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Watch: Nationals' Bryce Harper trips over own helmet, gets thrown out at second

  Watch: Nationals' Bryce Harper trips over own helmet, gets thrown out at second Harper was on his way to another double, but his helmet flew off and he tripped. [email protected]'s own helmet has it out for him. pic.twitter.com/lAwgrvRnDa— Cut4 (@Cut4) June 6, 2018MORE: Stanley Cup Final 2018: Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman, Max Scherzer support Capitals in full uniform; Bryce Harper in Golden Knights’ jersey | Bryce Harper's secret to epic hair is two blow dryers © Getty Images He took a pretty epic dive as he scrambled to get to the base, and was initially ruled safe. The call was reviewed and eventually reversed as he was called out at second.

Braves fans have had a loud and ardent dislike of Bryce Harper for basically as long as he has been in the league. But for the first time, Braves fans have "real" reasons to hate Bryce . It's not just reviling a talented-but-cocky kid who ultimately didn't do much against the Braves.

The Man They Love To Hate : Why is it so easy to dislike Bryce Harper ? At 22, Nationals rightfielder Bryce Harper is one of baseball's brightest young stars. So why is it so easy to dislike him? Tom Verducci talks to the prodigy who everyone loves to hate .

The words were short and to the point: "He's a selfish, losing player."

The "He" is Bryce Harper, and the words reportedly came from an unnamed "top National League executive" to Robert Murray of FanRag.com. They caused Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo to offer a profane, on-the-record response Tuesday to The Washington Post.

Rizzo called the exec's anonymous rip job "cowardly," "gutless" and "chickens—," and he didn't stop there.

VIDEO: Harper breaks bat, still goes yard

All this came about, apparently, because Murray had first opined on whether Harper was overrated. Murray reported that the exec sent him three texts crushing Harper as part of the discussion. None of the texts included specifics, just ad hominem attacks.

Bryce Harper exits after second HBP, expected to play Wednesday

  Bryce Harper exits after second HBP, expected to play Wednesday It's just the second time in his career that Harper has been hit by a pitch multiple times in a game.The Nationals star left Tuesday's 3-0 loss to the Yankees after being hit by a pitch for the second time in the game.

Loser fan for a loser player. Mental midgets like you heard about. 136. Aka, they'll have the most money to throw at him. Note: I hate the Phillies and Bryce Harper .

Others pulled Bryce 's ex-girlfriend Kayla Varner into the mix. Well it's a good thing we can put all of the speculation to bed because I have dedicated myself to this topic for the last three days and found out the exact reasons why Bryce Harper hates BYU.

The exec also said that if he were running a club (that's a clue to the level of exec involved), he would take the money he wouldn't give Harper and buy two or three "winning players," whatever that means (again, terms were not defined).

Because these comments lacked specificity, we're left to make our own determination as to whether Harper is a "losing player." It's clear he isn't one during the regular season because he and the Nats have made the NL Division Series four times in his first six seasons. The problem is, the team has famously failed to get beyond the NLDS.

Harper's postseason stats (.211/.315/.487 in 19 games) show that he bears some responsibility, but . . .

— He isn't responsible for Drew Storen's Game 5 failure in 2012.

— He isn't responsible for Matt Williams' decision to replace Jordan Zimmermann with Storen in Game 2 of the 2014 NLDS.

Terry Collins' profanity-laced tirade from 2016 goes viral

  Terry Collins' profanity-laced tirade from 2016 goes viral Video of Terry Collins’ profanity-laced tirade from 2016 has suddenly emerged and gone viral. The former Mets manager was livid when pitcher Noah Syndergaard got ejected, after throwing a 99-mph fastball behind Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley. WARNING: Video contains profanity and is NSFW. incredible audio of an umpire interaction with the Mets players and manager after an ejection for throwing behind a batter. This is some inside baseball. Take a listen pic.twitter.

2. Bryce Harper is cocky and arrogant. Why you hate : He blows a kiss at a minor league pitcher after homering, tells a reporter “That’s a clown question, bro.”, and most recently said to Ken Rosenthal, “Where’s my ring”.

I love that I hate Bryce Harper . Hating Bryce Harper and developing a Mets-Nationals rivalry is going to make 2015 a lot of fun. By Michael Donato Aug 4, 2015, 10:00am EDT.

a close up of a man: Bryce Harper © (Getty Images) Bryce Harper

— He isn't responsible for the bullpen failing to hold a lead in Game 5 in 2016, or for the maneuvering by Dusty Baker that produced Wilmer Difo vs. Clayton Kershaw in the bottom of the ninth.

— He isn't responsible for Max Scherzer not having it in Game 5 last year, and for Matt Wieters not being able to baseball correctly.

My colleague Joe Rivera addressed the hate for Harper last year after Harper fought Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland. This year we know that the hate extends to baseball front offices. We also know those geniuses are as wrong as internet trolls who think Harper is a bad guy.

Is Harper selfish for trying to go deep every time up? No, he's just like every other power hitter.

Is he selfish for not busting tail every second? No, he's just like every other big-leaguer, star or scrub.

Is he selfish for showing off his throwing arm at times? No, he just has a rocket, and he tries to deter baserunners with it.

Nationals GM responds strongly to anonymous exec's criticism of Bryce Harper

  Nationals GM responds strongly to anonymous exec's criticism of Bryce Harper After a report of an anonymous exec criticizing Bryce Harper surfaced, Mike Rizzo defended his player calling the comments "chicken s—."The unnamed executive told FanRag Sports that Harper was "overrated" and a "selfish, losing player." The exec added, among other comments: "He's simply overrated. The good ain't worth the bad. He's a losing player. Cares about himself more than the team. If I was in charge and had money, my team would not pursue him. We would use that money to sign 2-3 winning players.

People hate on bryce harper because he's a total fucking asshole. He bashes his own fan base, he's terrible with the media, and throws more tantrums than Paul O'Neil did on calls. He's a bitch, and this is a clown take bro.

That his (likely) departure will forever be linked with the arrival of a guy who is already hated can only make Storen look better. Loser — Bryce Harper . But this episode also prompted another wave of questions about whether Harper runs out pop-flies quickly enough, whether he has the right attitude

Is he selfish for speaking his mind or for being cocky? No, that's just his personality. Deal with it.

Small ball is gone, but small minds are still around, and they're perpetuating a tired narrative. They won't stop some team (maybe even the one that employs the nameless exec) from meeting Harper's (and agent Scott Boras') offseason demands, which someone surely will term as selfish.

Bryce Harper will participate in Home Run Derby if he makes All-Star team, report says .
Harper, a five-time All-Star, is hitting .213 with 19 home runs and 45 RBIs this season. MORE: Nationals GM responds strongly to anonymous exec's criticism of Bryce HarperHe is currently second in fan voting among National League outfielders. The top three vote-getters will be the team’s starting outfielders.Harper has only entered the derby once, at Citi Field in 2013. He was defeated by Yoenis Cespedes in the finals that year.

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