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We were promised flying cars. It looks like we’re finally getting them.

Sunday  14:51,   14 october 2018

Joby Aviation, Lilium Aviation, Transcend Air, AeroMobil, Volocopter, Kittyhawk, Zee.Aero, Ehang, Terrafugia, Uber Elevate. The number of venture-backed startups taking to the skies in recent…The number of venture-backed startups taking to the skies >>>

Corruption has shrunk Malaysia's economy from Asian tiger to 'small kitten'

Sunday  14:27,   14 october 2018

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad warned of new taxes to pay debts following scandal-tainted rule of Najib Razak.Lim said it will take the government three years to resolve its fiscal woes due to more than 1 trillion ringgit ($240.5 billion) in debt... >>>

Bank of England confirms new £50 note plans

Sunday  05:03,   14 october 2018

Ministers have abandoned plans to ditch copper coins and the £50 note, announcing on Saturday that both will be retained despite concerns over criminal use of large denomination notes. A review begun in March at first envisaged scrapping 1p and 2p... >>>

U.K. to Grow Slower Than Expected on Brexit Woes, Item Club Says

Sunday  04:51,   14 october 2018

The U.K. is on course to grow slower than previously estimated this year, as the risk of the nation exiting the European Union without a deal rises, according to the EY Item Club. The world’s sixth-largest economy will expand by 1.3 percent in 2018, >>>

Eurostar services could stop under 'no-deal' Brexit

Sunday  04:27,   14 october 2018

Eurostar services from Britain to Europe could stop running in the event of a "no-deal" Brexit, it has been revealed. The government has released its latest batch of documents covering the potential effects of such a scenario, covering areas like... >>>

Britain is Europe's most expensive country for public transport and third priciest for the supermarket shop - but only has 11th highest monthly wage

Saturday  20:27,   13 october 2018

Stagnant wage growth and low inflation, results of the 2008 financial crash, are contributing factors to the UK featuring so far down on the list, according to a study by Revolut. Stagnant wage growth and low inflation - results of the 2008... >>>

Chinese kit 'putting all of us at risk' if used in 5G

Saturday  14:51,   13 october 2018

Security threats from Chinese companies building 5G networks could end up "putting all of us at risk" if they are not tackled quickly, according to a former security minister. Speaking to Sky News, Admiral Lord West, a former First Sea Lord who... >>>

Super-rich and single: the world’s most eligible billionaires

Saturday  13:51,   13 october 2018

The wealthiest bachelors and bachelorettes in the... >>>

Taylor Swift hits high note in battle against ticket touts

Saturday  13:51,   13 october 2018

Dynamic pricing looks to have paid off but question remains whether other acts will followIt is an accomplishment that one might expect for a star of her stature. But the feat seemed in doubt several months before, when thousands of tickets... >>>

Regis to ask landlords for rent haircuts

Saturday  05:51,   13 october 2018

Another major high street name has gone cap in hand to landlords in a bid to cut its costs and secure the future of the business. Regis UK, which operates more than 220 Regis and Supercuts hairdressing salons across the country, said it was seeking... >>>

Patisserie Valerie gets £20m to avert collapse

Saturday  04:03,   13 october 2018

The chairman of crisis-hit Patisserie Valerie is stumping up £20m to avert the chain's collapse.Patisserie Holdings made the announcement hours after it emerged its finance director Chris Marsh, who was suspended on Wednesday as the firm... >>>

Fracking can go ahead after High Court appeal fails

Saturday  03:51,   13 october 2018

An attempt to temporarily block energy firm Cuadrilla from fracking in Lancashire has failed at the High Court. The process will be allowed to go ahead after Mr Justice Supperstone said there was "no evidence" to show it should have been categorised >>>

What is fracking and why is it so controversial?

Saturday  01:27,   13 october 2018

As Cuadrilla prepares to frack in Lancashire, here are the answers to some key questions.Related: UK fracking to go ahead after legal challenge... >>>

Philip Hammond may scrap promised income tax cuts to pay for climbdown on Universal Credit

Friday  22:51,   12 october 2018

Conservative MPs including Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of the new benefits system, have called on the Chancellor to pump more money into the flagship welfare reform. It comes as Theresa May faces a growing Tory revolt over the rollout of... >>>

Insect-filled chocolates, rat hair noodles, and maggoty orange juice: The reality of a Brexit trade deal with Trump

Friday  16:51,   12 october 2018

A post-Brexit trade deal with the US could mean UK consumers being forced to accept rodent hairs, maggots and animal faeces in their food under US regulations likely to be imposed as part of any post-Brexit trade deal with Trump. US regulations set... >>>