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Weird News Meet Narwhal, the rescued ‘unicorn’ puppy with a tail on his face

17:55  14 november  2019
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Narwhal is by many measures a normal puppy . Caregivers say he likes to nibble on fingers and give kisses and wants to play with anyone nearby. On the other hand, he also has a second tail sprouting from his forehead — an appendage that’s prompted the nickname “ unicorn puppy ” and captivated

Narwhal is an adorable 10-week-old puppy that looks more like a unicorn thanks to an extra tail sprouting out of his face . Because of his magical horn, of course. The puppy has what appears to be an extra tail on his face . He was found on November 8 with another older dog, "dumped in rural

a dog lying on a blue blanket: Rescue group takes in 'unicorn puppy' © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post Rescue group takes in 'unicorn puppy' Narwhal is by many measures a normal puppy. Caregivers say he likes to nibble on fingers and give kisses and wants to play with anyone nearby.

On the other hand, he also has a second tail sprouting from his forehead — an appendage that’s prompted the nickname “unicorn puppy” and captivated dog lovers in the days since a Missouri rescue group brought him in from the side of a road.

“We are so s****d excited about it,” said Rochelle Steffen, who founded the Jackson, Mo.-based organization that’s caring for Narwhal.

Steffen’s group, Mac’s Mission, focuses on “special needs” dogs that require extra medical care due to birth defects, injuries or abuse. Staff see horrific cases of pets who’ve been shot, run over or abandoned, Steffen told The Washington Post. They rescue animals that might get euthanized elsewhere and then help them find permanent homes.

Adorable dog with 'human face' who looks like he is smiling baffles the internet

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The pup , aptly named “ Narwhal ” for the tail ’s tusk-like location, has gone viral online, racking up thousands of likes on Facebook. The Missouri-based rescue service Mac’s Mission found the stray pup wandering about in the freezing cold in Jackson, reports Unilad. He had an injured paw, but more

A rescued puppy is attracting a lot of attention because of his cute resemblance to a unicorn . Mac’s Mission founder Rochelle Steffen says Narwhal doesn’t notice the extra tail and is But he’ll remain at Mac’s Mission so his caretakers can be sure the tail doesn’t grow out of proportion to his face and

Narwhal exemplifies the rescue group’s philosophy that their charges are all the more lovable for their abnormalities, Steffen said. She’s hopeful their “magical” dog’s splash of attention can do the same for other dogs in need.

“I am super excited for being the poster child for ‘special is awesome,’ ” says a post written in the voice of Narwhal on the Facebook page that propelled the unicorn puppy to fame.

Mac’s Mission took Narwhal in last weekend, Steffen said, after someone told her about the strange creature they’d found on the street. The rest of Narwhal’s litter quickly scattered, and staff are still trying to track them down.

“It’s snowed the last couple of days, so I’m nervous,” Steffen said. But Narwhal and an older dog whom they suspect may be his father are now safe.

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A NEWLY rescued puppy has been deemed magical after a freezing cold rescue revealed its unicorn tail . The pup , who goes by the name Narwhal was found with a foot injury, the tiny little tail centered between his adorable eyes, and with an older dog - possibly a dachshund and wire-haired terrier mix.

A rescue puppy named Narwhal has become a sensation at a Missouri shelter for the unusual " tail " that has grown out of his face . By Scott Stump. The second that dog shelter owner Rochelle Steffen first laid eyes on a tiny " unicorn " puppy that has a tail growing out of his face , she had two thoughts.

The puppy, whom rescue workers believe to be about 10 weeks old, was quickly named after the whale with a single, large tusk that’s sometimes called the “unicorn of the sea.”

Narwhal seems to be a dachshund mix, Steffen said, with a wiener dog’s short legs. But he also has the tan coloring, soft fur and head shape reminiscent of a golden retriever. Taken in from the cold, Narwhal had frostbite on two of his toes and needed medicine for worms, according to Steffen. But compared with many of the animals Mac’s Mission treats, he was in great shape.

A visit Tuesday to the vet confirmed that Narwhal’s tail, unlike a normal one, doesn’t have bones inside. That’s why, much to Steffen’s disappointment, the head protuberance cannot wag.

Cape Small Animal Clinic’s Brian Heuring, who examined Narwhal, said he’s used to pets with cleft palates or extra toes but hasn’t seen anything like the misplaced tail in 16 years of veterinary practice. He’s confident, though, that the oddity won’t affect Narwhal’s quality of life.

Science says you shouldn’t yell at your dog

  Science says you shouldn’t yell at your dog Anyone who has adopted a puppy knows that they can be a handful. Aversive training is, for many people, an almost instinctual reaction to a dog that is misbehaving. You see your puppying gnawing on a piece of furniture and you yell. The pup stops what they were doing and eventually learns to fear the consequences of those negative actions. It can work, but there may be unintended side effects.

Thousands of "likes" pour in for a Missouri rescue centre and the " unicorn " dog with a tail on his brow. A 10-week-old abandoned puppy with a secondary tail , in the middle of his head And the popularity of photos of Narwhal on Facebook had helped raise awareness of the rescue centre's work.

How did Narwhal the puppy get a second tail on his face ? What medical condition caused a tail to grow out of his face ? Here's what we know. To Facebook, Rochelle Steffen, the owner of the animal rescue center in Missouri that examined Narwhal , offered up a few pieces of information.

“This puppy could not be happier,” he told The Post.

Heuring’s not sure what may have caused the face tail. However, the answer could lie in the well-documented phenomenon of canine fetal absorption, in which a puppy dissolves in the womb. Studies show this occurs for 10 to 15 percent of fetuses, with the mother or sometimes a sibling taking in parts of the fetal remains.

Whatever the cause, Narwhal’s deformity has brought unprecedented media attention to Mac’s Mission — along with dozens of offers to adopt their latest rescue. Steffen is hoping some of the callers can be persuaded to take one of her group’s 20 or so other dogs.

There are no plans to remove Narwhal’s second tail.

“He’s pretty perfect,” she said.

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