Weird News Egypt gives a great show to mark the arrival of the Pharaohs at the new museum of Cairo

14:50  23 march  2021
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Sudan: in search of the lost kingdom of the black pharaohs

 Sudan: in search of the lost kingdom of the black pharaohs "Tirhaka! Kandake!" Who were this pharaoh and this queen whose name we heard chanting during the demonstrations in 2019 against the tyrant Omar al-Bashir in Sudan? In Antiquity, their dynasties founded powerful cities, the remains of which - among them many pyramids - remain on the banks of the Nile. After centuries of oblivion, a great African civilization is coming back to light.

22 Mums of Pharaohs and Queens will finally join the National Museum of Egyptian civilization. The parade, planned for the New Year, had been postponed because of the CVIV-19 epidemic.

  L'Egypte donne un grand spectacle pour marquer l'arrivée des pharaons au nouveau musée du Caire © Provided by FranceInfo

It was finally on April 3, 2021 that the huge parade will take place that will lead the Egyptian royal mummies of the current Tahrir Square Museum to the new complex of the National Museum of Egyptian civilization. The transfer of mummies, initially scheduled at the end of the year 2020, had been canceled due to COVID-19 epidemic.

All New Year festivities had been removed to avoid crowd clusters. The new date, set for April 3, a was officially announced Thursday, March 18 by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. This seems to show that the epidemic is considered contained by the authorities.

A hashtag resurfaces 10 years after Egypt’s revolution and the posts are bittersweet

  A hashtag resurfaces 10 years after Egypt’s revolution and the posts are bittersweet On the tenth anniversary of the January 25, 2011 uprising, Egyptians returned to that fateful day, reviving a hashtag that mobilised protesters to demand the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. A decade later, with the country back in the military’s iron grip, the #Jan25 hashtag still has the ability to catalyse Egyptians with messages of nostalgia and hope. Ten years and a lifetime ago, as Egypt was preparing to mark the annual January 25 National Police Day, a diverse collection of netizens – including activists, bloggers, citizen journalists and IT professionals – decided to turn the event into a National Day of Anger.

The Pharaohs' Golden Parade!

An Unrivalled Event Where 22 Mummies Will Cross The Streets of Cairo From The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to The National Museum for Egyptian Civilization in Futat

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A convoy of "stars"

The parade, baptized The Pharaohs Golden Parade by the organizers, will cross the city of Cairo, the Egyptian museum where they are currently presented. At the brand new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. A museum that will now be the tomb of these pharaohs.

The 22 mummies of 18 pharaohs and 4 queens, including those of Ramses II and Queen Hatchesout, will be placed on solar barque-colored trucks, to recall the Pharaonic Funeral Rite. The vehicles will wear a transparent and enlightened sarcophagus of the interior, to welcome the mummy that will be visible by all.

Eerie pictures of old nuclear bunkers

  Eerie pictures of old nuclear bunkers Over the course of the twentieth century, many countries built bunkers, some of which cost millions of dollars. Designed to protect the most important government officials in the event of a nuclear attack, most have since been abandoned or converted into museums. Here are 20 haunting photos of old nuclear bunkers.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled El Enany, said the event will take place in the strictest respect of the safety instructions imposed in the transfer of artifacts. Thus the mummies will be placed in sterilization units before being loaded on the trucks.

A real public spectacle

Everything is here in the symbolic, and does not look for a historical representation. This is for the general public. From golden paint to Gogo, hieroglyphs entered on a sidewall and on the other, the English name of Pharaoh.

The decoration is rather kitch to judge by the photos taken during repetitions last year. Closer to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas than the Majesty of the Vallée des Rois . The convoy will be accompanied by a procession of musicians and armed guards, in the pharaonic tradition.

The parade will mark the opening to the public of the highly anticipated National Museum of Egyptian civilization , whose inauguration has also been pushed because of coronavirus epidemic. A colossal space of nearly 13 hectares. At working every effort of culture, research and leisure. A major tool for reviving tourism in Egypt, particularly struck by terrorist attacks, then the pandemic.

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