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De Bruyne: Maybe Guardiola thought Toure wasn't fit enough

  De Bruyne: Maybe Guardiola thought Toure wasn't fit enough Yaya Toure's outspoken criticism of Pep Guardiola sounds like a player trying to find excuses, according to Man City star Kevin De Bruyne.Kevin De Bruyne has suggested Yaya Toure fell from favour with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City because he was not fit enough.

So during the season if you look at the IR charts I keep on my website and you see a base salary At the end of the workout period teams have their salary cap credited for money that was not earned. That’s exactly what happens in the NFL . In essence you owe the salary cap money like you would

Our life as football fans would be so much easier if the NFL had a hard salary cap . And like all other teams, they have basically three options: restructure the contract, cut the player or renegotiate the contract. All of which we'll look at below.

a person wearing a helmet © Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

For the second year in a row, Aaron Donald skipped the Los Angeles Rams’ OTAs. He will skip minicamp and then training camp, and he may even forgo regular-season games if he doesn’t get a new contract. Donald isn’t alone either. A number of stars including Juilo Jones, Khalil Mack and Earl Thomas, among others, also plan to skip minicamp. Why is this happening?

The “why” is easy. From Donald’s perspective, he is the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year and most dominant force in the NFL. The statistical gap between him and the next best defensive lineman was absolutely staggering last season. Yet, Donald enters his fifth NFL season as the 225th highest-paid player in the NFL, 24th highest-paid defensive tackle and 11th highest-paid Rams player.

'Maybe he thought Yaya wasn't fit enough' - De Bruyne defends Pep after extraordinary Toure outburst

  'Maybe he thought Yaya wasn't fit enough' - De Bruyne defends Pep after extraordinary Toure outburst The midfielder's outspoken criticism of Pep Guardiola sounds like a player trying to find excuses, according to the star of Man City's campaignKevin De Bruyne has suggested Yaya Toure fell from favour with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City because he was not fit enough.

Over the Cap . NFL Salary Cap , Player Contracts, and Related News and Analysis. Prior to June 1 any player removed from a teams roster, either by release or trade, will have all their remaining salary cap allocations accelerate into the current League Year.

The key to understanding the NFL salary cap , and one of the chief reasons why the salary cap appears complicated, is that the NFL The two sides, team and player, have to renegotiate and agree to a new or reworked contract at a lower salary . This is what that could look like for our fictitious player

From the Rams’ perspective, because of the NFL’s franchise-friendly collective bargaining agreement (better step your game up next time, DeMaurice Smith!), they have the leverage in negotiations. Donald was on a four-year rookie deal with a fifth-year team option, which the Rams exercised. He’ll be a restricted free agent next offseason and can be franchise tagged for multiple seasons after that.

Herein lies the predicament: If the Rams use their leverage, it ruins their comradery with Donald and all but guarantees that he holds out or eventually leaves. On the other hand, if they do right by Donald and give him a long-term deal, it cripples the Rams’ salary cap and depth moving forward — meaning their Super Bowl window could close as quickly as it opened, especially considering they’ll have to break the bank for Todd Gurley and Jared Goff in the near future. Unless Donald is willing to take a Tom Brady-esque discount, this situation will loom over the franchise until one side gives in. It’s too bad it has to be this way…

Families on income of €100,000 shouldn't be seen as rich - Varadkar

  Families on income of €100,000 shouldn't be seen as rich - Varadkar A family with a joint income of €100,000 should not be considered rich against the backdrop of high mortgage and childcare costs, Leo Varadkar has admitted. The Taoiseach has strongly rejected suggestions from Regina Doherty that the children's allowance could be means-tested. In a striking intervention, his spokesman contacted the Irish Independent to categorically kill the idea first mentioned by Social Protection Minister last Friday. He also noted that the "average salary" for somebody working full-time in Ireland is now €44,000.

