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21:20  05 april  2020
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Because of Corona: Flowers end up in the trash

 Because of Corona: Flowers end up in the trash © Provided by Euronews Flower growers sound the alarm in many places: because sales have dropped drastically due to the Corona epidemic, the plants end up in the trash - for example in Portugal. That is why companies also have problems paying their employees. Vitor Araujo, a flower grower, says: "We are going through a very dramatic situation. We are seeing how our flowers cannot serve their purpose. Thousands end up in the trash. Sales have decreased by 90 percent, we are not selling anything.

Delhi में 3 Doctor Corona Positive, Corona से जुड़ी Up-to-date खबरें | 3 corona positive doctors - Продолжительность: 5:37 Zee Hindustan 272 просмотра.

People react to the corona crisis in a way that seems far too intense to be able to keep a clear mind. There is a difference between an emotional (fear-based) reaction and a mature response to a critical situation. The most dangerous thing right now is to overreact and overlook the facts.

  Corona-Krise: Rechte Verlierer, rechte Gewinner © Luca Bruno / AP

Right-wing parties only benefit in the corona crisis if they rule. In many European countries, they sag in the surveys, a study shows. But the authors warn of a "populist backlash".

The corona pandemic is a problem for the AfD. On the contrary, since the outbreak of the crisis, right-wing populists have lost up to four percentage points in the polls and are between nine and ten percent - one of the lowest values ​​since summer 2017.

It may also be partly responsible for that the party has been arguing for two weeks about using the "wing" network, which was recently classified by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution as right-wing extremists. Party leader Jörg Meuthen even proposed a division of the AfD - and garnered massive internal criticism.

Basketball players fear cuts: “Salaries are going down”

 Basketball players fear cuts: “Salaries are going down” The corona virus will have financial consequences for the professionals of the basketball Bundesliga team. © Photo: Carmen Jaspersen / dpa Fears loss of salary due to the corona crisis: Oldenburg's Philipp Schwethelm. Even if the season, which is initially paused until April 30, can continue, the consequences of the pandemic are likely to hit the sports alongside football with full force. «Everyone who can count to three knows what an economic crisis means especially for us athletes.

Next year’s winners and losers will doubtless change, but it would help to have greater transparency on government financial policies, and Loser : The economics profession does not come out of the crisis well. In the popular view, economists failed to foresee the crash and are thus seen to have failed.

Special Forces Mindset on the Corona Virus Outbreak How to Handle Yourself During Times Like These What is the Most Important Trait to Have What is the Most Important Trait to Have During a Crisis ? How to Analyze the Situation in Real Danger. The Importance of Being a Leader Right Now.

Internal conflicts have rarely really harmed the AfD in the past. On the other hand, it is obvious that the far right is hardly present in the political debate determined by the corona, and hardly penetrate thematically.

Individual AfD politicians are trying to transfer their core message from the 2015 refugee movement - "state failure" - to the corona crisis. But this does not have any effect. In view of the numerous measures by the federal and state governments (exit restrictions, border controls, development of intensive bed capacity), the spoken wordings, which are not very consistent anyway, fizzle out, alternating between a state-sounding tone and shrill alarmism.

The AfD cannot find a recipe in the crisis. The Grand Coalition, which she has heavily attacked in recent years, is growing in surveys, especially the Union, which has been growing for six to seven percentage points in a very short time and has long since forgotten heights. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), to whom the AfD has been the main opponent for years, is currently extremely popular.

Schulze warns of cutbacks in climate protection due to the corona crisis

 Schulze warns of cutbacks in climate protection due to the corona crisis © Odd ANDERSEN Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze (SPD) has warned against drawing wrong conclusions from the climate effect of the corona crisis. Emissions of greenhouse gases are currently declining, but this effect is "not sustainable". Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) warned against the Corona crisis against questioning the European climate protection project "Green Deal".

The crisis is reaching everyone — first graders and friars, scientists and sanitation workers, teen models and the mayor. In a city defined by power, the coronavirus has seized control.

Below are some winners and losers . Winners . Elizabeth Warren: Neither of the two leading candidates in Tuesday’s version of this week’s debate — Sens. At another point, Sanders said of Warren, “Elizabeth is exactly right .” They may have to joust eventually, but it wasn’t happening

The AfD is not alone with its concerns in Europe. As shows a short report exclusively available to SPIEGEL from the Institute of German Business in Cologne (IW), right-wing parties also weaken in many other European countries. At least when they're in the opposition.

Because where right-wing national parties rule in Europe, in Poland and Hungary, for example, they can - like almost all governments on the continent - benefit demoscopically from the corona crisis. "It is the hour of the executive," says IW author Matthias Diermeier.

The situation for the far right parties in Europe is therefore ambivalent: in power they are crisis winners, in the opposition they are often losers.

