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09:15  09 october  2020
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Israel-Emirates: disagreements over the proposed annexation of Palestinian territories

 Israel-Emirates: disagreements over the proposed annexation of Palestinian territories © Ammar Awad, Reuters The town hall of Tel Aviv, in Israel, wears the colors of the United Arab Emirates after the announcement of a historic agreement between the two countries, August 13, 2020. After the announcement on Thursday of the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates under the aegis of the United States, interpretations diverge on the Israeli plan to annex territories Palestinians.

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In the supermarket it should soon be worth taking a closer look at many food packages: do you take the salami pizza with the yellow "C" - or do you prefer the vegetarian pizza with a light green "B"? Should it be a cream pudding with an orange "D"?

Ewig kreiste der Streit um eine aus Großbritannien stammende «Ampel» mit jeweils separaten Symbolen in rot, gelb oder grün für Zucker, Fett und Salz. © Patrick Pleul / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa The dispute over a “traffic light” from Great Britain with separate symbols in red, yellow or green for sugar, fat and salt has been going on forever.

The colors and letters are part of the new Nutri-Score logo, which is due to be launched on a broad front from November - so that customers can more easily recognize fattening foods, but also healthier finished products. The Federal Council is to clear the way on Friday so that manufacturers can use the logo in a legally secure manner. The expectations are high.

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Why is there still a new logo?

For years there was discussion about an extra label that should help with a balanced diet and the fight against excess weight. The dispute revolved around a “traffic light” from Great Britain with separate symbols in red, yellow or green for sugar, fat and salt. The food industry resisted this for just as long. Federal Food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) had four labeling models tested in a survey in 2019. The winner: Nutri-Score. The aim is to supplement the nutritional tables that are mandatory on the EU market with information on calories. However, they can usually be found in small print on the back of the pack. Nutri-Score should catch the eye - namely always on the front.

How does Nutri-Score work?

The system developed in France means something like “nutritional value score” and, in addition to sugar, fat and salt, also includes recommended elements such as fiber, protein or proportions of fruit and vegetables. Points are awarded for the quantities per 100 grams. Then the “positive” points are subtracted from the sum of the “negative” points. In the end, the result is a single total value, which is mapped on a five-point scale: from “A” on a dark green field for the most favorable balance to a yellow “C” to a red “E” for the least favorable. The applicable field is highlighted. In the case of drinks, the «A» is only reserved for water.

India: More than 60 survivors emerged from the rubble of a building

 India: More than 60 survivors emerged from the rubble of a building INDIA-COLLAPSE: India: More than 60 survivors emerged from the rubble of a building © Reuters / FRANCIS MASCARENHAS INDIA: MORE THAN 60 SURVIVORS ARRIVED FROM DECOMBERS D 'AN BOMBAY BUILDING (Reuters) - More than 60 survivors were pulled out of the rubble of a collapsed building in an industrial town near India's capital Bombay, a senior official said on Tuesday, as teams from relief efforts continued.

And if swearing off fast food wasn’t hard enough, those colorful red logos might make it even harder to ignore. The average human can see ten million colors , but red is special. Many ancient languages, including Hebrew and from tribes of New Guinea, first named red from their word for “blood.”

Finding the right color combination can be almost impossible. But with our in-depth guide to choosing AMAZING color You can make your new designs look notably vintage with the right amount of tweaking. The assured professionalism that blue brings is complemented by a classy shade of silver.

What's the point?

Klöckner emphasizes that Nutri-Score offers “the best orientation on the supermarket shelf”. For more detailed information on individual ingredients, there are also the nutritional tables. The head of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv), Klaus Müller, refers to studies that «Nutri-Score is best understood by consumers, and the traffic light colors help to choose healthier products». The logo must, however, be found across the board on all products. Consumers could then compare foods within a product category such as yogurts and choose the better alternative for them.

What do manufacturers and retailers say?

The food trade welcomes the imminent legal security. "We are assuming that Nutri-Score will increasingly be found on retailers' own brands in the coming weeks and months," says the association's general manager Franz-Martin Rausch. The food association is more reserved as the umbrella organization of manufacturers. "If the Nutri-Score is to be successful, some improvements are still required," says Managing Director Christoph Minhoff. Vegetable oils, herbal tea and whole grain products are part of a balanced diet, but are not adequately considered in the system. However, more providers in Germany than elsewhere in Europe would probably use the logo, also as an advertising tool.

Victoria of Sweden: That was close! Thanks to Daniel, she's swaying

 Victoria of Sweden: That was close! Thanks to Daniel, she's swaying © Dana Press Daniel and Victoria from Sweden Actually, Daniel (46) and Victoria from Sweden (43) are always perfectly coordinated. At their appointment in the artist house " Wip: sthlm" ( Work-in-Progress: Stockholm; August 26th) there were obviously problems with the dream couple. In terms of color, the Crown Princess went all out and appeared in a bright green dress, which looked great on her and brought out her great figure even better.

The dangers of food coloring include an increased risk of cancer and other diseases. Causes a statistically significant incidence of tumors, particularly brain gliomas, in male rats. What it's in: Colored beverages, candies, pet food , & other food and drugs.

The best foods for lungs are a mix of vitamin-rich foods . We rounded up the best food good for lung health , and the bad foods for lungs to avoid. Related: What Does Vaping Do to Your Lungs? If you’re aiming for healthy lungs, you’ll want to stay away from fried foods that are processed, as well

How fast can Nutri-Score start now?

The Federal Council is to seal an ordinance that creates the framework for use on a voluntary basis. Targeted entry into force: beginning of November. Then Nutri-Score is legally safe to use. The green light has already been given at EU level. The logo does not start from scratch. It has been seen in German supermarkets for some time. The Hamburg consumer center found it on around 1000 products in the spring - such as spinach, fish and pizzas from the freezer, yogurts and other dairy products. Several food manufacturers have announced an introduction when the legal framework is in place.

What's next?

Klöckner formulates the “clear expectation of companies that they will use the label”. To make the new logo better known, the ministry is also planning an information campaign. Companies should not only pick out what has a “green” balance sheet anyway. The rules provide for this: If a manufacturer wants to use Nutri-Score, he must use it to label all products of the registered brand within two years. If there are more than 2,000 products, it must be 80 percent and after three years all of them. During the German EU Council Presidency, Klöckner is campaigning for Nutri-Score to be promoted as an EU-wide mandatory logo. The EU Commission also has this on its agenda. France and Belgium are already using it voluntarily.

Shirley Ballas helps to deliver food to vulnerable Londoners .
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