Many players in Salary Cap leagues over-manage their team. Feb 14, 2017 · A look at the NFL teams in the worst salary cap situations heading many years the salary cap has increased over New CBA To Penalize High-Payroll Teams With Lowered agree to a salary cap just like the NFL /NBA will

The strength of having a salary cap in MLB is that it would create a far, far more level playing field. If MLB were to impose a salary cap , it ’s reasonable to expect that payroll distribution would look a lot more like the NFL and NHL, or at least the NBA.

Since we’re entering the dog days of the sports year, let’s ignore the fact that the NFL’s CBA doesn’t expire until the end of the 2020 season and do a fun NFL hypothetical: What if the NFL didn’t have a salary cap?

Alex Rodriguez holding a cell phone © Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The NFL would mirror Major League Baseball, right?

Of the four major professional sports leagues in America, only Major League Baseball operates without a salary cap. Thus, the starting point in this exercise is assessing whether an uncapped NFL would mirror the current MLB landscape.

The big-picture similarities between the two are self-evident. On the ownership level, Jerry Jones would follow in the footsteps of his spirit animal George “The Boss” Steinbrenner and essentially try to spend his way to a Super Bowl every season. Jones’ Dallas Cowboys, along with other big-market teams like the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins, would have bidding wars for players that would resemble the Yankees and Red Sox in the late-1990s and early-2000s.

Arsenal target to try and justify €10 million salary at World Cup

  Arsenal target to try and justify €10 million salary at World Cup Marouane Fellaini will attempt to justify his desire to receive a €10 million annual salary with his performances at the World Cup, according to Calcio Mercato. A free agent after his contract expired at Manchester United, the 30-year-old midfielder has the pick of various clubs vying for his services – including Arsenal. Although Calcio Mercato report the Belgian international could ultimately settle for less than €10 million per year (which averages out at around £165,000 per week), he will use his opportunities at the World Cup to show why he deserves to earn such a figure. With AC Milan also chasing the former Everton colossus, Calcio Mercato suppose that Fellaini chose to suspend his move until after the World Cup. As part of the intensely competitive 23-man Belgian squad, Fellaini will have to hope manager Roberto Martinez gives him chances. With other midfielders including Kevin De Bruyne, Mousa Dembele and Axel Witsel, meaningful minutes may be hard to come by for Fellaini. New Arsenal manager Unai Emery seems to have taken a shine to him nonetheless, and will try to convince Fellaini to stay in the Premier League for at least the next season.

When I started OverTheCap back in 2013, one of my main objectives was to explain the NFL salary cap and player contract nuances in a way that had not really been touched on before. At the time, there were a lot of amateur salary cap guys ( like myself) writing about their favorite teams

For the first time in a long time, an NFL owner publicly pointed out that NFL teams have no spending restrictions when it comes to paying coaches. “ The National Football League has a salary cap for players, and so it ’s very competitive,” Raiders Looks like Chuckie and Mark have the same barber.

On the other end of the spectrum, small-market teams like the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills would face serious dilemmas each time their top talent hit free agency. Would they choose to sell high on all of their assets and tank in order to make a push once their next wave of talent develops like the Florida Marlins did in 1997 and 2003? Twice they made a run, won the World Series, then gutted their roster and focused on developing prospects because they couldn’t afford to keep their All-Star players. Or would small-market teams choose to allocate much of their salaries to one or two star players and risk an Alex Rodriguez-Texas Rangers-type situation where they couldn’t fill the rest of their rosters with enough talent to compete?

Or would it?

While there are obvious parallels between the MLB and this theoretical NFL, the analogy is far from perfect. For one, there’s no minor league system for small-market teams to develop talent in the NFL. Would an uncapped league give way to a minor league? Could we still call it the SEC?

The MLB analogy gets further thrown into flux when you consider the revenue the NFL generates and how that impacts the concept of a “small market” team. Consider the following:

Cowboys' Zack Martin becomes NFL's highest-paid guard, report says

  Cowboys' Zack Martin becomes NFL's highest-paid guard, report says The fifth-year guard reportedly signed a six-year contract extension with Dallas on Monday.The fifth-year guard signed a six-year contract extension with the Cowboys on Monday to become the highest-paid player at his position, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport reported, citing unidentified sources.

