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Weird NewsGoose the Cat is becoming the breakout star of 'Captain Marvel,' and fans are here for it

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Captain Marvel will reveal what happened to Nick Fury's eye

Captain Marvel will reveal what happened to Nick Fury's eye "We get more of a backstory."

Captain Marvel hits the big screen later this week and we are entirely convinced that Goose the cat is going to steal the show. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has well and truly dominated the world of big-budget movies for the past decade. Even though Captain Marvel will be the 21st movie released as

Captain Marvel First Screening Reactions Claim Goose the Cat Steals the Show https Steven Weintraub wrote that after the first screening of Captain Marvel had ended, "everyone was talking I don't know how to post pics on here and I'm too lazy to learn LMAO, but I may or may not have an

Goose the Cat is becoming the breakout star of 'Captain Marvel,' and fans are here for it © Marvel
  • Fans are saying that the breakout character of "Captain Marvel" is an orange-colored feline known as Goose the Cat.
  • Fans can't get enough of the animal, who's mainly played by one cat named Reggie and shares many scenes with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • People online are calling Goose a scene-stealer.

Goose the Cat is becoming the breakout star of "Captain Marvel," and fans are obsessed with the feline.

The cat appears in the latest Marvel movie as the companion of Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson). In the comics, the animal is actually named Chewie. The renaming was a nod to "Top Gun" and Danvers' role as a fighter pilot in the '80s.

Is This How Captain Marvel Will Save The Avengers?

Is This How Captain Marvel Will Save The Avengers? The first woman superhero to earn top billing in a Marvel film is likely the one who will save the Avengers — and half the world's population— from their non-existent state. (Thanks a bunch, Thanos.) How will Brie Larson's Captain Marvel do it? It could all come down to this one insane superpower. During a set visit, Marvel's Nick Fury — aka Samuel Jackson — explained to reporters exactly why Captain Marvel 's titular heroine is so powerful. "[The Avengers] are up against some really, really tough odds right now as we saw through Infinity War," explains Jackson during the set visit.

For the Captain Marvel movie, our heroine has a cat named Goose . And yes, Goose is named after the Top Gun character, as the late 1980s Tom Just what does Goose have to do with the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe? Knowing how Marvel loves to hide easter eggs and references to other

RELATED: Captain Marvel ’s Goose the Cat Is the MCU’s Next Breakout Star . Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck from a script they wrote with Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch, Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers

Like Samuel L. Jackson's MCU character, Nick Fury, fans have also come to adore Goose.

People have taken to social media to gush over the four-legged creature. Goose's role is so significant that Marvel gave the cat his own official character poster.

People are also declaring Goose a "scene stealer."

Brie Larson reveals allergy struggles on Captain Marvel set

Brie Larson reveals allergy struggles on Captain Marvel set Brie Larson reveals allergy struggles on Captain Marvel set

By now you’ve probably heard that Captain Marvel , aka Carol Danvers’, has a cat and her name is Chewie, and comic fans know that this cat is an icon. Flerkens are so much more powerful than the furry YouTube stars of our primitive planet: They’re a dwindling species who possess human intellect

The cast and crew of Captain Marvel the difficulties of sharing the set with the MCU's new breakout star : Goose the cat . Captain Marvel introduces one of the most surprising breakout stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Goose the cat , who's attracted an impressive fan following even before

You'll also notice that typing "#GooseTheCat" on Twitter creates a special emoji for the beloved cat.

In her review, INSIDER's Kirsten Acuna said that Goose "popped up unexpectedly at just the right moments on screen" and noted that "Fury's obsession with the feline is infectious."

How does Captain Marvel fit into Avengers: Endgame?

How does Captain Marvel fit into Avengers: Endgame? Captain Marvel holds plenty of clues about what the character could be getting up to in Endgame Spoilers ahead! This article consists of massive Captain Marvel spoilers. See related Captain Marvel: who are the Skrulls? Captain Marvel review: a fun but flawed origin tale How Captain Marvel could tie into the MCU’s X-Men So, Captain Marvel is finally with us and, as the last MCU film to be released before Avengers: Endgame, it’s full of pointers as to the role that Carol Danvers – one of Marvel’s most powerful characters – might play in the Phase 3-closing epic.

Carol Danvers' cat is played by a 12-year-old tabby named Reggie. In Captain Marvel , the titular hero’s companion is a fuzzy star who steals every scene they’re in: Goose , Carol For more on Captain Marvel , pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here now.

The Cat Star of Captain Marvel Has His Own Flashy Character Poster — and It Is 'Purr'fect. The red-and-blue poster has cat lovers on the Internet purring with delight and Marvel fans MARVEL : " Here is literally a Cat Poster."# CaptainMarvel #GooseTheCat Goose ’s rapidly growing number of admirers can get all the answers when Captain Marvel premieres

In addition to a vinyl figure, Goose is also included in "Captain Marvel" apparel.

Some fans might be surprised to learn that Goose is portrayed by several cats on the big screen. Reggie, a 12-year-old male cat, is the main actor. Felines named Archie, Gonzo, and Rizzo also stepped in at times.

Here's a video of the Reggie getting ready for the Los Angeles premiere of "Captain Marvel" and sporting a tie.

The cat was also recently in London, where he met excited fans, and signed "pawtographs."

Larson, who shares plenty of scenes with the animal, is allergic to cats. According to Entertainment Weekly, Marvel used a computer-generated cat and a realistic puppet for Larson to hold without having an allergic reaction, in addition to Reggie.

"It became this joke because the crew would watch me all day doing crazy stunts," Larson told EW. "But then the cat showed up on set and I was like, 'We need to have a plan! We need to have a conversation!'"

Captain Marvel’s cat Goose, explained

Captain Marvel’s cat Goose, explained Goose was, without a doubt, one of the best things about Captain Marvel. By now, with 11 years of Marvel movies behind us, it should be a given that nothing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what it appears to be. Rocket isn’t actually a raccoon. Objects like the Tesseract and the Aether are actually powerful Infinity Stones. The Winter Soldier is actually Bucky Barnes — and he’s responsible for the deaths of Tony Stark’s parents. Ego the Living Planet is actually Star-Lord’s dad, who wants to kill his son and his friends.

And the internet is here for it . In a turn of events that should surprise no one who has ever actually looked at the internet, it is already full of pro-Chewie assessments, covering a wide swath of opinions, but all of them united in the undeniable point that this cat is , indeed, a very good boy.

The cat ’s out the bag: Captain Marvel has reportedly already been shown to a handful of lucky people. As you can imagine, half of the universe is waiting for the first reaction of the movie with bated breath. Is it any good? What are the highlights? Any low points we should know about?

Although Jackson's character has an affinity for Goose, the actor doesn't feel the same way in real life.

"No, I am not a cat person," Jackson said at a press conference, according to i09. "But I'm also not a dog, bird or a fish person, either. I don't engage pets."

Goose the Cat is becoming the breakout star of 'Captain Marvel,' and fans are here for it © Marvel

He added: "You know, Reggie is like most animals that people bring to set that have been trained to do this, that, or the other - he's snack-oriented. You give him something to eat, he shows up. You give him something to eat, you talk softly and nice to him, give him something to eat again. They love you."

Samuel L Jackson has a fun theory about one Captain Marvel character.
There may be vacancies on The Avengers soon…

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