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Meet the Sherpa bringing Wi-Fi to Everest

Thursday  11:21,   06 june 2019

Meet the Sherpa bringing Wi-Fi to... >>>

Ghost forests are sprouting up along the Atlantic Coast

Thursday  11:21,   06 june 2019

And they're as scary as they sound. A ghost forest on the Catlett Islands in Gloucester County, VA In the Arctic, rapidly melting ice is the surest sign of climate... >>>

Picasso captured by the photographer's eye in new exhibition

Thursday  11:20,   06 june 2019

A marine stripe jumper, a crown of grey hair surrounding his bald spot and a penetrating gaze: it is an image that has become emblematic of Pablo Picasso, the Spanish artist adored by some of the 20th century's greatest photographers. Included is a... >>>

97-year-old WWII veteran parachutes to mark D-Day anniversary

Thursday  05:45,   06 june 2019

A US veteran who was parachuted into France during D-Day in 1944 defied his age on Wednesday as he recreated his courageous feat of 75 years ago as part of ceremonies to mark the famous landings. "It feels great," 97-year-old Tom Rice said after... >>>

College Student Dodges Dad's Summer Job Questions With $1 Million Lottery Win

Thursday  05:45,   06 june 2019

It remains unclear if he is still going to get a summer job. This New Jersey college student dodged a tough conversation with his dad — with a $1 million winning lottery ticket. Kristopher Chrysanthopoulos, a 20-year-old from Oceanport, usually... >>>

The slippery genius of the Cinderella story

Thursday  05:45,   06 june 2019

The slippery genius of the Cinderella... >>>

World’s first: German circus uses amazing 3D holograms in place of animals to fight cruelty

Thursday  05:45,   06 june 2019

A circus in Germany is being praised for its decision to stop using live animals in its shows and combat animal cruelty in the industry by using holograms instead. Circus Roncalli became the first in the world to incorporate magnificent 3D holograms >>>

A gem hunter accidentally discovered a new dinosaur species

Wednesday  17:20,   05 june 2019

Gem hunters and paleontologists have a lot in common. Both spend a lot of time sifting through dirt and rock in the hopes of finding things that have been hidden for countless years and every so often their tireless quests... >>>

Why is the Sky Blue?

Wednesday  17:15,   05 june 2019

Kids ask a lot of questions. mental_floss has answers. Here's the next story in WHY?, our new science-based series for kids (and... >>>

Lisbon nights: the 'melting pot' inspiring Madonna

Wednesday  17:00,   05 june 2019

In a neighbourhood bar on a cobbled square in Lisbon's historic working-class Alfama district, an eclectic mix of punters pull up little wooden stools around a dozen intimately lit... >>>

1st Mexican gray wolf litter born at Phoenix Zoo in 20 years

Wednesday  16:55,   05 june 2019

Phoenix Zoo officials say the first litter of endangered Mexican gray wolf pups has been born there in 20 years. Zoo spokeswoman Linda Hardwick says a wolf named Tazanna delivered a litter of six pups in early May. Born at endangered wolf centers in >>>

A 9-Year-Old is Raising Thousands of Dollars to Outfit Police Dogs with Bulletproof Vests

Wednesday  11:41,   05 june 2019

Brady Snakovsky of Strongsville, Ohio is helping raise funds for K-9 dogs in need of protective... >>>

How's this for good fortune? North Carolina man wins $344.6M Powerball with numbers from a fortune cookie

Wednesday  11:41,   05 june 2019

A North Carolina man said he chose the winning Powerball numbers from a fortune cookie his stepdaughter had years... >>>

Meet the Museum of Natural History's newest guest: a T. rex

Wednesday  11:40,   05 june 2019

The newest guest at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is a coveted Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Curators have eagerly sought the skeleton for... >>>

14-Year-Old Sells Enough Cupcakes to Take His Family to Disney World

Wednesday  05:55,   05 june 2019

Isaiah Tuckett of Minnesota had always wanted to go to Disney, but the trip had been too expensive his family. A sweet 14-year-old sold thousands of cupcakes just so his family could go to Disney World. Isaiah Tuckett of Minnesota had always wanted... >>>