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Centuries old warships linked to 'Vasa' found in Sweden

Saturday  12:25,   09 november 2019

Swedish maritime archeologists have discovered two wrecks believed to be 17th century warships."When I came down as the first diver... I saw this wall 5-6 metres high and I came up and there was a massive warship,"  diver and maritime archeologist... >>>

What's the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?

Saturday  06:00,   09 november 2019

Ever wondered if yams and sweet potatoes are the same thing? Read this before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.Sweet potato and yam aren't just different names for the same thing: The two produce items belong to their own separate botanical... >>>

Researchers didn't think humans attacked woolly mammoths – until they uncovered a trap in Mexico

Saturday  06:00,   09 november 2019

Woolly mammoth bones found in Mexico prove that hunters actually attacked the mammal, instead of waiting for them to dieThe discovery "represents a watershed, a touchstone on what we imagined until now was the interaction of hunter-gatherer bands... >>>

Best sister ever! Bride helps her brother propose during her wedding by handing his girlfriend the bouquet as he gets down on one knee

Saturday  06:00,   09 november 2019

Most brides naturally want the attention to remain on them for the entirety for their big day, but one unselfish sister was happy to share the spotlight to help her brother propose.  Sierra Mcginty-Rush, from Navasota, Texas spent months planning... >>>

What Makes a Pop Song Catchy? Scientists Have a New Answer

Friday  17:25,   08 november 2019

Researchers played people thousands of chords to see which parts of their brains lit up.Pop songs combine elements of uncertainty and surprise, according to a study published in the journal Current... >>>

An 11-year-old was devastated when no one came to his birthday party. Then Justin Trudeau, Zach Braff, and Ben Stiller made it the best day ever.

Friday  17:25,   08 november 2019

When no one showed up to 11-year-old Kade Foster's party, his father turned to Twitter. The post went viral and thousands of people made Kade's day.But as Saturday came and went, none of Kade's guests showed up to the festivities. To help... >>>

Mysterious wave of texts leave Americans extremely confused

Friday  17:25,   08 november 2019

A mysterious technical glitch has seen some American mobile phone owners receive unintelligible messages from their friends, family, and even exes. It is believed that a "maintenance update" caused texts originally sent in February to be randomly... >>>

55 amazing things your body does to protect itself

Friday  05:55,   08 november 2019

55 amazing things your body does to protect... >>>

Here are five adrenaline-pumping wheelchair-friendly adventures

Friday  05:55,   08 november 2019

Accessible thrills for everyone, from zip-lining to sailing and hot-air ballooning.Adventure and sporting opportunities are increasing for people with physical disabilities thanks to organizations such as Adaptive Adventures. But for more than three >>>

Early Mozart manuscript to go on sale in Paris

Friday  05:55,   08 november 2019

An original score of two minuets composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he was just 16 are to be put up for auction in Paris later this month, Sotheby's said on Thursday.The asking price for the handwritten score dating from 1772 has been set... >>>

Good Samaritan Dressed as Superman Saves Family From House Fire

Thursday  14:00,   07 november 2019

The family reunited with the man who saved their lives.Marcy Zavala, along with her four sleeping children and her husband, Henry, were inside their home as Paul Peterson screamed to wake them up. The flames were heading towards their home. Embers... >>>

Scientists find oldest upright ape example

Thursday  05:35,   07 november 2019

Scientists in Germany have discovered the oldest example of an upright ape, reported in the journal Nature.An international team of researchers says the fossilised partial skeleton of a male ape that lived almost 12 million years ago in the humid... >>>

One-legged skeleton discovered under a disused dance floor in western Russia is the remains of Napoleon's favourite general, DNA tests confirm

Thursday  05:25,   07 november 2019

The skeleton was found in July in a wooden coffin under the foundations of a former dance floor in the Smolensk city park, according to reports in August. 'As soon as I saw the skeleton with just one leg, I knew that we had our man,' Marina... >>>

What’s the Difference Between Forests, Woods, and Jungles?

Thursday  05:20,   07 november 2019

The differences between forests, woods, and jungles aren't exactly an apple trees to orange trees kind of comparison.According to Merriam-Webster, a forest is “a dense growth of trees and underbrush covering a large tract,” while woods are “a... >>>

Newly single tourist kisses stranger to create romantic Paris photo

Wednesday  18:00,   06 november 2019

She didn't let her break-up take the romance away from the Eiffel Tower.Heartbroken, Kristina Kuqi decided to recreate the iconic pose of a couple kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower, but in absence of a boyfriend, she called on a stranger to... >>>