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20:20  29 july  2020
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Death of Christo: Arte pays tribute to one of his works

 Death of Christo: Arte pays tribute to one of his works © fotogramma / brescia / IPA / SIPA Death of Christo: Arte pays tribute to one of his works Following the announcement of the death of the visual artist Christo this Sunday, May 31, Arte pays tribute to him by showing a documentary devoted to one of his projects. At 84, the plastic artist Christo was preparing a new installation for the month of April, before it was postponed until the next school year due to a health crisis: the packaging of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Agapanthus durch Teilung vermehren © provided by My beautiful garden Agapanthus propagation by division

An agapanthus can be propagated by division, but sowing is also possible. With these tips you can reproduce your jewelry lily.

To multiply an Agapanthus , we recommend dividing the plant. This vegetative propagation method is particularly suitable for jewelry lilies or hybrids that have grown too large. Alternatively, an propagation by sowing is possible. However, since different types of Agapanthus cross each other easily, the offspring rarely corresponds to the mother plant. While we always keep evergreen ornamental lilies like Agapanthus praecox as potted plants, summer-green species like Agapanthus campanulatus can also be planted in beds in mild regions. Multiply

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Agapanthus: The most important information in brief. Multiplication is best done in April or after flowering in summer. To do this, the decorative lily is stuffed and the dense root ball is divided with a sharp spade or knife. Plant the sections directly again. Propagation by sowing is recommended in late summer / autumn or in spring. In a bowl with moist growing soil, the ripe seeds germinate in a bright, warm place after about four weeks. When can you multiply an agapanthus?

The best time to multiply an jewelry lily by dividing is in April, when the agapanthus is entering the classic growth phase. Also in the summer after flowering is a good time to share. It is high time when a jewelry lily dented its bucket or even tore it open. Often the whole tangle of roots of the plant has built up such a strong pressure that the entire agapanthus is lifted out of the pot. Propagation by sowing is best done directly after the seeds have ripened in late summer / autumn. In cool, dry and dark storage, the Agapanthus seeds can also be sown in spring.

Works by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Vija Celmin added to an event sale at Sotheby's

 Works by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Vija Celmin added to an event sale at Sotheby's

Agapanthus durch Teilung vermehren © MSG / Frank Schuberth Agapanthus multiply by division Agapanthus multiply by division

An agapanthus can be divided like other perennials and thus multiply. Stuff your agapanthus first: depending on the size, this is best done with a helper; if necessary, simply cut a plastic pot if it can no longer be removed. In the case of smaller plants, the bale of earth is divided into two sections, in the case of a larger agapanthus up to three strong individual pieces remain. It is best to use a hand saw, an old bread knife, an ax or a sharp spade to help you share. Otherwise, a jewelry lily can hardly be cut and you will not be able to prevent some of the fleshy roots from tearing off or breaking anyway. Cut them off later as best you can. Cut up the root ball from the side, not directly from above. So there is less risk of damaging one of the thick, fleshy rhizomes. Saw the root ball of the agapanthus through and then try again and again to push it apart with your hands. This is the gentlest way for the plants. If the agapanthus cannot be divided yet, continue sawing.

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If you have two sections, depending on the size, a third can be cut from the root ball. Since the bale is now clearer, you can also split it from above. All sections of the lily should keep at least one thick main shoot, shorten long roots. Then pot the sections as deep as they were before. The new containers should leave about five centimeters of space between the rim of the pot and the root ball. The agapanthus is watered sparingly in the first few weeks after multiplication. With the divided plants, you can usually count on the first flowers after two years.

propagate agapanthus by sowing

Agapanthus-Samen © Flora Press / Visions agapanthus seeds Propagation by

sowing is much more lengthy and is recommended primarily for pure species such as Agapanthus praecox. To re-sow an agapanthus, do not cut the faded stems after flowering in August / September. Let the seeds ripen until the husks are dry and prepare a bowl with growing soil . The collected black seeds are sprinkled on top and covered with a thin layer of soil. A bright and warm place at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius is important for germination. Keep the substrate evenly moist - after about four weeks, the agapanthus seeds should germinate. As soon as the seedlings have formed the first correct leaves, they are pricked out. Patience is required for further care of the young plants: It takes about four to six years to flower. Agapanthus: Further care tips

Basically, an agapanthus flowers better in a rather narrow pot, because the plant then puts less power into root and leaf growth. Without repotting it is also not possible with jewelry lilies and regular sharing is part of the care. For flowering, however, it is also very important that the jewelry lily hibernate in a bright place and cool at five to ten degrees Celsius.

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