Weird News accident on the way to the coffee machine: am I insured in the home office?

23:08  22 may  2020
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Federal Government continues to drive e-patient files

 Federal Government continues to drive e-patient files © iStockphoto X-rays or vaccinations: Patients should soon be able to have important personal data for the next doctor's visit digitally at hand. The government is picking up the pace - critics are warning of the “Hau-Ruck procedure”. The full concentration of doctors and nurses in the fight against the Coronavirus - but the fundamental digitalization of the health care system should still progress.

Teaser: Many workers are forced to work from the home office due to the restrictions on going out in the corona crisis. But does the same insurance cover apply at home as in the office?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images © Provided by Finanz.net GmbH Andrew Burton / Getty Images In the home office, statutory accident insurance applies

Since an employee also works for the employer from home, he is generally covered by statutory accident insurance during his working hours, if something should happen to him. However, for the insurance to take effect, the accident must occur in direct connection with the work. This means that employees in the home office are less well insured than in the office. Furthermore, at the time of the accident, the employee must neither be drunk nor under the influence of drugs.

leave the house, traffic accident: Villa captain Grealish makes "mistakes" to

 leave the house, traffic accident: Villa captain Grealish makes Jack Grealish makes headlines in the corona crisis - now the captain of Aston Villa "apologized" for an incident on Sunday. © imago images In the headlines instead of at home: Jack Grealish. Grealish had not only violated the exit restrictions in the UK on Sunday morning, but was apparently also involved in a traffic accident. "I'm deeply ashamed of what happened this weekend," the courted midfielder said in a video message a day and a half later.

The circumstances of the accident matter

When it comes to whether an accident in the home office is covered by accident insurance, the context of the accident is very important. While any accident in the office, be it going to the coffee machine or the toilet, is considered an accident at home, it must first be proven at home that it is actually an accident at work. The action that led to the accident must have been motivated by work. Therefore, going to the printer or fax machine is also insured in the home office if important documents have to be fetched there.

In contrast to the office, going to the toilet or coffee machine is not insured in the home office, since the intention behind it is not the economic interest of the employer, but a private motive. The Federal Social Court came to this decision because the employer cannot be held responsible for the risks of private accommodation. Fetching a glass of water and falling on the way back to the office or at the beginning of working hours is therefore not insured, although one might think that this might be in the employer's interest. However, the previous stay in the kitchen or living room was not motivated by the employer. In these cases too, the victim in the office would normally have been legally insured because the employee was at work at the time of the accident.

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 Maynard James Keenan is working on his own coffee variety Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan already has award-winning wine in his repertoire. Now there is another type of coffee. © Provided by www.metal-hammer.de Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan already has award-winning wine in his repertoire. Now there is another type of coffee. Maynard James Keenan has many talents.

Proof of the accident at work

The employee should therefore prove the accident as quickly as possible and as well as possible, since it depends on the details. This is best done by family members as witnesses, logging the location and the time and reason of the accident. If the employee was about to print out an important document, he should document the printer command including the time. Calling the doctor can also serve as additional proof. However, if it turns out that the accident was not legally an accident at work, the employee is responsible for the accident and its treatment. But how is one insured at all in this case when working in the home office?

Private accident insurance as an alternative

Since statutory accident insurance does not work in many cases, it is worthwhile as an employee to take out private accident insurance. This comes into effect with every accident, regardless of whether in a private or professional environment. Private accident insurance is recommended even if the work in the home office, like the corona pandemic, is limited in time. Because private accident insurance provides significantly more benefits on a significantly larger scale. This includes, among other things, that private accident insurance pays for any permanent damage to the reduced ability to work, while statutory accident insurance only pays for a 20 percent restricted ability to work.

Brave swimmer fights for future after horror accident left her in a wheelchair

  Brave swimmer fights for future after horror accident left her in a wheelchair Joanna Robertson’s spine was broken when the car she was travelling in with her parents crashed in October and is adapting to life in a wheelchair. Just five months on, the student, from Ellon, Aberdeenshire, has been released from hospital and is settling in to a new home in Aberdeen. And family and friends are now attempting to raise thousands of pounds for a machine that will help give Joanna, 21, a better quality of life by building the muscle strength in her legs. Incredibly, the former ­competitive swimmer has already been back in the pool and is planning to return to her studies.

However, private accident insurance is not the best option for long-term lost work because it does not necessarily pay for a lifetime. In such cases, the Federation of Insureds recommends occupational disability insurance, which pays a pension if you are unable to work.

What happens if your laptop breaks?

Not only the employee, but also his equipment can be damaged while working in the home office. For example, the private laptop can give up the ghost while working. But who pays for it? In this case, as the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reports, the employer is obliged to provide replacements. He must also pay the employee his salary if he is unable to work for a few days due to the lack of work equipment, since it is basically the employer's duty to provide the work equipment. If the employee works on a private laptop as a goodwill act, this is done on a voluntary basis. Editorial office finanzen.net

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Altentreptow (ots) - On 05/20/2020 at 05:40 a.m. there was a serious traffic accident on the L273, in which a motorcycle driver died in a fatal accident. The 38-year-old German motorcycle rider from the region drove the L273 from Werder towards Altentreptow. The 60-year-old German truck driver of a Brandenburg shipping company drove the L273 coming from Altentreptow and intended to turn left at the Altentreptow junction onto the BAB20 towards Lübeck.

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