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DHB nominates 19 Players for EM Qualification

Friday  19:40,   08 april 2022

Germany's handball women go with a 19-member squad in preparation for the crucial EM qualifying game against Greece. © Robert Michael / DPA Central Image / DPA DHB Management Board Sport Axel Kromer sits during a press conference on the podium.... >>>

It will be hot for the OM

Friday  01:15,   08 april 2022

© provided by Sports.co.uk The OM did not impose 2-1 against the Salonika paok. A victory by the smallest margin. The Olympic of Marseille would have liked to break a greater benefit before traveling to Greece, but the Phoceans will have to be... >>>

For Lieberknecht, the HSV is "almost the secure newcomer"

Thursday  18:35,   07 april 2022

in the role of the outsider the SV Darmstadt 98 feels well. But with a victory in the top game against Nuremberg On Saturday, the lilies could keep a competitor far at a distance. © imago / Jan Huebner Darmstadt's coach Torsten Lieberknecht feels... >>>

Fabienne Carat: And here is finally what heavenly looks like, the (future) woman of his life!

Wednesday  23:30,   06 april 2022

Became mom in December 2021, Fabienne Carat finally unveiled the face of his heavenly little girl. A great first for the famous comedian. © Abaca Fabienne Carat: And here is finally what heavenly looks like, the (future) woman of her life! actress... >>>

1. FC Cologne: Six games for the "cherry on the cream"

Wednesday  21:55,   06 april 2022

The disappointing game at Union Berlin including unnecessary 0: 1 bankruptcy is ticked off. And the ambitions of the Cologne did either power or result abort. © Imago / Herbert Bucco The new FC man who likes cherries: Christian Keller (Mi.). new... >>>

Rihanna soon mom: she unveils a shot of childhood for a very special occasion

Wednesday  16:10,   06 april 2022

© abaca Rihanna soon mom: she unveils a shot of childhood for a very special occasion rihanna is pregnant and fans look forward to birth of the divine child. Rihanna, after having kept his secret pregnancy, now very often shares clichés of his baby >>>

Vivaldi Browser: For the sixth birthday there are new functions

Wednesday  14:40,   06 april 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Vivaldi Title Image How fast time passes: Six years the browser Vivaldi is already old again, which was launched by Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner. The chromium-based browser has a small but dedicated fan base and >>>

in Rouen, we can discover works from the Museum of Fine Arts blindfold

Tuesday  13:25,   05 april 2022

to the antipodes of the usual practices in the museums, the course "Art and matter" invites visitors to live a new sensory experience of the sculpture. © Provided by franceinfo Please touch the works! It is an amazing experience that the Museum of... >>>

Qatar 2022: A removable stage for the blue

Monday  20:10,   04 april 2022

© supplied by Sports.co.uk France-Denmark will be played in this removable stage! as a base camp for the World Cup 2022 (21 November-18 December), the France team of Didier Deschamps opted for a luxurious hotel complex located 6 km from the center... >>>

Lidl: This item is less than 50 euros that will relax for good

Monday  11:50,   04 april 2022

your Browser does not support this video that has never dreamed of being massaged after a long day of course or work? The kings of the discount that are Lidl have the solution for you. This well-known Shiatsu Massurest Massage Device for consumers... >>>

Great First for the MNM!

Monday  07:50,   04 april 2022

© Provided by Sports.co.uk Kylian MBappée, Neymar and Messi The reunion with the princes park went well for Lionel Messi and Neymar . Three weeks after being targeted by the Parisian public, just a few days after elimination against the Real Madrid >>>

Seoanes praise for Alario

Sunday  19:20,   03 april 2022

In the victory Leverkusens against Hertha, Lucas Alario brought himself sustainably. How it continues with the Argentinian at the Werkself, will show. © imago / team 2 emotional: Leverkusens Alario meets Hertha. Leverkusen is not an offer for the... >>>

Mask Singer 3: What celebrity was hiding under the coral fish and left the show this April 1st?

Saturday  03:50,   02 april 2022

This Friday, April 1, TF1 kicked off the third season of Mask Singer with twelve celebrities who hidged under costumes. At the end of the evening, it's the coral fish that was eliminated! Mask Singer , Season 3, let's go! End 2020, TF1 put an end... >>>

again 3: 6! Polar bears stumble for the second time in six days against Straubing

Saturday  01:35,   02 april 2022

Man, in the polar bears is currently against the Straubing Tigers but powerful the worm is in it. And what a thicker. In the second duel with the Lower Bavaria within six days there's the second pack. Also on the powder tower, the master is banged... >>>

locks and gardens: Sculptures again shuffle

Friday  09:30,   01 april 2022

Around 260 sculptures in the parks of the Foundation Prussian castles and gardens Berlin-Brandenburg show up for the start of the season without "winter dress": in the parks in Sanssouci, in the new garden and in Sacrow, in Berlin In the park... >>>