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Employee Raises $18,000 For Widow Who Only Had $3 to Put in Her Gas Tank

Sunday  10:05,   09 september 2018

A kind police officer helped fill her tank on that day.St. Clair Shores Police Officer, Todd Bing, decided to chip in $20 to help Marotta fill her...[...]

Roman gold coins discovered in Italian theatre

Sunday  09:55,   09 september 2018

Hundreds of ancient Roman gold coins have been discovered on the site of an old theatre in Como in northern Italy, the Ministry of Culture said. The coins date back to the end of the Roman Empire in the 5th century and were found in a kind of stone [...]

A 19th-century US soldier broke his tooth to protect an egg hidden in his mouth. It was worth it.

Saturday  13:45,   08 september 2018

To achieve a truly ambitious goal, you have to be relentless. Back in Bendire’s day, egg collecting was a gentleman’s pursuit, with several of the wealthiest men of the era amassing thousands of specimens. Bendire himself was a dedicated...[...]

Stranger's Advice Leads Woman to $100,000 Lottery Win

Saturday  13:25,   08 september 2018

“I figured, why not?” the lottery winner said.The woman, who withheld her identity, said she usually buys a $1 or $2 lottery ticket every time she goes grocery...[...]

The Palos Verdes Blue: The Beautiful Butterfly That Wasn't Extinct After All

Saturday  13:25,   08 september 2018

Reports of its demise were greatly...[...]

This woman got drunk and accidentally kidnapped a dog

Saturday  13:05,   08 september 2018

We all know that not every night out ends well. If you're lucky you might escape with nothing but a pounding hangover and a bruised ego, but sometimes you can end up with more than you bargained...[...]

11 of the Oldest Foods and Drinks Ever Discovered

Saturday  10:15,   08 september 2018

A pat of bog butter,...[...]

A guide to spooky species: Some scary-looking animals are all fang and no bite

Saturday  09:35,   08 september 2018

We bust myths about vampire squids, vampire squirrels, ghost sharks and more.The hundreds of spiders that fall under the tarantula category can grow so big you might have trouble holding them with one hand. The so-called Goliath birdeater is a...[...]

A woman developed a case of 'hairy black tongue' — here's how it happens

Saturday  09:20,   08 september 2018

A woman developed a case of "hairy black tongue" when she took antibiotics for an infection, according to a new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The woman, 55, had been taking the antibiotic minocycline to treat an infected...[...]

Dad Posts Hilarious Rant About School Drop-Off Etiquette, Goes Viral

Friday  14:51,   07 september 2018

David Danielewicz, a father in Indian Trail, North Carolina, posted a viral rant about the etiquette of dropping the kids off at school.Last week, one frustrated father and North Carolinian named David Danielewicz posted a short Facebook rant about...[...]

Cambodian reptile cafe slithers into people's hearts

Friday  09:40,   07 september 2018

For anyone terrified of an albino python, an orange corn snake or a scaly, bearded iguana, Chea Raty says getting up close and personal at Phnom Penh's first reptile-themed cafe is the only remedy.Taking off from the cat cafes already popular in [...]

A lion climbed into a bus full of people because it wanted to be petted

Friday  09:00,   07 september 2018

Tourists at a safari park in Crimea got an adorable, if scary, surprise when a young lion jumped into a bus with them. Tourists at a safari park in Crimea got an adorable, if scary, surprise when a young lion jumped into a bus with...[...]

Woman pranks husband over lottery - then wins £1m

Friday  09:00,   07 september 2018

A woman who pranked her husband over a £250,000 lottery win last month has scooped £1m for real. Having fallen for the initial trick, Daniel Peart, 27, did not believe wife Charlotte, 28, when she called him at work last week to reveal they were...[...]

Newlywed Couple Hit by Rogue Wave While Posing for Wedding Photos

Thursday  13:16,   06 september 2018

The couple is not mad about the experience, which was caught on camera.“I heard the camera man go, 'You guys should be scared.' And I thought he was kidding, so I started cracking up, and within a second it just poured on us,” McCauley told Inside...[...]

'It’s thanks to my patience': The world's oldest living married couple share their secret to 80 years of marriage

Thursday  13:15,   06 september 2018

Masao and Miyako Matsumoto have broken the record for the oldest living husband and wife. Their secret to such a long-lasting marriage isn't nearly as surprising as you might expect.-Miyako attributes much of their marital success to her...[...]