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This Guy Is Hosting His Own 'Bachelor'-Style Event to Find a Wife

Tuesday  18:55,   18 june 2019

He's a wealthy Mormon looking for love. A man in Utah is attracting attention after he set up his own personal version of "The Bachelor," inviting 20 women to meet him and try to win his heart. How'd he do it? It began in May, when billboards began... >>>

People first arrived in Australia in large groups 50,000 years ago, computer modelling reveals

Tuesday  18:00,   18 june 2019

Many Aboriginal cultures have strong oral histories of their distant ancestors having arrived from the north. Now Australian researchers have used modelling to explore which route they... >>>

Dogs’ Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them

Tuesday  12:31,   18 june 2019

Two specialized muscles give them a range of expression that wolves eyes’... >>>

'His fashion sense is better than mine!' 84-year-old Japanese man becomes an unlikely viral style star after his grandson started snapping VERY chic photos of him modeling trendy designer clothes

Tuesday  07:05,   18 june 2019

A grandson has turned his grandfather into an internet star after he helped the 84-year-old update his wardrobe with all new clothes and accessories. Grandfather Tetsuya, 84, received a visit from his grandson Naoya Kudo for a week at his home in... >>>

This Online Pet Store Did the Kindest Thing After One Customer’s Dog Died

Tuesday  07:05,   18 june 2019

A Facebook post from Joseph Inabnet about online pet retailer Chewy sending him an oil painting of his pug Bailey after she passed away is going... >>>

Cameroon’s embattled ebony trees get a lifeline—from guitar maker

Tuesday  07:05,   18 june 2019

The guitar industry has a spotty track record for sustainable wood sourcing. But one manufacturer is trying to help stave off... >>>

633 Divers Set World Record for Largest Underwater Cleanup

Tuesday  07:05,   18 june 2019

A representative of Guinness World Records confirmed that the underwater cleanup project at Deerfield Beach, Florida was the largest in... >>>

True or false? Beatles edition

Monday  11:51,   17 june 2019

Take this quiz to find... >>>

This Is the Worst Thing You Can Do on a First Date

Monday  11:51,   17 june 2019

According to a recent YouGov poll, both men and women think that being on your phone is the worst thing to do on a first... >>>

Teen battling kidney disease finds a new home with his teacher

Monday  05:55,   17 june 2019

When Finn Lanning found out why once of his students was planning to leave school, he knew he had to... >>>

99-Year-Old WWII Vet Gets Birthday Party at His Favorite Doughnut Shop

Sunday  19:00,   16 june 2019

Thomas House has been visiting the same shop for three decades. A 99-year-old World War II vet received a sweet surprise when his family threw him a birthday party at his favorite doughnut shop. Thomas House has been visiting the same shop for three >>>

Airline Staffs Entire Flight With Dads and Their Kids for Father's Day

Sunday  11:15,   16 june 2019

The loved ones got to work alongside each other up in the air, within the terminal and on the... >>>

This Bizarre Thing All Cats Do Will Crack You Up

Sunday  05:15,   16 june 2019

A viral Twitter thread highlights just how much cats like sittting on laptop keyboards. If you're a cat owner working from home, you probably... >>>

Immigrant twins graduate from medical school — one day apart

Sunday  05:05,   16 june 2019

Octavio and Omar Viramontes graduated from Harvard and UCLA Medical school, respectively, just one day apart . Octavio and Omar's family moved from Mexico to central California when they were 10 to chase the American dream, which for newly arrived... >>>

A 94-year-old who missed his graduation to go fight in WWII finally got his diploma and walked at commencement 76 years later

Sunday  05:00,   16 june 2019

William Wagner, a World War II veteran from Chicago, graduated with the Class of 2019 at Tilden High School, after missing his graduation day in... >>>