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Is this Britain's strangest vehicle?

Tuesday  11:41,   20 august 2019

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a… gaffer-taped motorbike which looks like a boat crossed with a plane nose and covered in white paint. This bizarre vehicle was flagged down by police on Sunday evening after it was spotted travelling along on the... >>>

Rare 'strawberry' leopard spotted in South Africa

Tuesday  11:40,   20 august 2019

A couple captured stunning images of a rare “strawberry” leopard feasting on a dead giraffe at a South African game reserve. Images of the leopard, named for its red-colored coat, were caught on a motion-sensitive camera set up by Alan Watson, 45,... >>>

Utah businessman pays $1.32 million for extremely rare dime minted in 1894 that's one of only 24 ever made - and only nine are still in existence

Tuesday  11:40,   20 august 2019

A Utah businessman paid $1.32 million for a dime at a Chicago coin auction. Dell Loy Hansen bought a 125-year-old dime. His goal is to assemble 'the greatest U.S. coin collection of... >>>

Where Did the Term Brownie Points Come From?

Tuesday  06:41,   20 august 2019

Where Did the Term Brownie Points Come From? In a Los Angeles Times column published on March 15, 1951, writer Marvin Miles observed a peculiar phrase spreading throughout his circle of friends and the social scene at large. While standing in an... >>>

Woman uses 34-year-old free pass to get into Disneyland

Tuesday  06:41,   20 august 2019

A woman tried to use 34-year-old free admission pass to Disneyland and the park let her... >>>

Fire Hydrants Have Been New York’s Cool Solution for 100 Years

Tuesday  06:40,   20 august 2019

More than a century after it was published, the article reads like slapstick comedy from the silent-movie era. It was May... >>>

Time to shell-ebrate! World's oldest living pet Tommy the tortoise marks her 121st birthday after living through six monarchs and two world wars

Monday  16:15,   19 august 2019

Owner Sheila Floris, 62, from Surrey, said that Tommy has been in her family since she was bought for £1 by her grandmother, and has lived so long thanks to being well cared... >>>

Alaska man discovers message in bottle from Russian Navy

Monday  11:41,   19 august 2019

A man discovered a 50-year-old letter in a bottle from the Russian Navy on the shores of western... >>>

Round of a-paws! Group of service dogs sit VERY patiently in their seats during a theater production of Billy Elliot while learning how to accompany their special needs owners

Monday  06:10,   19 august 2019

A photograph showing a group of service dogs watching a theater performance of Billy Elliot in Canada has gone viral. Images from the Stratford Festival shows the animals sat besides seats at the Ontario venue as they test out the show modified for... >>>

2-Year-Old Discovers New Species of Bug While Gardening With Mom

Monday  06:10,   19 august 2019

“You don’t think about it happening in rural Kentucky,” said her mom, Dr. Laura Sullivan-Beckers. A 2-year-old’s afternoon in the garden with her mom led to the discovery of an entirely new species. The newly discovered tree hopper species, the... >>>

This Caturday, Watch Two Kitties Duke It Out in the World’s Oldest Cat 'Video'

Sunday  16:51,   18 august 2019

With this early film of a staged cat fight, Thomas Edison may have inadvertently predicted our viral cat video... >>>

Drone buzzes above vineyard helping Luxembourg winegrower

Sunday  11:57,   18 august 2019

Buzzing like a giant insect over the verdant Moselle Valley, a drone sprays fungicide over rows of vines. Buzzing like a giant insect over the verdant Moselle Valley, a drone sprays Luxembourg wine producer Corinne Kox began trials of the small... >>>

A Company Wants to Pay You $1000 to Watch 25 Hours of Friends

Sunday  11:56,   18 august 2019

One lucky fan could win a grand just for binge-watching the 1990s sitcom, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this... >>>

From widow to diamond dealer, a tale of perseverance in remote Australia

Sunday  11:56,   18 august 2019

Survivor is a word thrown around fairly lightly, but in the case of German migrant Frauke Bolton-Boshammer, you can't help but feel she's earned the title 10 times over. Frauke has been many things in her life — a mother, farmer, immigrant, widow,... >>>

A Custom Wheelchair Allowed This Brain-Injured Baby Raccoon to Walk Again

Sunday  07:01,   18 august 2019

After Vittles the raccoon suffered a brain injury, she couldn't support herself. Now she's walking again with the help of a custom... >>>