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10:30  05 april  2020
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"The French are among those who respect confinement the best," says Castaner

 © Copyright 2020, L'Obs So, relaxation or not? Although the figures from the Covimoov application, which provides information on the evolution of the epidemic around the place where we are and respect for confinement, show an increase in the number of trips between Thursday 26 March and Thursday April 2, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner believes that the French have "generally" respected confinement. LIVE.

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Two important new French government websites affecting Britons open on March 3 and in early July – for driving licence swaps, and to apply for the new Police and gendarmerie in France have the power to challenge people outside the home during this period of Covid-19 confinement - but how far does

Une étude sur l'impact de l'enfermement sur la santé mentale des Français a été menée au cours des deux premières semaines. Le JDD en dévoile les principaux enseignements.  © AFP

A study on the impact of confinement on the mental health of French people was carried out during the first two weeks. The JDD reveals the main lessons.

A study on the impact of confinement on the mental health of French people was carried out during the first two weeks. The JDD reveals the main lessons.

Well-being degrades for all; farmers and students are the most affected. It is the first French survey of this magnitude to assess the impact of confinement on well-being and mental health. The JDD had exclusive access to the first trends extracted from these data. These are not yet analyzed or weighted, but allow us to get an idea of ​​the effect of the first weeks of confinement on our minds. The survey will be repeated every week.

EXCLUSIVE. Respect for confinement: the French relax

 EXCLUSIVE. Respect for confinement: the French relax © AFP According to data from mobile applications, the movements of the French were more numerous this week, despite the confinement still in force to fight against the coronavirus. The phenomenon was in the air even if it was amplified by the magnifying effect of social networks. After having greatly reduced their movements, the day after the start of confinement decided from March 17 for to fight against coronavirus , the French began to move - a little - in this third week out of time.

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It also depends on the constitution of the person; some people are more even-minded than others, some people are very vulnerable to how they are treated by others, some are not. I was locked u p in solitary confinement in psychiatry, when I was already on the verge of going psychotic.

Health professions resist better than others

Carried out by online questionnaire with around 11,500 people, it is led by the Resource Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Cognitive Remediation (Le Vinatier Hospital Center in Lyon) and Lyon University 1 under the supervision of Professor Nicolas Franck and Doctor Frédéric Haesebaert, both psychiatrists.

Main lesson: well-being deteriorates for all. But the health professions resist better than the others. "The feeling of social utility plays a lot, thinks Professor Franck. It helps to resist stress and gives meaning to life. Yesterday in distress, today they are applauded every night. It is very rewarding." But the psychiatrist nuances, because the raw data do not yet allow us to distinguish the different health professions: we must expect variations depending on whether we are a resuscitator or dentist or whether we live in the Great East, very affected by the epidemic, or in New Aquitaine, relatively spared.

For 53% of French people, the consumption of cultural products is the activity "most essential to their balance" during confinement

 For 53% of French people, the consumption of cultural products is the activity A majority of Internet users questioned (53%) consider that the consumption of cultural products is the activity " most essential to their balance "(outside work) during confinement linked to the coronavirus. © Provided by Franceinfo French internet users declare that they have consumed more cultural products online since the start of confinement, in particular series, video games and films, according to an Ifop poll published on Tuesday April 7 by Hadopi.

Researchers have begun monitoring how urban structures, like skyscrapers, physiologically affect citizens, their mental states, and moods. Taking a closer look at these physiological states could shed light on how city design affects our bodies.

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Caregivers are followed by senior managers and social workers. Farmers are at the bottom of the welfare ladder, ahead of students, often isolated, confined to small dwellings and whose social relationships are probably among the most upset.

The belief in positive repercussions on the environment

Another classification linked to the professional world: well-being according to working conditions. The teleworkers with children - the latter being a factor of resilience - come first, then those without children, followed by the unemployed, circumstantial or not, people always on site and, finally, students.

The questionnaire also makes it possible to assess what the confined rely on to hope. More than half claim belief in positive environmental impacts. A slightly smaller portion of the respondents cling to the conviction of a favorable outcome. Then come those who build on their past experiences. A little more than a third of the respondents draw hope from the words of those around them. Confidence in science comes only after the benefits of helping people in these complicated times. Between 5 and 10% of the people questioned indicate taking refuge in their religious faith. And just over 3% rely on the media to keep or regain hope.

Coronavirus: prolonged confinement, Macron will speak on Monday evening

 Coronavirus: prolonged confinement, Macron will speak on Monday evening The idea of ​​extending confinement beyond April 15 had already been raised by Edouard Philippe and the Scientific Council. © AFP / Ludovic Marin The Parisian The news is not a surprise. The containment, put in place in mid-March to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, which has caused nearly 11,000 deaths in France, will be extended beyond April 15, the Elysee announced on Wednesday. President Emmanuel Macron has also planned to speak to the Frenchman next Monday, shortly after 8 p.m.

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The use of screens explodes

The study finally looks at the impact of confinement on addictions and excess consumption. A number explodes: the use of screens. More than two thirds of those questioned are affected by overconsumption. Among them, half find it difficult to control. For alcohol, the increase is not significant, but not far from a quarter of drinkers admit to consuming more than normal. A more marked development with regard to tobacco: between a third and a half of smokers smoke more. And the same proportion of people using anxiolytics have increased their doses.

" We have to think about the future, because confinement can be dangerous"

"We must now look at who the people are the most affected, cross-check with gender, age, conditions of confinement, nuance Benjamin Rolland, psychiatrist, head of the addictology university service of Lyon at the Le Vinatier hospital, in charge of this part of the study. We will have to understand these data and inform the public well to encourage the reduction of bad habits after this exceptional situation. "

For Professor Franck, consequences on mental health appear from ten to twenty days of confinement. According to the psychiatrist, we should start to consider a gradual deconfinement. "We have to think about the aftermath, because confinement can be dangerous, he believes. We need to talk about the rest to give people hope. Being in the dark is always more stressful than having a perspective."

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