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The most iconic TV grandmas and grandpas

Saturday  00:10,   06 june 2020

© picture alliance / dpa Düsseldorf-based Evelyn Burdecki. For months she hadn't been able to take her beloved short trips abroad because of the Corona crisis. And from week to week Evelyn Burdecki seems to suffer more. In between, the jungle queen >>>

Sheep stolen from the Paris educational farm found in Drancy

Saturday  00:05,   06 june 2020

© LP / Benoit Hasse Paris, this Friday. Ferme de Paris, Bois de Vincennes (12th century). The sheep which had been stolen in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday found their enclosure after a "journey" in Seine-Saint-Denis They undoubtedly saw death >>>

Two 15th century hour books sold at a very good price during auctions at Drouot

Friday  22:15,   05 june 2020

© FRANCOIS GUILLOT "The Hours of Pierre Soppite and Marie Deschevert", manuscript in Latin, on parchment, with 13 large miniatures painted around 1400 by the Master of Luçon was sold 706,300 euros on June 5 in Paris Two exceptional books of hours... >>>

lemonade yourself: The tastiest recipes for summer

Friday  18:30,   05 june 2020

Make © provided by COSMOPOLITAN make lemonade yourself: Make the tastiest drinks for summer lemonade yourself should definitely be on your summer checklist - because the result is not only tasty, but before everything healthy. Here you will find the >>>

Light and tasty: low-calorie coconut cake

Friday  18:30,   05 june 2020

Eat a piece of cake and save calories? With this coconut quark cake it is possible. You can find the recipe here © istockphoto Low-calorie coconut cake istockphoto We all know this conflict with cakes. No matter how beautiful it looks and tastes... >>>

Systemic vs. Systematic: How to Use Each Word Correctly

Friday  18:26,   05 june 2020

Something systemic—like a disease—means it’s present throughout a system. ‘Systematic’ refers to how a system is operated.Others, like systemic and systematic, have different definitions. According to Dr. Paul Brians, a former Washington State... >>>

A woman re-created an epic trip in her own home complete with a TSA agent and inflatable plane

Friday  18:26,   05 june 2020

A woman re-created an epic trip in her own home complete with a TSA agent and inflatable planeDana Jondahl, 34, however, takes the cake when it comes to these re-creations: Jondahl managed to act out the entire air travel experience in a... >>>

The death of a pregnant elephant shocks India

Friday  16:50,   05 june 2020

In a village in southern Kerala state, an elephant was killed by a fruit that had been trapped with firecrackers. The country is in dismay at such an act of cruelty. © STR / AFP Bollywood stars, athletes and captains of industry cry out in dismay... >>>

Wall Street is now courting customers with masks and online wine tasting

Friday  16:27,   05 june 2020

(Bloomberg) - Neither pandemic nor riots can prevent Wall Street mutual funds from wooing customers. Since happy steakhouse meetings are no longer an option, evenings in the city are now being replaced by wine tastings via video conference and... >>>

Revenge at the altar: bride reads cheating SMS at wedding before

Friday  16:20,   05 june 2020

© provided by men's business dream wedding It was supposed to be the most beautiful day in her life, but it became a nightmare for the groom and especially for the expectant bride. cheating SMS on wedding Casey was looking forward to her wedding... >>>

Relief for parents and employees under one roof and subject

Friday  15:10,   05 june 2020

© Ina FASSBENDER Relief for parents, employees and restaurateurs in the Corona crisis are under one roof: The Federal Council approved the law package on Friday in favor of affected parents, among other... >>>

Corona: First attempts in China dampen hope for blood therapy

Friday  13:55,   05 june 2020

Blood transfusion can be used to transfer antibodies from people who have been cured of the corona virus. In a first clinical study, the therapeutic approach in Covid 19 patients had little benefit. © AFP / Getty Images Infusions of antibody-rich... >>>

Oliver and Amira Pocher are silent in the live broadcast 8:46 minutes

Friday  12:50,   05 june 2020

© imago images / localpic Amira and Oliver Pocher have given a signal against racism. Strong action by Oliver and Amira Pocher. In order to advocate that there is "no place for racism" in this world, the couple was silent for 8:46 minutes in their... >>>

The world is crazy about sneakers

Friday  11:55,   05 june 2020

everyday shoes with a sporty design - this is the nasty description for the often much sought-after cult object of sneakers. The popular pedals business grows from year to year. As the graph based on the Statista Consumer Outlook shows, global... >>>

Summer Dresses: With Prairie Dresses we are going back in time this summer

Friday  11:45,   05 june 2020

© Imaxtree Erdem Spring / Summer 2019 Imaxtree High-necked, but not a bit prude. Traditional, but definitely not stale. Prairie dresses are symbols of feminine grace and a sense of style, and have been for centuries. Now the pretty dresses also... >>>