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TV tips on Saturday

Saturday  08:30,   26 november 2022

© ProSieben / Benedikt Müller Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (left) and Joko Winterscheidt will again appear at 8:15 p.m., ProSieben, the duel around the world-team Joko against Team Klaas, Show Who will be world champion? Joko & Klaas duel with their teams... >>>

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is open

Friday  22:30,   25 november 2022

After two years of Corona break, the world-famous Christkindlesmarkt started in Nuremberg. Thousands of large and small visitors came to the ceremonial opening early Friday evening to listen to the words of the Nuremberg Christkind. Actress Teresa... >>>

20 Combos Mode To develop an evening outfit in winter

Friday  20:00,   25 november 2022

© Mikhail Klimentyev / Sputnik / Sputnik via AFP L ES Calls of mothers of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine flood the Russian -speaking Internet for several weeks for Ask for respect for the promises of the Kremlin. This Friday, Vladimir Putin... >>>

attacked by a python, a 5-year-old Australian survives

Friday  14:20,   25 november 2022

© Joe Raedle / AFP Archives A Birman Python, Florida (United States), in 2013. Illustration photo. Le Petit Beau Blake, 5, was bitten and enclosed by a Python, by Byron Bay in eastern Australia. But the little child was able to be saved by his... >>>

Australia's Prime Minister says his predecessor "deceived the parliament every day".

Friday  09:30,   25 november 2022

The Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese claimed that his predecessor in office, Scott Morrison, "led Parliament into a misleading every day" after an investigation has shown that the former head of government secretly in the last two years... >>>

68,000 fibers according to five washes: German World Cup jerseys from Adidas apparently lose a lot of microplastics

Thursday  18:20,   24 november 2022

when washing the German national jerseys from Adidas are an environmental impact. Microplastic researchers call the jerseys "impressively bad". © Photo: DPA/Federico Gambarini German national player Jamal Musiala pulls his jersey over his face The... >>>

mouth too! The DFB-Elf reacts to the binding disaster

Thursday  01:40,   24 november 2022

The German national team made a signal before the World Cup group game against Japan. © provided by www.rollingstone.de The German national team shows before the game against Japan at the World Cup in Qatar, what it thinks of the FIFA threat. The... >>>

World Cup in Qatar: the scandalous cachet perceived by the "Marseillais" to go there!

Thursday  00:30,   24 november 2022

© Instagram/Jessicathivenin World Cup in Qatar: the scandalous cachet perceived by the "Marseillais" to get there! While the 2022 World Cup is the subject of many scandals, here is a new one that could be talked about. But scandal or not, the... >>>

Why did the Germans covered their mouths on the photo preceding their match against Japan?

Wednesday  20:20,   23 november 2022

© Getty Images Germany World Cup 23112022 The German players covered their mouths in protest against the decision to prohibit the nations from carrying the Captain One-Love armband during the World Cup. The German national team was therefore very... >>>

World Cup 2022: taken for an LGBTQ emblem, a flag of a confiscated Brazilian state and thrown on the ground

Wednesday  20:10,   23 november 2022

© Twitter The flag of the State of Pernambouc was trampled. The rainbow obviously does not have the right of city in Qatar, unlike the promises made upstream by the Organization Committee of the World Cup . Journalist Victor Pereira, who covers the >>>

The incredible gesture of Germany, censored on TV, which challenges FIFA and Qatar to the 2022

Wednesday  19:40,   23 november 2022

World Cup We do not know who will win the 2022 World Cup, but Germany already deserves the title of "the most courageous team of the tournament". While FIFA and Qatar prohibit the use of an rainbow armband in tribute to the LGBTQ+community, Thomas... >>>

Germany against Japan: That is why gang advertising at the 2022 World Cup is not the same everywhere. But not all spectators get the same advertising. We show you why.

Wednesday  18:40,   23 november 2022

© dpa gang advertising in the World Cup game between the USA and Wales in the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in AR-Rayyan. At the European Football Championship , it was discussed why a majority of the gang advertising was Chinese , after all, the... >>>

significantly more applications for unemployment help in the USA

Wednesday  18:30,   23 november 2022

The situation on the US labor market has been unexpectedly clouded in the past week. The number of income on unemployment benefits rose by 17,000 to 240,000, as the Ministry of Labor announced in Washington on Wednesday. Analysts only expected... >>>

Boycott of the World Cup in Qatar: the rant of the columnist of RMC Pierre Rondeau after the big audience of France-Australia

Wednesday  17:20,   23 november 2022

© RMC while the match between France and Australia gathered more than 12, 5 million viewers on TF1, Pierre Rondeau, who called for the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar for many months, has expressed his anger ... A boycott who has trouble being... >>>

Bundesbank expects recession in the winter half year

Wednesday  16:20,   23 november 2022

The Bundesbank expects an economic slump in Germany and a continued high inflation in the coming months. Despite the surprising economic growth in the summer quarter, a recession can be expected in the winter half -year, the central bank wrote in... >>>