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Bride Gets Emotional Wedding Surprise as Voice of Her Late Father Plays During Dance

Friday  13:51,   12 october 2018

There wasn't a dry eye in the room.Bride Kaley West Young had not planned on having a father-daughter dance at her wedding since her father had passed away three years ago — but her five brothers had other... >>>

Instagram tests tapping instead of scrolling through posts, first in Explore

Friday  12:30,   12 october 2018

By Jamie Smith This stunning POV kayak footage shows the crystal clear waters of Norway’s lakes and fjords. Marine Researcher, Thomasz Furmanek, 44, from Bøjarnesveien, Norway, captured the incredible images and video whilst kayaking through various >>>

Blue Planet Live BBC event revisits David Attenborough series to discover 'what happened next'

Friday  12:03,   12 october 2018

By Luke Kenton This teenage pulled over in the middle of the road to save the life of a squirrel he accidentally clipped with his car. 19-year-old Chris Felix was driving to work in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, when he felt a bump in the road. Pulling... >>>

Why Yes, These Gorgeous Harry Potter Spoons Will Give Your Food That Magic Touch

Friday  11:27,   12 october 2018

Every home cook knows that while we love tasting our creations, accumulating a wide variety of fun cooking products is another big reason to fire up your... >>>

People are sharing this clip of a woman who refused to sit next to a crying baby on a plane

Friday  11:03,   12 october 2018

A clip of a government worker who was removed from a plane after being rude to staff and swearing in front of a baby is making the rounds online. Susan Peirez complained when being told to sit next to a mother and her baby and, after asking an... >>>

A daughter’s hilarious obituary unravels her father’s mysterious life. You have to read to the end to get it.

Friday  10:51,   12 october 2018

It starts with his disappearance in a single-engine plane over the Atlantic Ocean after learning he had cancer.It was written by Alex Walsh about her father, Rick Stein, 71, a man who she said had an endless appetite for comedy. The huge response on >>>

There's a book hiding among a bunch of electronic gadgets in this new brainteaser — can you spot it?

Friday  09:51,   12 october 2018

There's a book hiding among a bunch of electronic gadgets in this new brainteaser — can you spot it?Download the Microsoft News app for your Android or iPhone device and get news & live updates on the go. Follow our Lifestyle section in English... >>>

Google Maps: Man divorces wife after he sees her with someone else on street view

Friday  09:51,   12 october 2018

It's always exciting when you see the Google Maps car drive past you on the street. Maybe you'll be able to spot yourself on street view afterwards. We doubt that was the case for this Peruvian woman, who has since become a divorcee after... >>>

That's quite a souvenir! Newlyweds are now the proud OWNERS of the rustic beach hotel they stayed in on their honeymoon (and they blame the free-flowing rum)

Friday  09:51,   12 october 2018

A newlywed couple has told how they got so drunk on a boozy night out on their honeymoon they agreed to buy their hotel.London-based Gina Lyons, 33, and Mark Lee, 35, set off on a three-week backpacking adventure around Sri Lanka last December,... >>>

Fossil of young long-necked dinosaur found—and nicknamed Andrew

Friday  09:30,   12 october 2018

The new fossil could reveal what life was like for juvenile giants.Now, researchers have freed this potentially record-setting dinosaur from its stony slumber. After uncovering the remains, the scientists published a study Thursday in Scientific... >>>

Sydney bar named a drink ‘To-Kill-Her’ - and people can't quite believe it

Thursday  19:00,   11 october 2018

A bar in Sydney is facing criticism after giving a drink the name ‘To-Kill-Her.’ The drink, from a bar in Coogee called Little Jack Horner, is made with lemon, orange, Cointreau, grapefruit bitters and Don Julio... >>>

Dream Job Alert: Get Paid $25 an Hour Just to Watch Sports

Thursday  19:00,   11 october 2018

Sign us... >>>

On the scent: India mulls Calvin Klein to lure man-eating tigress

Thursday  18:42,   11 october 2018

Indian rangers hunting a man-eating tiger are considering deploying an unusual weapon to lure the big cat -- Calvin Klein cologne, an official said Thursday. A major operation to kill or capture the tigress, which is suspected to have killed up to... >>>

9 holidays around the world with surprisingly dark origins

Thursday  15:56,   11 october 2018

Despite how they might be celebrated today, some holidays don't have the happiest history — from the narrowly avoided mass murders of Purim to the riots that jump-started Labor Day, here are nine holidays that have dark origin stories.Take... >>>

Scientists rank the mammals that make the best human companions

Thursday  15:56,   11 october 2018

From deer to mice to camels, the world is filled with... >>>