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Weird NewsMysterious Alabama cave inscriptions decoded

04:15  12 april  2019
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In a rare discovery in Alabama , scientists have stumbled upon a set of cave inscriptions that are thought to be written in the ancient Cherokee language. I had myself a good old chuckle. That’s like calling Frankenstein (published in 1818) a story written in “ancient English”—although that might be

Alabama Cherokee cave inscriptions finally decoded – The Talking. The Cherokee did not live their best time as a tribe in the early nineteenth century. The pressure of white populations on the reserve located in Arkansas was getting increasingly strong, affecting the ancient way of life of the Indians.

Mysterious Alabama cave inscriptions decoded © Other The inscriptions were found in Manitou Cave in Alabama. Pic: University of Tennesse Knoxville A team of scholars and archaeologists have decoded Cherokee inscriptions written hundreds of years ago in a cave in Alabama.

The inscriptions inside Manitou Cave near Fort Payne are the first evidence of the tribe's syllabary, which uses symbols to create words.

Experts say one inscription describes a game similar to lacrosse.

They say it details an 1828 match and indicates players entered the cave before the games and during intermission for specific ceremonies.

Jan Simek, co-author of a study on the discovery, published in international archaeological journal Antiquity, said: "It is far more than a simple game.

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WorldMysterious Alabama cave inscriptions decoded . 20:30 11 april 2019. Tech & Science Mysterious inscriptions discovered in an Alabama cave have FINALLY been decoded , revealing details of a sacred lacrosse-like game carved into 'talking stones' 200 years ago during Cherokee

Mysterious inscriptions discovered in an Alabama cave have. The inscriptions were found in Fort Payne, Alabama 's Mantiou Cave and describe sacred rituals Researchers say inscriptions discovered deep in an Alabama cave reveal cavernous sites such as The newly- decoded

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Mysterious Alabama cave inscriptions decoded

"It is a ceremonial event that often continues over days, focusing on competition between two communities who epitomise the spirit and power of the people and their ancestors."

Another inscription that was "written backwards, as if addressing readers inside the rock itself" was not translated.

The tribe's syllabary was created in the 1800s by Cherokee scholar Sequoyah, who eventually developed the tribe's official written language.

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Mysterious Alabama cave inscriptions decoded

Ancestors of the Cherokee left figurative paintings inside caves for centuries but scholars did not know they also left written records.

Mr. Simek said: "These are the first Cherokee inscriptions ever found in a cave context, and the first from a cave to be translated.

"They tell us about what the people who wrote on the walls were doing in the cave and provide a direct link to how some Native Americans viewed caves as sacred places."

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