Weird News "She asked not to pay the fast food because she spent on TF1", this star from the TV humiliated by a Facebook testimonial!

11:25  20 july  2021
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Fast & Furious killing off Letty was meant to be "for real"

  Fast & Furious killing off Letty was meant to be We're very glad that they didn't.Fast & Furious has evolved over the years into one of Hollywood's biggest non-comic-book ensembles, but one key member may not have been part of that evolution.

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Diana Blois had to deny a naughty rumor about it. Star of "many families, life in XXL", she was accused of having asked, in a fast food, not to pay the bill because famous ...

© Instagram "She asked not to Not paying the fast food because it spent on TF1 ", this star from the TV humiliated by a Facebook testimonial!

Do the stars benefit from their notoriety to get ritting? To not pay the additions? This is in any case what Diana Blois, known for his participation in the many families program, life in XXL, broadcast on TFX, has recently been charged.

It is a user mentioning the words of a "road driver who lives in the south and who ended up with the Blois" who set fire to the powders.

Fast & Furious killing off Letty was meant to be "for real"

  Fast & Furious killing off Letty was meant to be In this preview from the May 26 2021 edition of the Roar podcast, Mark Donnelly is joined by Phil Smith and James Copley. The Roar is available for free right now on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts

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"Diana Blois in a fast food during a meal break in Montpellier and she asked to have a reduction, or not to pay because she spent on TF1. It's the pompom of the foolness" , A- It was possible to read on a Facebook support group on the show.

"I beg you to friends, do not be as ridiculous as the 101 answers to this big message Fake, and also cons as the one who invented it and written for Buzzer. There are some, they are ready for anything, Serious ", immediately answered the main interested, extremely shocked by this statement. And to continue: "We pay our McDo ourselves. But as soon as it is done for me, I'll be a sign, promised! But I will not make you enjoy."

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Fast & Furious - this is the true order of the movies .
Here is the true order of the car action movies of the Fast & Furious series with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker for you, including a short film of Vin Diesel. © Universal Fast & Furious - this is the true order of films with the overview it is at the The Fast and the Furious series at the latest since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift become confusing. We can show you the chronologically correct order of films, including a short film of Vin Diesel, some of you are not yet know.

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