Teams like the Steelers and Eagles, both of whom project to have the least cap space in the NFL , simply The Chiefs salary cap in large part has been compromised by dragging their feet on some Their cap was so tight this year they had to wait to put Chancellor on IR and look to have just

Step through the looking glass for a completely different definition of who has salary problems in the NFL . This includes signing bonuses for the year that they are paid out, not prorated like what is calculated in each year's salary cap .

  • In 2017, the NFL brought in an estimated $14 billion in total revenue whereas the MLB brought in $10 billion.
  • Comparing the top- (Cowboys vs. Yankees) and bottom- (Oakland Raiders vs. Oakland A’s) grossing teams in the NFL and MLB yields similar discrepancies.
  • In the NFL, the teams split $7.8 billion in revenue sharing while the MLB teams split approximately $1.56 billion.
  • The lowest operating income in the NFL last year was the Raiders at $41 million; there were 22 MLB teams below that, including six with negative operating incomes.

Upon further review, the NFL probably makes too much money for there to be “small market” teams in the same sense as the MLB.

Jerry Jones wearing a suit and tie © Paul K. Buck/Getty Images

A better analogy

A better analogy for an uncapped NFL would probably be, well, the NFL. Before 1994, there was no salary cap. While the NFL wasn’t generating nearly the same revenue as it is today, the impact on league-wide parity would probably be similar. Instead of having nine different Super Bowl winners in the past 10 years, there’d be more dynasties like the 49ers and Cowboys of the '80s and '90s and Steelers of the '70s.

Teams with transcendent stars would have no excuse but to spend money to surround those players with depth and quality veterans as opposed to today, where teams have to strategically fill out their rosters with rookies and players making the NFL minimum. There’d be fewer instances of teams trying to trade star players near the end of their primes like Earl Thomas for a measly second-round draft pick. As a result, player values would increase, and draft pick values would decrease.

Arsenal agree contract details with Serie A midfielder

  Arsenal agree contract details with Serie A midfielder Arsenal appear to have edged ever closer to completing a deal to sign Lucas Torreira from Sampdoria. Negotiations have been ongoing between the Gunners and the Serie A club and it seems, following news of the two clubs agreeing a deal for the transfer, personal terms between Arsenal and Torreira have been agreed. According to claims from Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla, a salary of €3m per year along with performance-based bonuses are the terms that have been agreed, as Torreira closes in on his first move to the Premier League. Twitter: Torreira vede l’Arsenal: accordo sull’ingaggio (3 milioni a stagione più bonus) e sulle commissioni (@AlfredoPedulla) It’s reported that the agreed a fee between Arsenal and Sampdoria is priced in the region of €30M, with the Gunners set to recruit the defensive midfielder in the near future. Torreira is set to feature for Uruguay at the World Cup after being included in Oscar Tabarez’s 23-man squad for the tournament.

Why is the NFL so more popular, I know it is more popular, but salary caps make the sport an equal battle field. Look at the Super bowl differences compared to World series wins. Having a salary cap would equal the entire playing field, just like it does in the NFL .

The NFL had a hard salary cap and the MLB has a luxury tax. teams also teams run a large risk in big contracts look at arod who is right now killing the Yankees and football despite a salary cap 3. Salary caps are fair. I would like to thank my opponent for hosting this debate. I found it a bit fun.

Although there would be less parity because teams like the Cowboys would be willing to spend more in free agency, other teams could remain competitive by offering early extensions to retain talent. With no cap, franchise tags would no longer exist or would, at least, become less impactful. Instead, a team like the Rams would likely have offered Donald a huge extension with lots of guaranteed money well before his rookie deal expired. Because of the game’s violent nature and frequency of career-shortening injuries, many players would likely take the guaranteed money that an extension would afford them rather than bet on themselves staying healthy until they were unrestricted free agents. There’d be less player movement in free agency with injury-prone positions like running back, offensive line and most defensive positions.

