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Comfort from a 102-year-old who has lived through a flu pandemic, the Depression and WWII

Monday  04:00,   06 april 2020

Lucille Ellson understands the fears now gripping the country as coronavirus changes everything. And she has some advice for how to get through it.Ellson is 102 years old. She was born Dec. 30, 1917, right before a flu spread through military camps... >>>

According to Mimie Mathy, Les Enfoirés are preparing to give their support to the nursing staff

Monday  01:10,   06 april 2020

© Laurent Vu / SIPA According to Mimie Mathy, the Enfoirés are preparing to give their support to the nursing staff Les Enfoirés are preparing to pay tribute caregivers. Mimie Mathy revealed it in the columns of La Provence. Applauded every day by... >>>

Corona pandemic: The rescue package is getting bigger

Sunday  21:05,   05 april 2020

© dpa Will make it easier for companies to grant loans: Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz • Aid packages and compensation payments from the federal and state governments now total 1173 billion euros. • At the beginning of Easter week, the federal... >>>

Coronavirus: flour out of stock after toilet paper (Video)

Sunday  20:10,   05 april 2020

© Capture France 2 Since Tuesday March 17, the French have been confined to their homes. The containment measure has been taken by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus and avoid further contamination. As of the announcement of the... >>>

Les Enfoirés: Mimie Mathy announces a “very nifty” project to help caregivers

Sunday  20:10,   05 april 2020

© BORDE-JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGE Les Enfoirés: Mimie Mathy announces a “very nifty” project to help caregivers Mimie Mathy revealed in an interview with Provence that the Enfoirés will put their stone to the building of the fight against the... >>>

A Michelin-starred restaurant has turned into a soup kitchen to help feed New Yorkers in need

Sunday  19:11,   05 april 2020

Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park in New York has turned into a soup kitchen to help feed healthcare workers and underserved New Yorkers.Eleven Madison Park, which has three Michelin stars, announced on Wednesday that it would become a commissary >>>

Aquarium coronavirus lockdown gives dolphins chance to meet a sloth

Sunday  19:11,   05 april 2020

With human visitors gone, celebrity sloth Chico hangs out with dolphins at the Texas State Aquarium.Texas State Aquarium staff have apparently been giving some animals a chance to explore parts of the aquarium and meet other creatures in different... >>>

Aerial images show streets, beaches and landmarks empty during coronavirus pandemic

Sunday  19:11,   05 april 2020

As people stay inside to slow the spread of the coronavirus, major highways and popular destinations stand... >>>

Coronavirus: for Damien Abad, the LR deputies are "the hotline of the territories"

Sunday  13:40,   05 april 2020

© AFP in times of health crisis and takes over from the questions posed by the French. Guest of the Grand Rendez-vous, the deputy of the Ain and president of the group Les Républicains at the National Assembly Damien Abad recalls the role of... >>>

Confined Spaniard stays safe by skiing in his living room

Sunday  11:50,   05 april 2020

When Philipp Klein Herrero had to cancel a skiing holiday because of the coronavirus pandemic he recreated the winter sport experience in confinement in his Barcelona flat. In the video, edited in stop-motion, Klein Herrero wakes on the floor in a... >>>

Until 1970, it was illegal to fly a kite in Washington. Hippies got the law changed.

Sunday  11:50,   05 april 2020

Fifty years ago, protesters flew kites on the Mall — and were promptly arrested.Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? And who breaks a kite upon a truncheon? >>>

Epidemiologist William Dab: "The biggest mistake is not to wear a mask"

Sunday  02:00,   05 april 2020

© DR Professor Wiliam Dab, the former director general of health, pleads for the generalization of masks and a massive campaign of tests to better fight the coronavirus. When will we finally cross, in France, the peak of the long-awaited epidemic... >>>

Coronavirus: Marie celebrated her 100th birthday alone, confined (Video)

Saturday  20:15,   04 april 2020

© Capture Cnews Since Tuesday March 17, France is confined . To avoid the spread of the coronavirus, the authorities asked the French to stay at home. A measure necessary to slow the spread of the epidemic and not to overload the resuscitation... >>>

Humankind’s legacy is basically garbage

Saturday  18:55,   04 april 2020

Humankind’s legacy is basically garbageClick here to view the full... >>>

Scientists Discover Two Mating Flies Trapped in Amber 40 Million Years Ago

Saturday  18:55,   04 april 2020

Scientists Discover Two Mating Flies Trapped in Amber 40 Million Years AgoSomehow, this pair of busy long-legged flies (Dolichopodidae) had gotten themselves trapped in the gooey sap of a tree, and there was simply no escape. That moment spelled... >>>