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Coronavirus: Marie celebrated her 100th birthday alone, confined (Video)

Saturday  20:15,   04 april 2020

© Capture Cnews Since Tuesday March 17, France is confined . To avoid the spread of the coronavirus, the authorities asked the French to stay at home. A measure necessary to slow the spread of the epidemic and not to overload the resuscitation... >>>

Humankind’s legacy is basically garbage

Saturday  18:55,   04 april 2020

Humankind’s legacy is basically garbageClick here to view the full... >>>

Scientists Discover Two Mating Flies Trapped in Amber 40 Million Years Ago

Saturday  18:55,   04 april 2020

Scientists Discover Two Mating Flies Trapped in Amber 40 Million Years AgoSomehow, this pair of busy long-legged flies (Dolichopodidae) had gotten themselves trapped in the gooey sap of a tree, and there was simply no escape. That moment spelled... >>>

9 Genius Ways to Mix Up Your Routine During Quarantine

Saturday  18:55,   04 april 2020

Even when you're stuck indoors, things don't always have to be the same every day. Here are some ways you can shake up your quarantine... >>>

Really ?: What happens to your body if you eat bread every day

Saturday  01:55,   04 april 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN Do you eat bread every day? A slice of bread a day isn't bad, is it? We know how it affects your body! Hardly any other nation loves bread as much as we Germans. In a worldwide comparison, according to " Statista " we are >>>

During confinement, observe these eight birds ... even in town!

Friday  21:46,   03 april 2020

© Provided by Le Parisien Urban buffs share their passion on the Internet. There is television, cooking, taking care of children ... But why not take advantage of forced confinement to ... listen to the birds? "With the drop in noise in the city,... >>>

Biology: Vampire bats share their prey with the needy

Friday  18:00,   03 april 2020

© dpa This vampire bat has a tracking system on its back. • Vampire bats apparently share their food with fellow species. • The animals prefer to share their meals with family members, as described by biologists from Ohio State University in the... >>>

19 Every Day Things Science Hasn’t Figured Out

Friday  17:35,   03 april 2020

19 Every Day Things Science Hasn’t Figured OutCrying is still a scientific mystery. Physiologically, it’s clear what’s happening when someone cries. But, it has been more difficult to figure out the evolutionary reason for tears. We know that babies >>>

7 Quick Tips for Disinfecting Your Home the Smart Way

Friday  17:35,   03 april 2020

7 Quick Tips for Disinfecting Your Home the Smart WayWhile scrubbing isn't a complex process, there are nonetheless some areas of your home you might be neglecting. Here’s how to best approach a household scrub, as well as identify and disinfect... >>>

carrot cake

Friday  17:15,   03 april 2020

© provided by SevenCooks quick info: vegetarian 280 kcal easy 60 minutes box cake are clearly underestimated! This becomes particularly clear to you with this excellent carrot cake! It only takes a few steps and unfolds its aroma in the oven so... >>>

The most beautiful vintage photos captured at Lamu

Friday  16:35,   03 april 2020

© Slim Aarons Frequented by crowned heads, jet-setters, Hollywood stars or simply travelers in love with heavenly beaches, Lamu has been one of the most beautiful destinations for decades 'Africa. Taken by storm in the 80s, we discover through the... >>>

PHOTO Juliette has fun with her resemblance to Patrick Pelloux: her hilarious message

Friday  14:25,   03 april 2020

© SIPA PHOTO Juliette has fun with her resemblance with Patrick Pelloux: her hilarious message During her stay in Les Grandes Gueules on RMC this Wednesday, April 1 , Patrick Pelloux made a few viewers smile with his makeup. Some have compared him... >>>

In Japan, the notes of hope of an orchestra in telework

Friday  14:10,   03 april 2020

© CHARLY TRIBALLEAU Kazuhiko Sato, tuba player at the New Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, registers at home, March 23, 2020 Sixty musicians from the New Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra tune their instruments to prepare for a concert that is new to them... >>>

Little Women water bottle fail goes viral on TikTok

Friday  12:30,   03 april 2020

It's a classic tale retold for a modern audience, but one Little Women fan has spotted items that are a touch too modern for her liking. Superfan Madelyn Rancourt, who's watched the movie multiple times, caught sight of a travel mug and water... >>>

Polish priest offers drive-thru confessions to beat virus

Friday  12:30,   03 april 2020

Polish priest offers drive-thru confessions to beat virus"We've already done a practice run... I have an appointment with a family of five tomorrow and next week I'm due to hear a parishioner confess every sin from his entire life," Father Adam... >>>