Sport Changing batteries: How MLB pitchers traded at the deadline adjust to new catchers

18:35  10 august  2018
18:35  10 august  2018 Source:   sportingnews.com

Cardinals continue needed revamp by sending Tommy Pham to Rays

  Cardinals continue needed revamp by sending Tommy Pham to Rays Something had to give in St. Louis, and give it has. The Cardinals missed the playoffs in 2016 and 2017, and the 2018 season has been more potholes than promise for a couple of months now. Frustration in the fan base was threatening to morph into apathy, which is a scary thought for any front office. The club, as it was currently constructed, was not a winning group. MORE: MLB trade tracker: Complete deals heading into deadline Change was needed. Big, seismic changes were needed.

The Change -of-Scenery Candidates. Michael Fulmer, Chris Archer. Next Up In MLB . Jacob deGrom vs. Pitchers at the Plate Is the Most Lopsided Matchup of 2018. Why MLB ’s Trade Deadline Is Busier (and More Reliever-centric) Than Ever.

MLB trade targets: Top 20 players who could move by the deadline . Oh, and for a friendly reminder how reluctant teams are to trade their prospects these days: The two World Series teams from a year ago acquired ace pitchers only at the last minute.

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Contending teams use the final days of July each year to bolster their rosters to make sure they have the right people in place for the push through August, September and the postseason.

A lot of these trades involve pitchers, and for the players who get moved in the middle of the season the transition can be especially tricky. They have to learn to work with a new catcher, coaching staff and, sometimes, a new league. Acclimation has to happen fast.

This means a crash course in getting acquainted with a new battery mate, and usually with only a day or two to do it. And sometimes, not even that.

MLB trade deadline: 5 players who could be moved in August

  MLB trade deadline: 5 players who could be moved in August Teams wanted to trade these players in July, but weren't able to find a match. They have one last chance to get a deal done this season.This can happen anytime before the Aug. 31 waiver deadline. In those days players will be put on waivers while every team has a chance to put a claim in on a player. If a player is claimed by a team then that player can only be traded to that roster.

Scoring Changes . The latest news and rumors leading up to today's non-waiver Trade Deadline . MLB .com. The Rays traded the catcher to the Phillies for a player to be named later Tuesday, less than an hour before the 4 p.m. ET non-waiver Trade Deadline .

New , 10 comments. Here are four starting pitchers that more than likely will be available at or before the July 31st MLB trade deadline . Scott Kazmir, Oakland A's.

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Lance Lynn was traded from the Twins to the Yankees and made his first start for New York on the day he was activated by his new team. He and catcher Austin Romine didn’t even get a chance to speak before the game.

“We went on the fly the first day,” Lynn told Sporting News.

It worked out well. Lynn went into the fifth inning without allowing a run while striking out five and walking no one. In the days that followed, Lynn said, the two spent time getting to know each other in the dugout, on the plane, and during a bullpen session. It’s still very early with his new team, but both Lynn and Romine said that learning the philosophies of the other and meshing the two is what makes the relationship work best.

MLB trade deadline winners, losers: Dodgers, Bucs, Yanks make good first impressions

  MLB trade deadline winners, losers: Dodgers, Bucs, Yanks make good first impressions It takes years to accurately gauge moves, but there can still be initial observations. That's our basis for examining trades made during the two weeks leading to the 2018 non-waiver deadline.But we’re going to pick winners and losers from the trade deadline anyway. We’re considering everything that happened from the All-Star Game through the 4 p.m. ET deadline on July 31. Not every team that made a deal is listed below.

I do think there is an unfortunate new reality for most good-but-not-great veteran free agents. Donaldson had switched from third base to catcher during college, and Baseball America said he projected “as a .280 hitter with 15-20 homers a season.” Near the trade deadline in 2010, he

Major League Baseball 's July 31 trade deadline is drawing ever closer, so contenders The Boston Red Sox could use a pitcher or two. Meanwhile, the health of Dustin Pedroia's knee (or lack Only two teams' catchers have been more futile at the plate. In a normal season, the Red Sox's MLB -leading

Advance scouting reports go a long way, but the interpersonal aspect can be the difference maker. The most likely stumbling block in these scenarios is if pitcher and catcher aren’t in sync, and that comes from knowing what makes the other tick.

“You just have to get to know each other,” Lynn said. “It’s that simple.”

Romine agreed, saying that getting to know each other on a personal level can translate on the field.

“Getting to know the person is more of a thing for me,” Romine said. “Getting to know their brain and how it works. How they treat the game, how they attack the game, how they like to pitch. It kind of comes from who they are as a person.”

Lynn and Romine said that after the first start, the two grabbed time to spend time together wherever they could. That meant breaking down at-bats in the dugout during a game, chatting on the plane between cities and, as they’ve been on the road since Lynn joined the team, ride the same team bus from the hotel to the stadium. Doing this helps avoid in-game troubles such as mixing up signs or not being on the same page about pitch sequencing, Romine said.

Manny Machado's text to Jonathan Schoop: 'I'm going to see you again...and I'm going to beat you'

  Manny Machado's text to Jonathan Schoop: 'I'm going to see you again...and I'm going to beat you' The Orioles traded Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop to the Dodgers and Brewers, respectively, at the deadline.Machado made sure to let Schoop know his mindset going forward.

