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Cryodrakon Boreas: Enormous, Dinosaur-eating Reptile Is One of the Biggest Flying Creatures Ever Discovered

Tuesday  17:46,   10 september 2019

The pterosaur, discovered in Alberta, Canada, had a wingspan of up to 32... >>>

Nine-year-old double amputee models at New York Fashion Week

Tuesday  17:45,   10 september 2019

A nine-year-old girl is believed to be the first child double amputee to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Daisy-May Demetre modelled for luxury childrenswear label Lulu et Gigi after designer Eni Hegedus-Buiron spotted her at London Kids... >>>

What’s the Difference Between Cherry and Grape Tomatoes?

Tuesday  11:30,   10 september 2019

Their small size separates both from many other tomato varieties, but what separates them from each... >>>

How This Emotional Support Horse Made History on an Airplane

Tuesday  11:30,   10 september 2019

She accompanied her 33-year-old owner, who has post-traumatic stress disorder, on a flight. A horse is believed to have made aviation history, and Inside Edition was there for the moment. Abrea Hensley, 33, suffers from post-traumatic stress... >>>

Boy's Grim Discovery Solves Missing Person's Case From 1992

Tuesday  05:55,   10 september 2019

The car he found had been at the bottom of a lake in Canada for 27 years. A 13-year-old boy has helped solve the mystery of an elderly woman who went missing in Canada nearly three decades ago. In the fall of 1992, Janet Farris, a 70-year-old mother >>>

The Reason Why Ships Are Often Painted Red on the Bottom

Tuesday  05:55,   10 september 2019

No matter the color of a vessel, the hull below the water line is often painted red. The reason has something to do with... >>>

Bank accidentally puts $120,000 in couple’s account. They were arrested after spending it, police say.

Monday  19:00,   09 september 2019

Authorities say they bought a racecar and a camper and gave thousands to... >>>

New whale species called the 'Black Baird's beaked whale' is discovered off the coast of Japan

Monday  18:57,   09 september 2019

The new species of whale has often been spotted by whalers in the north Pacific Ocean but it has never before been officially recognised as it continued to elude researchers. But the carcasses of several unidentified whales continued to wash up on... >>>

A woman vanished 27 years ago. A teenager and his GoPro led police to the bottom of a lake.

Monday  18:55,   09 september 2019

“The RCMP will probably be looking at this guy down the road for potential employment,” Cpl. Thomas Blakney said. “Good detective work on his part.” It was a sunny August day when guests staying in the lakeside cabins owned by the Werenka family... >>>

An Entire Scientific Observatory at The Bottom of The Ocean Mysteriously Vanished

Monday  11:47,   09 september 2019

When the Boknis Eck Observatory - an environmental monitoring station on the floor of the Baltic Sea off the coast of Germany - stopped sending data on 21 August, scientists thought there was a problem with the data... >>>

Teen Breaks Guinness World Record With Her Super-Long Hair

Monday  11:46,   09 september 2019

Nilanshi Patel, 16, had her hair cut at 6 and hated it. From then on, she decided to grow her hair out as long as she could. It’s now 5 feet, 7 inches, the longest hair on a teen in the world. Hair that length doesn't come without sacrifice. It... >>>

How the Little Free Library led to the Little Free Pantry, a fast-growing approach to helping those in need

Sunday  18:31,   08 september 2019

Sometimes a good idea spreads so fast, it's like watching a stone skip across... >>>

Hero Catches a Stranger's Phone Mid-Air While Riding a Roller Coaster

Sunday  18:31,   08 september 2019

What, like it's... >>>

Batman Walks 3-Year-Old to Day Care After She Told Her Mom She Was Bullied

Sunday  18:30,   08 september 2019

Batman impersonator Jack Asbury said he took on the alter ego because of the superhero's mission to help others. Batman is sworn to watch over Gotham City, but when 3-year-old Lydia needed some protection against bullies, the superhero decided he... >>>

This Is How JFK and Jackie Actually Met

Sunday  11:55,   08 september 2019

Whether you're a history buff or a fashion fiend, discover how JFK and Jackie first met on the night that forever changed the course of... >>>