Quarterbacks (and to an extent, wide receivers), on the other hand, would be a different story. In an uncapped league, quarterbacks (and their agents) would hold an inordinate amount of power.

a man wearing a helmet © Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

What would Aaron Rodgers make in an uncapped NFL?

The most fun part of this hypothetical is guessing what the players would make. Quarterbacks make the most money by a wide margin in today’s NFL, as the top 17 highest-paid players are quarterbacks. There’s little reason to doubt that that trend would change without a salary cap. Matt Ryan is currently the leader in the clubhouse, set to make $30 million this season. Rodgers is expected to be the next mammoth contract. Could he make $40 million in an uncapped NFL? Yes, easily. How about $50 million? That’s more like it.

Doctors' €72,000 pay hike but will their patients benefit?

  Doctors' €72,000 pay hike but will their patients benefit? Hospital consultants who are on course for a pay rise of up to €72,000 will finally get the salaries they signed up to a decade ago under a so called "new era" work contract.In a week when hospital waiting lists reached another record of 707,000, there is little optimism left as so many very sick people suffer dangerously long delays.

I was reading an article in FiveThirtyEight a few months back which described the NBA as one of the most lopsided leagues in North America.

What if every NFL team had to be million under the cap immediately? The retirements of Jerod Mayo, Marshawn Lynch and Jared Allen remove their salary cap hits from their teams' budgets. They need to find receivers to complement Jones, since it looks like White is well past his prime.

The easiest approach to estimating Rodgers’ salary in an uncapped NFL is to compare other top-earning athletes’ salaries to their respective teams' yearly revenue. For instance, in his final season with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan made $33 million — approximately 30 percent of the Bulls’ revenue that year. Not surprisingly, no athlete since has even approached that figure percentage-wise (and the NBA had a lockout the next season). So, the Jordan split is a bit too high. Instead, let’s use current splits.

In the NBA, Steph Curry made $34.6 million this season, a little under 10 percent of the Golden State Warriors’ revenue. In the MLB, Clayton Kershaw is making $35.5 million this season, which translates to 7 percent of the L.A. Dodgers’ revenue. In the NFL, Ryan’s $30 million is good for approximately 8 percent of the Atlanta Falcons’ revenue, but the Falcons only had the 23rd-highest revenue. When you consider Rodgers’ ability compared to Ryan’s and the Falcons’ revenue, the sweet spot, depending on the team, is probably between 8 percent to 13 percent of a team’s revenue.

Given the 8 percent to 13 percent parameters, a surprising number of teams could afford a $50 million quarterback. The median revenue for NFL teams last season was $392 million — thus, a $50 million quarterback would still be less than 13 percent of half the NFL teams’ revenues. If the Cowboys were making the offer, it’d be less than 6 percent of the team’s revenue.

In 2015, ESPN published an article suggesting that Russell Wilson could command a 10-year, $300 million deal if the NFL had no salary cap. The next year, after the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory, the Washington Post published an article where an agent was asked what Tom Brady would command in an uncapped league, “My God. Some of these owners would go crazy and pay these quarterbacks $40-45 million.” That was before it was reported that the NFL increased its revenue by 10 percent in the 2016-17 season. This article is being written before the NFL has reported the same for the 2017-18 season.

Therefore, in an uncapped league, an unrestricted Aaron Rodgers would probably start his bidding at five years, $250 million — and, if he could get Uncle Jerry involved in the bidding war, he could probably get most, if not all of that deal guaranteed.

NHL Draft 2018: Capitals trade Philipp Grubauer, Brooks Orpik to Avalanche for 47th pick .
The trade helps Washington clear cap space as it attempts to re-sign John Carlson, who tallied 68 points for the Capitals last season.The Capitals dealt defenseman Brooks Orpik and goalie Philipp Grubauer to Colorado in exchange for the 47th overall pick in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. The draft begins Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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