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"Violent night": How David Harbor made Santa Claus a cheerful garbage

Wednesday  12:50,   30 november 2022

David Harbor embodies a Santa Claus not recommendable in the black comedy "Violent night" by Tommy Wirkola in theaters this Wednesday © Universal Studios David Harbour in "Violent Night" by Tommy Wirkola Bad Santa - David Harbour embodies a Santa... >>>

A cat with cowboy hat on a park: Microsoft designer tried

Tuesday  17:20,   29 november 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows A cat with cowboy hat on a park bench Microsoft Designer is a new web application for the implementation of creative ideas that work with AI support. At the moment, access is only possible as part of a preview and at... >>>

poison emergency call registered very high number of mushroom poisoning

Saturday  10:10,   26 november 2022

in the north there was an extremely high number of mushroom poisoning in October. Almost over 400 times, the mushroom emergency call was chosen for suspected poisoning, as the venereal information center (GIZ) Nord in Göttingen announced. That is... >>>

New Spa area for luxury hotel Kempinski on Obersalzberg

Wednesday  15:00,   23 november 2022

The luxury resort Kempinski on Obersalzberg is said to be even more luxurious. Bayerische Landesbank plans to expand the spa area and to build it in large parts - for a million sum. This emerges from documents that were made available to the... >>>

"Wetten, dass ..?": Herbert Grönemeyer wants to bear the cost of the Berliner Tafel for a month. Redeem the bet even though he really typed.

Sunday  11:50,   20 november 2022

© Philipp von Ditfurth/ dpa Herbert Grönemeyer wants to cover all operating and maintenance costs for the Berliner Tafel for a month. "This is a table with 50 output offices, they worry about 70,000 people," said Grönemeyer in the ZDF show "Wetten, >>>

instead of French Nails: Illusion Nails is a new large manicure trend. So the nail design

Saturday  16:20,   19 november 2022

© Instagram/Brushedbyb_ forget French nails! Illusion Nails are the new IT manicure If our fashion becomes a little more cautious and muted in autumn and winter than in summer, we will be more keen to experiment with our fingernails. Then the... >>>

New boss for the city library

Saturday  15:40,   19 november 2022

Maja Kos Jozak will take over the management on January 1, 2023. © Archivfoto: Gernot Menzel Maja Kos Jozak © Archivfoto: Gernot Menzel Hoyerswerda. From January 1, 2023, Maja Kos Jozak will take over the management of the Brigitte-Reimann city... >>>

Pfando has to pay compensation for compensation

Wednesday  21:40,   16 november 2022

customers who have not only lost their car to the Pfandlan company Pfando, but also a lot of money, can hope for damages. In a sample case, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided that the customer concerned was over-advised by the Pfando... >>>

crispy and tasty: Our 8 favorite flame for this autumn

Monday  20:00,   14 november 2022

The pre-Christmas season will start, then Marzipan has high season again. Our tip for lovers is this juicy and quickly prepared marzipan. We removed the recipe Grandma's baking book. She has always processed the remnants of marzipan from the... >>>

career hammer: Eckart von Hirschhausen puts an end to

Monday  12:10,   14 november 2022

Eckart von Hirschhausen withdraws from the stage: "I am no longer the same as ten years ago". © Imago / Panama Pictures Eckart von Hirschhausen Eckart von Hirschhausen ends his stage career. The moderator, cabaret artist and doctor wants to devote... >>>

Culture Pass For 18-year-olds come next year

Friday  23:50,   11 november 2022

Young people will be able to take part in state costs in cultural life in the future: All 18-year-olds will receive a so-called cultural passport worth 200 euros in the coming year, as Minister of Culture Claudia Roth (Greens) on Friday announced... >>>

Greens: Correction of plans for entry and exit center

Thursday  19:10,   10 november 2022

The Brandenburg Greens demand changes to the plans for the entry and departure center for migrants at the airport. "We are extremely critical of the planning for the agency center on BER," said MP Marie Schäffer on Thursday. "The capacities go far... >>>

Twitter wants to insert more checkered for prominent checkers

Wednesday  17:30,   09 november 2022

Twitter, the reorganization of his verified accounts adapts again after taking over by Elon Musk. © Jeff Chiu/AP/dpa Twitter announces to introduce two different types of verification. Now there should be two different types of verification... >>>

Raymond Devos would have a hundred years: for François Morel, he was a "man of volume and lightness"

Wednesday  14:10,   09 november 2022

in the eyes of François Morel, Raymond Devos is somewhat forgotten today. The humorist is said to be a hundred years old this Wednesday, November 9. The opportunity to evoke this prince of the absurd with an unconditional which devotes a show on... >>>