At first glance, according to the IW report, the current crisis seems to be a fertile breeding ground for right-wing populist parties - "weak European Union crisis management, high levels of uncertainty, a feeling of sliding control and strong images that can be exploited".

survey: Corona crisis makes Germans extremely pessimistic

 survey: Corona crisis makes Germans extremely pessimistic © John MACDOUGALL According to a survey, the Corona crisis makes Germans more pessimistic than any other event since the Federal Republic was founded in 1949. Only 24 percent are hopeful about the next twelve months, revealed the Allensbach survey. According to a survey, the Corona crisis makes Germans more pessimistic than any other event since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded in 1949.

Latest winners / losers . “Prior to the corona crisis , our initial strategy had been to wait for the downgrade and then re-consider an overweight,” Christian Wietoska, a London-based A plummeting rand is the sole saviour of virtually all Pension funds right now due to rand hedged Investments .

As of 23 March 2020, over 40% of all GPs in Norway have been registered 20,200 patients with the " corona code" R991. The figure includes both cases where the patient has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection through testing, and where the GP has used the " corona code" after assessing

But this assumption has not yet been confirmed by the survey values. In Italy, Spain, Austria, France and Germany in particular, governments showed "tight crisis management with massive restrictions on business and public life". The AfD, for example, does not get through with its calls for closed borders and the usual harsh criticism of the government's supposedly slow crisis management, Diermeier said.

Similar criticism does not catch anywhere else: In Austria, the ÖVP, which recently ruled with the Greens, continues to grow compared to its former coalition partner FPÖ. In France, the popularity ratings of President Emmanuel Macron rose by six percentage points - he portrays himself as a gripping president and spoke of a "war" against the Corona pandemic.

Macron used a term that had previously been used by the chairman of the right-wing National Racial Assembly, Marine Le Pen, as the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" recently stated. However, the martial rhetoric was obviously unsuccessful. Your party has suffered a sensitive defeat in the recent regional elections, but "due to Corona's low turnout", as the IW states restrictively.

BBL boss criticizes failures before the corona crisis

 BBL boss criticizes failures before the corona crisis © Provided by AFP Clear words from BBL managing director Stefan Holz (left) The managing director of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) criticized failures in the run-up to the corona crisis. "This scenario has been haunted by the media for many years - what if an aggressive virus broke out in a cattle market in Asia and spread to humans? So the topic does not come out of the blue," said Stefan Holz in BIG magazine - Basketball in Germany (April edition).

He's also right about the importance of structural change to the way our democracy works. Liz Mair (5/10) — He made a nominal mark in a couple of places but was totally eclipsed by fighting among the Warren-Sanders “leftists” and the Delaney-Hickenlooper-Bullock “centrists.”

Accept - Wrong is Right . Категория. Музыка. Композиция. Wrong Is Right . "SME (от лица компании "Epic/Portrait"); Muserk Rights Management, SODRAC, LatinAutor, CMRRA, The Royalty Network (Publishing), ASCAP" и другие авторские общества (10).

It looks similar in Norway. There, the right-wing populist progressive party (Fremskrittspartiet) had only left a coalition of four in January in the dispute over a return campaign for a Norwegian IS supporter and her two children from Syria. According to the IW, the existing government stagnated in the corona crisis because smaller coalition partners weakened. But: The Fremskrittspartiet now lost more than 13 percentage points in the opposition.

In Sweden, the study observed an interesting phenomenon: the red-green government there, which had long been applying the softest restrictions to combat the virus and had only recently been carefully reversing it, was able to gain 15 percentage points in the surveys for a long time - while the right-wing " Sweden party "gave eight percentage points. It remains to be seen whether this finding by the IW continues - criticism of the Swedish government has increased in recent days.

For Sweden, Diermeier states: "Reasons for this could be that the populists are simply being denied the problem-solving skills in the corona pandemic or that there is currently simply no media interest in the recently virulent migration question."

The IW report sums up: So far, those right-wing populists, who are in opposition in Western Europe, have hardly been able to profit from the uncertainty of the people in the crisis - "the democratic governments, on the other hand, are able to act".

But how long does this result last? The IW authors remain cautious at this point. The emerging economic crisis in many European countries could "provide the breeding ground for a populist backlash," it says.

The migration question should also come to the fore again. If the situation in Turkey is further exacerbated by Corona, "the (media) migration pressure at the Greek border will increase significantly".

Now is the time, IW author Diermeier warns, to prepare politically for this.

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Corona: Ventilator from Formula 1 teams unusable .
© UCL Great Britain is currently lacking many ventilators The Formula 1 teams based in Great Britain are currently investing part of their resources in the fight against the corona virus. For example, the Mercedes engine factory in Brixworth was quickly converted, breathing aids are currently being produced there. Red Bull and Renault are also involved in a project - but now suffered a setback.

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