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This week in your ELLE: Davines OI All In One Milk multifunctional hair care as a gift!

Friday  13:22,   03 july 2020

Want to sublimate your material with a simple gesture? To do less, but good? This week, your ELLE magazine is offering you Davines OI All In One Milk: a hair spray that is as practical as it is saving for your mane. © DR What if simple care had the >>>

This Airbnb for fans of “Harry Potter” is incredible

Friday  12:40,   03 july 2020

© Unsplash Harry Potter , the wizard created by J.K. Rowling brings together fans of all ages on a planetary scale. The Airbnb site has many nuggets, each more delusional than the other, including an apartment entirely dedicated to the saga. This... >>>

"Desperados 3" offers tactical puzzles in the wild west

Friday  06:15,   03 july 2020

"Desperados 3" is a game for real tactical freaks. Similar to the great role model, the classic "Commandos", or the direct predecessor, the samurai adventurer "Shadow Tactics", this is not about big battles - but about the adventures of a small... >>>

Twenty years later, a mother finds her son thanks to Facebook!

Thursday  16:15,   02 july 2020

© Provided by Oh My Mag Twenty years later, a mother finds her son thanks to Facebook! The story is worthy of a novel for this woman from Sète, in the Hérault department. With the help of a friend and social media, she was able to trace her son,... >>>

Go there! The most beautiful amusement parks in Germany

Thursday  14:00,   02 july 2020

© Shutterstock Google-Bot puts goods in the shopping cart to check the prices John Smith leaves filled shopping baskets in online shops, but never buys anything. No wonder: Because there is no person behind it, but a Google bot that checks the... >>>

VAFC: The nugget Ismaël Doukouré goes pro

Thursday  12:30,   02 july 2020

The promising central defender Ismaël Doukouré (17) will sign his first pro contract at Valenciennes, his training club. © Supplied by Mercato 365 VALENCIENNES_DOUKOURE_130620 Captain of the national U19s of Valenciennes, Ismaël Doukouré (photo:... >>>

Johansson's unlucky GP 1987: deer, drunk rackets and a start-up accident

Thursday  12:10,   02 july 2020

© Motorsport Images Stefan Johansson after his accident with the deer deer and the Austrian Grand Prix - that's a special story. Juan Pablo Montoya's radio traffic in 2001 was legendary when his racing engineer informed him that a deer would run... >>>

Faustine Bollaert celebrates very good news with an adorable video of her children

Thursday  04:50,   02 july 2020

© SADAKA EDMOND / SIPA Faustine Bollaert celebrates very good news with an adorable video of her children To celebrate the 2 million subscribers of her show It Begins Today on social networks, Faustine Bollaert shared an adorable video of her... >>>

"One heart attack after another": Braunschweig's roller coaster ride to the ascent

Thursday  00:52,   02 july 2020

The path that led Eintracht Braunschweig to premature ascent on the 37th third division match day corresponded to that of the whole season: many ups and downs, anything but straight - but at the end but crowned with success. © imago images Didn't... >>>

Australia: ancient Aboriginal sites discovered in the sea

Thursday  00:50,   02 july 2020

© Handout An Aboriginal site was discovered underwater off Cape Bruguieres, in Western Australia. Aboriginal sites have for the first time been discovered off the Australian coast by archaeologists, paving the way for the discovery of old... >>>

Sia: You shouldn't call your grandchildren grandma

Wednesday  23:05,   01 july 2020

© Ken Babolcsay Ipol / Globe Photo / ImageCollect singer Sia already has two grandchildren. The family of singer Sia has grown. In the future, however, she doesn't want to be called a grandma. For Sia ( "Elastic Heart" ) everything seems to be... >>>

Gryffindor, Slytherin and Co.: These are the Hogwarts houses of the stars

Wednesday  13:15,   01 july 2020

© lev radin / Shutterstock.com Harvey Weinstein will leave New York City in June 2018. Harvey Weinstein victims should receive a total of $ 19 million in compensation. The prosecutor's office in New York has now announced this deal. Dozen suspected >>>

Christophe: his son denounces the auction of his property

Wednesday  11:50,   01 july 2020

© Visual by Starface For Romain Vidal, Christophe's son, the auction of his father's property is "a money pump". This is how he described on Facebook this sale organized by Véronique Bevilacqua, the singer's wife from whom he had been separated... >>>

Heritage Lottery. Here is the list of the 18 new sites selected

Tuesday  20:21,   30 june 2020

© ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE An aerial view of Île aux Moines, in Morbihan. The Minister of Culture and Stéphane Bern unveiled this Tuesday, June 30, the list of sites selected for the new edition of the heritage lottery. No castle, but a wide variety... >>>

Jetsun Pema from Bhutan: More than three months after the birth: The second "dragon baby" has a name!

Tuesday  20:15,   30 june 2020

© Royal Office for Media, Bhutan Bhutan On March 19, the second son of "Dragon King" Jigme (40) and his pretty wife Jetsun Pema (29) made their luck perfect. The proud big brother Crown Prince Jigme (4) was also happy about his sibling. Now the... >>>