Money Charlie Mungers Depot: This is how Warren Buffett's right-hand man is investing in the third quarter of 2020

05:50  25 november  2020
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The way Warren Buffett thinks about investment opportunities has evolved, and he can thank his right - hand man Charlie Munger “Well, it was perfectly obvious that he'd made so much money in the other technique that it was hard for him to leave something that had worked so well,” Munger said.

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Even if his long-time friend and business partner Warren Buffett is mostly the center of attention, the Berkshire Hathaway vice is also considered a shrewd investor. His depot in the third quarter of 2020 is manageable, but still worth a look.

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• Depot left untouched

• Munger remains loyal to bank stocks Star investor Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have been working together for over 50 years. As Berkshire Hathaway Vice Vice President Munger helps his long-time friend to steer the fortunes of the investment holding even at the age of 96. Since the fortunes of his Daily Journal Corp. With more than 100 million US dollars, he is also obliged to disclose his investments to the US Securities and Exchange Commission with the 13F form. His portfolio only includes four different values, which Munger has not adjusted since the second quarter of 2020.

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4th place

With a percentage of only 0.42 percent, the smallest portion of the depot is made up of the South Korean steel producer POSCO . Here the Berkshire Hathaway vice holds 9,745 shares, valued at $ 408,000 as of the reporting date. Here the investor has shown a lucky hand: The value of the shares has increased by 13 percent compared to the second quarter.

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3rd place

The bronze medal in Munger's portfolio goes to the US financial company U.S. Bancorp off. This comes to a share of the total portfolio of 5.11 percent with 140,000 papers held. The investment is valued at $ 5.01 million.

2nd place

Contrary to expectations, Charlie Munger decided not to sell his 1,591,800 Wells Fargo shares in the third quarter either. Surprising because his business partner Buffett himself reduced his position at the US bank by a whopping 46.38 percent in the third quarter of 2020. In Mungers Depot, however, the papers still make up 38.09 percent of his portfolio and are worth $ 37.42 million. However, that is a good 8 percent less than in Q2.

1st place

The Bank of America in Mungers Depot remains unchallenged in first place in the third quarter. With 55.4 million US dollars and 2,300,000 shares, the US bank accounts for over half (56.39 percent) of the portfolio of the star investor. However, the value of the investment has only increased 1.4 percent since the previous quarter. Warren Buffett also made good use of the Bank of America in the third quarter and increased his investment by 9.2 percent. Here, however, it only landed in second place. Finanzen.net

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