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Museums in Rome can be visited again

 Museums in Rome can be visited again The Art Museum Galleria Borghese in Rome is now one of the first large houses in Italy to open again. The valuable collection there is an attraction for tourists interested in art. Italy closed all exhibitions across the country in March due to the Corona pandemic. © Photo: Alessandra Tarantino / AP / dpa In Italy, the museums were allowed to reopen this week for the first time since the beginning of March. Since May 18, the houses have been allowed to open their doors to guests again.

Narrow stairs lead down to the Sistine Chapel. Usually thousands of people are stuck in front of it, cameras control the crowds. The Vatican Museums are not only known for the chapel with Michelangelo's ceiling fresco in which the election of the Pope takes place and for Raphael's stamping.

Innenansicht der Sixtinischen Kapelle. © Photo: Uli Deck / picture alliance / dpa Interior view of the Sistine Chapel.

They are also known for the crowds, mass rush, waiting for hours in front of the entrance and far too large tourist groups from all over the world who deny the enjoyment of the museum.

Everything has changed since Corona. The museums near St. Peter's Square closed in early March. When all of Italy was sent to isolation because so many people died in Lombardy and northern Italy that it was no longer known where to put the corpses. On June 1, Rome and tourism will have something of a resurrection day, if only symbolic: the Vatican Museums will open again. And also the Colosseum. The difference with the visit will be: Two of the world's most famous attractions will be relatively empty.

Italy: Nearly 400 migrants have landed on a Sicilian beach

 Italy: Nearly 400 migrants have landed on a Sicilian beach According to figures from the Italian Ministry of the Interior, as of May 22, 4,445 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of the year © Ingenito / AP / SIPA Migrants disembarking in southern Italy last January. RESCUE - According to figures from the Italian Ministry of the Interior, as of May 22, 4,445 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of the year This is one of the largest landings on the Sicilian coasts these last years.

"It's probably the best time to come here," said Vatican Museum director Barbara Jatta during a preview. About 6.7 million people came last year, making the museums one of the most visited in the world. Usually up to 27,000 people push through the magnificent halls every day. After the reopening on Monday, Jatta does not expect a rush. After all, Italy's borders are still tight until June 3rd, and even then international tourism will not recover quickly. In the Galleria Borghese, an important museum in Rome, only 100 people came in the first three days after the opening, said Jatta. Only a few visitors came to Pompeii after the reopening.

Around 90 percent of the visitors to the Vatican Museums come from abroad. "It is also an opportunity for the Romans, for the Italians, to rediscover the beauty of their country," said Jatta. During the closure, the restorers in the Sala di Costantino (Hall of Constantine) were particularly keen to work there, where Raphael's work is cleaned.

Most of the Commission's stimulus plan for Italy and Spain

 Most of the Commission's stimulus plan for Italy and Spain SANTE-CORONAVIRUS-UNION-RELANCE: Most of the Commission's stimulus plan for Italy and Spain © Reuters / Francois Lenoir THE MAJOR PART OF THE COMMISSION'S RECOVERY PLAN FOR ITALY AND SPAIN BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission, which unveils its plan to boost the European economy shaken by the coronavirus this Wednesday , will propose to reserve most of it for Italy and Spain, two of the countries most affected by the epidemic, we learned from a European official.

When entering the museum, visitors must pass a thermal scanner, disinfectant is ready and masks are required. A reservation is also mandatory, groups can be a maximum of ten people. There is no pre-booking fee: entry costs 17 euros instead of 21.

But enjoying the beauty alone may be great for visitors - it is a disaster for the Vatican. The Papal States live largely from the revenue from the museums. And the salaries of around 800 museum employees must continue to be paid. The chair of the Holy See, Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, believes the recovery will be slow, as he said in an interview. However, he does not want to speak of a bankruptcy of the Vatican in the corona crisis due to collapsing income or donations, as is sometimes predicted.

How dramatic the missing tourist crowds are for all of Rome and other art cities like Venice or Florence becomes clear when you step outside the door of the Vatican Museums. There is a sign on a - now closed - café that normally cannot save itself from thirsty and hungry guests: «Without the help of the government we cannot reopen. Thousands of jobs are at risk. » Many restaurants in the historic center of Rome are still open or open, but sparsely populated.

Coronavirus in Japan: It is now recommended not to shout in amusement parks

 Coronavirus in Japan: It is now recommended not to shout in amusement parks Thrill seekers will also have to wear a mask and limit their exchanges with park staff © Koji Sasahara / AP / SIPA Visitors Disneyland Tokyo will no longer have to shout. To combat the spread of the coronavirus, visitors to Japanese theme parks are now asked to avoid shouting while at outdoor attractions. The measure is part of the recommendations and precautions put in place officially by an association which brings together around thirty leisure parks in Japan, reports CNN.

Rome counted 29 million overnight stays last year. If the current tourist ebb were not financial ruin for many people and an economic disaster for the city, one could say: Rome has never been as beautiful as it is now.

People usually pile up in front of the Colosseum from early to late. The conversation was always about how to get the masses under control. Since Corona, those are past times. The ancient amphitheater will reopen on Monday. It was “difficult months” for the archaeological site, “shrouded in a surreal silence that is difficult to accept,” explains the administration. «Suddenly, the daily, vital and lively relationship with an international audience was interrupted, for a time that seemed infinitely long.» With a reduced afternoon ticket, those responsible now want to inspire the Romans who might come after work for their most famous building.

Because it can take a long time until large Asian groups, which normally storm the Colosseum, come back. Culture minister Dario Franceschini therefore appeals again and again to European solidarity and promises that money from the EU development fund should also flow into all areas of culture. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, for example, put the losses from the months of complete closure at twelve million. The Mayor of Florence is now looking for patrons abroad to intercept the huge losses for the entire city. It is not only long and difficult months behind Italy's cultural world, it is above all a long difficult time ahead of her.

Serie A: Play-offs in Italy in the event of a season break .
If the season has to be stopped due to new corona infections, the champions of Serie A should be determined with play-offs. © Provided by Goal The Italian football association FIGC prevailed against Serie A. In the event of a season break due to new corona infections, the champions should be determined with play-offs. An algorithm should decide on the final positions and thus the participants in the European Cup and the relegated teams.

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