona crisis - has given the paper a strong price boost. © Provided by Finanz.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images When the vaccinations actually start and how soon afterwards normality will return is in the stars. Until then, Lufthansa will have to cope with further losses. The rally could soon be followed by disillusionment and putting the stock down again.

Rent controls are a terrible idea . That was the general reaction of the property industry when the Labour party proposed them The idea is that this forms a “mirror” of the rental market that governs rent increases during a tenancy. Other big players include Deutsche Wohnen and TAG Immobilien.

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The next level of the so-called Berlin rent cover has been in effect since the beginning of the week. He demands that landlords lower excessive rents. Excessive is defined here as rents that are more than 20 percent above the legally defined upper limits.

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The DAX group Deutsche Wohnen is also affected. This year alone, he expects rent losses of around 9 million euros, and next year it should be 30 million euros. Deutsche Wohnen will have to lower every third rent of the 116,000 apartments in Berlin.

Sounds like a lot at first, but it has to be put in relation to the total rental income. Last year these totaled 862 million euros nationwide. The bottom line: Deutsche Wohnen, like its competitor Vonovia, has announced that it will postpone planned renovations or new projects or completely discontinue them, which of course will limit the possibility of further increasing the rental volume. In addition, a number of federal states with large cities are looking at how the Berlin rent cap will work in the end, because there are corresponding considerations there too. This could turn Berlin into a blueprint for further adversity among residential real estate groups.

Renewed losses: DAX can narrowly defend the 13,000 at the start

 Renewed losses: DAX can narrowly defend the 13,000 at the start The German stock market also started with losses on Friday. © Provided by Finanz.net DANIEL ROLAND / AFP / Getty Images The DAX enters trading at a discount of 0.12 percent at 13,036.97 points and thus wins the battle for the psychologically important 13,000- Counter mark. The DAX continues to pay tribute to the price jump on Monday, which at times catapulted it by over 800 points to almost 13,300 points. Despite taking profits in the meantime, the weekly balance is currently plus 4.5 percent.

If you rent an apartment, understand the basics of landlord-tenant law. Some renters insurance policies also cover liability due to an injury on the rental premises. Note: Even if your roommate has rental insurance, it’s still a good idea to get your own policy.

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This is increasingly reflected in the stock market. Quite a few investors see this as a sign that the real estate boom in Germany is over for the time being. This then also puts the corresponding stock valuations to the test. Deutsche Wohnen is currently valued at a PER of 23 for the current and next financial year. Values ​​below 10 have been more common in recent years.

Given these premises, the risk increases that the share will now break through its 200-day line, which is currently around 40 euros. Then the value could quickly find itself in the range of 35/36 euros.

Speculatively minded investors can bet on this with a put leverage certificate. Here we would use an Open End Turbo warrant from UBS with a leverage of 5.4. We believe it has a potential of around 70 percent with a price target of EUR 1.30. We set the stop loss at EUR 0.50.

Vanmoof: E-bike manufacturer removes function that brought pedelec riders in need.

 Vanmoof: E-bike manufacturer removes function that brought pedelec riders in need. Vanmoof riders take a sigh of relief. With an update for the Android and iPhone app, the manufacturer is removing the option of turning a pedelec into an S-Pedelec. © Vanmoof Vanmoof drivers no longer have to fear police checks. (Photo: Vanmoof) As we reported at the beginning of October, the Vanmoof pedelecs have motors that can be regulated differently. In this way, the Dutch manufacturer can react to the circumstances of the respective market.

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• Underlying: Deutsche Wohnen

• Product type: Knock-out Warrants

• Issuer: UBS


• Term: Open end

• Price knockout put (11/24/2020 10:33 ): 0.76 euros

• Base price variable: 47.44407 euros

• Knock-out threshold: 47.44407 euros

• Leverage: 5.4

• Distance to knock-out: 17.8 percent

• Stop- Loss Put: 0.50 Euro

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Rent payments: Justice Minister Lambrecht is targeting uncooperative landlords .
Only some of the commercial landlords approve of relief for their tenants. Justice Minister Lambrecht regulates this with a legal clarification. © dpa Federal Justice Minister Lambrecht (SPD) wants to strengthen the negotiating position of commercial tenants and leaseholders. In the corona crisis, Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) jumps to commercial tenants in conflicts with uncooperative landlords.

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