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Deutsche Bank had, according to cheaver turbulent macro markets

Thursday  21:21,   02 december 2021

(Bloomberg) - while the dealers of Deutsche Bank AG face confronted in the fourth quarter with an almost unprecedented volatility in bonds, foreign exchange and emerging markets, other areas of investment bank benefited from the boom the stock... >>>

Old Technique: Selling, Giving or Recycling

Wednesday  14:41,   01 december 2021

More Performance, Schusser Optics, Better Connectivity: There are many reasons to buy new technical equipment. And in most cases, the old appliances are then no longer needed. But where to do with it? The consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia... >>>

Omikron causes nervous trade: DAX significantly deeper

Tuesday  14:15,   30 november 2021

The German guide index loses the stop again on Tuesday. © Provided by finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images The DAX opened with a tee of 0.68 percent at 15,177.63 points and then slips down. Currently, the stock market barometer loses 1.60... >>>

Elon Musk destroys Flatearth theory - with two tweets

Monday  13:30,   29 november 2021

with only two tweets, Elon Musk has completely destroyed the highly emaciated Flatearth movement. © Scott Olson / Getty Images Elon Musk In good as in the bad, Elon Musk is almost as well known for its infamous Twitter -Account almost as well as... >>>

How the inflation rate is calculated

Monday  09:30,   29 november 2021

Inflation in Germany currently seems to know just one direction: up. Every month, the Federal Statistical Office calculates as prices developed compared to the month before and compared to the same month of the previous year. For this, the... >>>

Commerce: One of the first supermarkets without cashiers in France

Thursday  10:25,   25 november 2021

in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Carrefour opens a supermarket of a new kind: there are neither cashiers nor cisieres. FranceInfo tested this store, among the first to open in France. © Provided by FranceInfo Imagine doing your shopping without >>>

Musk continues to follow Twitter vote Next Tesla shares from

Wednesday  18:41,   24 november 2021

Tesla boss Elon Musk continues to make money on a spectacular Twitter vote in large-scale shares of its group. © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / Pool / DPA Elon Musk, Tesla boss continues to make money on a spectacular Twitter vote in... >>>

ECB Director Beak provides for inflation upward risks

Tuesday  11:15,   23 november 2021

(Bloomberg) - Isabel Schnabel, Directorate member of the European Central Bank (ECB), sees increasing inflation. The fact that a resurface of the coronavirus could hinder the upswing in the eurozone, beak keeps beak in a detailed interview with... >>>

Sanés Development and converting the negative energy

Monday  22:50,   22 november 2021

His startup of Bayern did not like himself. Leroy Sané has freed little bit from the sporty deep. A new position. Much trust from the coach. Positive thinking. And personal success experiences helped. © Imago Images / Ulrich Wagner came last always >>>

Hahn Airport: Deutsche Parent company HNA Airport Group is insolvent

Monday  15:30,   22 november 2021

After the insolvency of the former low-cost airline in Frankfurt-Hahn, the parent company HNA Airport Group GmbH is now insolvent. The flight operations in Hahn continue to go. © dpa also the parent of the airport in Hahn is insolvent. about one... >>>

Rapper Bushido Hodlt over three million euros in Bitcoin - he raps

Sunday  11:20,   21 november 2021

the rapper Anis Ferchichi Aka Bushido is invested intensively in Bitcoin, he has already expressed several times frankly. Now he calls a sum. © T3n / YouTube Bushido boasts with his bitcoin wallet. Bushido has decoupled the track "Gift Green B"... >>>

more tensile sawls in October at Deutsche Bahn

Thursday  19:25,   18 november 2021

The remote trains of Deutsche Bahn have been so often late in the past month as has not been in October for several years. © Henning Kaiser / dpa A scoreboard in the hall of the Cologne Central Station indicates delays. Still 67.6 percent of the... >>>

green penetration on reforms at Deutsche Bahn

Thursday  10:40,   18 november 2021

The Greens penetrate for reforms at Deutsche Bahn to strengthen the rail in the competition with the road. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA The Greens want to reform Deutsche Bahn to make railway competitive. They suggest creating a new Infrastruktur GmbH... >>>

to Twitter vote: ELON MUSK comes with equity sales to $ 8.8 billion

Wednesday  12:35,   17 november 2021

Tesla chief Elon Musk has achieved the sum of around 8.8 billion dollars in its share sales. On Tuesday, he emerged papers worth nearly a billion dollars, as emerged from messages to the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Board. Previously, he once... >>>

New record value: Seven-day incidence rises to 312.4 - RKI reports 32.048 Corona new infections

Tuesday  09:40,   16 november 2021

The nationwide seven-day incidence has risen again. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) gave the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Tuesday morning with 312.4. For comparison, the previous day the value was located at 303.0, a... >>>