And it’s not as though MLB teams will freely trade talented catchers ; a premium position comes at a premium rate. Reds Notes: Garrett, Relievers, Rebuild. 108 comments. newest oldest. Besides catcher the biggest need for nationals last year at the trade deadline was bullpen help.

Who won the trade deadline ? Moya looks like a pitcher who can contribute in a major league bullpen right away; Murphy was hitting poorly for a Triple-A catcher , much less someone who belongs on a major league roster. No one knows how he’ll adjust to a setup role.

The Yankees certainly aren’t alone in this. The Cubs added relievers Jesse Chavez and Brandon Kintzler, along with veteran starter Cole Hamels this year, and Willson Contreras echoed Romine’s beliefs about what’s most important.

He has access to a wealth of scouting data on the pitcher, but becoming a true tandem is vital. He said he prefers not to bother them during their personal time, but like Romine he checks in during games to make sure their communication is working. This means reviewing signs, game plans against certain hitters, and even small details such as his positioning behind the plate for different pitches.

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Like Lynn and Romine, Contreras and Kintzler had little time to talk before Kintzler stepped on to the mound in a Cubs uniform.

“[It] was kind of on the fly. I let him know where I like him to set up on certain pitches, and after the inning he wanted to know if that was good,” Kintzler said.

Because he relies on the sinker so heavily, Kintzler said the catcher is especially important because it helps him to use his movement to avoid catching too much of the plate. If the catcher is in the wrong spot, sometimes that can make the difference regardless of how well the pitch was executed.

Cubs' Brandon Kintzler addresses rumor Nationals traded him because he was negative clubhouse leak

  Cubs' Brandon Kintzler addresses rumor Nationals traded him because he was negative clubhouse leak Kintzler on the rumored situation: “I just want to get my name clear. I don’t want my character being questioned."Kintzler addressed the rumor Wednesday in Chicago.

Mets stand pat at the trade deadline . Jul 31 | 4:01PM. Apr 20, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; New York Mets relief pitcher Jeurys Familia (27) and catcher Tomas Nido (3) react after defeating However, that's hard to believe when considering how dominant and effective Noah has been in the past.

Good point, I would trade him at the deadline when his vallue is the highest. Don’t make the same mistake the O;s did with Machado. Hamels has been pitching in a far more hitter friendly park than Happ. So how ’bout looking up their park adjusted stats?

“A lot of times catchers will call a fastball away, but they’re not really off the plate for me,” Kintzler said. “Which is a really big difference right there for a lot of four-seam and two-seam guys, but he did a good job.”

Contreras said that having batted against Kintzler in the past helped him to know where he needed to be behind the plate.

“Facing him, I was able to tell which way his sinker would break,” Contreras said through a team interpreter.

Anyone joining a new team, not just pitchers, has to learn lots of little things as well: the layout of the home clubhouse, the locker room attendants and teammates they’ve never met, among other things. It can be like the first day of school. Rookie Yankees manager Aaron Boone has experienced that feeling, and he appreciates what it entails.

“Anytime you go through joining a new team midseason or at the trade deadline, there’s a lot that goes with that,” Boone said. “Not just the baseball stuff, but moving families and moving cities and getting to know a new coaching staff, new teammates, people that you’ve never met before that are a part of your daily life with a new club.”

It’s a seamless transition for some, but not always. Struggles can sometimes come because of the pressure to perform.

“I think any time you go to a new team, you want to impress,” Kintzler said.

MLB trade rumors: Eight players — and several Nationals — who could be dealt in August

  MLB trade rumors: Eight players — and several Nationals — who could be dealt in August Even if they weren't moved before the July 31 deadline, these MLB players could still find a new home before the end of summer.Lots of teams were involved in moving lots of players around the majors. Trades can still happen, of course (you remember the Justin Verlander-to-Houston deal), but the process is a tiny bit more complicated. Before any player on a 40-man roster can be traded in August, he has to pass through revocable waivers first.

Trade DeadlineTrade Deadline . Seven teams that changed their October forecasts most at the deadline . 3dDavid Schoenfield. In early March, MLB .com rolled out a new stat: catcher pop times.

New , 1 comment. The offensive trade market in 2015 is fairly weak, however there is more than enough starting pitching depth to go around. With that many front offices working throughout the day trying to best figure out how to approach the deadline , the market for starting pitchers is going to be fierce.

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This is the second straight year that he’s been traded to a contender at the deadline, so wanting to wow his new colleagues is becoming a familiar feeling for Kintzler.

“Last year, I wanted to impress every time for two months, just so they’d know they got the right guy,” he said. “Then traded over here, these guys have been very successful without me, so I just want them to know I can help too in a big situation.”

Lynn said the same. His track record with the Cardinals speaks for itself to an extent, but a new uniform still means wanting to wow his new teammates.

“Whenever you get to play this game, it’s always a boost,” he said. “But when you’re on a new team you want to make a good impression.”

Cubs manager Joe Maddon recognizes this anxiety, and he makes it a point to incorporate the new guys as quickly as possible. Otherwise, he said, sitting around for a few days can intensify the pressure they feel.

“There’s this layer of angst underneath, even though you’ve done it before,” Maddon said. “So I think the most important thing is to get him assimilated with the team, get him a part of the group, feeling like he’s contributing.”

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