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04:53  29 may  2020
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WHO experts sound the alarm: may the coronavirus never go away?

 WHO experts sound the alarm: may the coronavirus never go away? © iStockphoto Scientists around the world are working flat out to better understand the novel coronavirus in order to find medication and a vaccine. Experts from the World Health Organization are now warning against too much optimism: It could well be that the virus no longer disappears. The emergency aid coordinator of the World Health Organization (WHO) is skeptical that the new coronavirus can still be eliminated after the rapid spread around the world.

  Wenger, les fonds du problème © Provided by Sofoot

Surveyed by beIN Sports on Saturday May 23, Arsène Wenger worried about the multiplication of takeovers of the hexagonal clubs by foreign funds. The former great man of Arsenal notably put forward the idea of ​​creating an ethics commission for the purchase of Ligue 1 teams "to see what are the real intentions of the people who buy our clubs" . What to wonder if the current safeguards, like the DNCG, are sufficiently armed and equipped to ensure the sustainability not only economic, but especially sporting French football.

We do not know if the Girondins de Bordeaux will act as ominous omens. Owned by the American King Street fund since October 2018, the club with the scapular, which remains on two negative net results of 25 and 21 million euros in previous seasons, is going through an institutional and media crisis . No one has any illusions about the intentions of the American owner, while the club validated a positive transfer balance of 35 and 30 million euros during the last two mercatos: King Street, which became the sole shareholder of the club in last December and has invested more than 100 million euros in the purchase of all of the Girondins' shares, now wants to have change. The Marine et Blancs, like LOSC or Monaco, seem theoretically called to transform themselves into a nursery for players, which flows massively from young talent on the transfer market, to make profitable the initial investments of their voracious owner.

Surface Earbuds cracking and rustling: Microsoft is investigating

 Surface Earbuds cracking and rustling: Microsoft is investigating © Provided by Martin Geuss (Blog Dr. Windows) Surface Earbuds The new Surface Earbuds have a problem that apparently does not affect everyone, but at least some customers: Those affected complain a crack and a clearly audible noise. In this regard, I have already had contact with a blogger colleague and with several readers who also have the problem and who have therefore already sent the earbuds back. In the forum of Microsoft Answers you will also find a topic.

The Thiodet Show

This should not allay the fears of Arsène Wenger, now director of world football development at FIFA. The Alsatian is not hiding it: it beats the idea that Ligue 1 mutates into a simple intermediate championship, trainer, detector, then seller of talents and unable, PSG excluded, to assume defined sporting ambitions: " French clubs are gradually falling into the hands of people who are not real builders of the future of clubs, but rather investors who seek to earn money very quickly with the clubs ... It might be necessary create a club purchasing ethics committee to see what the real intentions of the people who buy them are. Clubs which were however bought with the blessing of a guardian of the temple which, him, already exists since 1984: the DNCG.

'Don't ever do that to me again!': Robin van Persie reveals how Louis van Gaal SLAPPED him for refusing to go off with cramp during the 2014 World Cup and snubs Arsene Wenger as he reveals the best managers he worked with

  'Don't ever do that to me again!': Robin van Persie reveals how Louis van Gaal SLAPPED him for refusing to go off with cramp during the 2014 World Cup and snubs Arsene Wenger as he reveals the best managers he worked with Robin van Persie revealed that former Holland manager Louis van Gaal slapped him during the 2014 World Cup after he refused to come off the pitch with cramp.  In the quarter-final against the tournament's surprise package Costa Rica, the match went to extra-time after a goalless 90 minutes. At the beginning of the added 30 minutes, van Persie pulled up with cramp and van Gaal, who was manager at the time, shouted that he was going to take him off.

The angry model

It is undeniable: the main body of financial regulation of hexagonal football has generally fulfilled its office. Its substantial mission? Ensure that the sports investments of the clubs it regulates do not exceed their financial capacity. In recent seasons, the DNCG had notably prohibited the LOSC from recruiting on a conservatory basis in December 2017, before changing its mind, by lifting the sanction of the Mastiffs in June 2018. How to explain this sudden magnanimity? The answer can be summed up in these few words from Jean-Marc Mickeler, the president of the DNCG: "The LOSC model is a new model, which is based on a significant debt lever, the counterpart of which is the ability to sell players. Therefore, the ability of the club to demonstrate this model requires being able to act freely within the transfer window. Today we have the guarantees that allow us to register the LOSC in the championship to come. It is now up to LOSC to demonstrate the reality of this model. »

corona consequences: European banking supervision warns of a massive increase in bad loans

 corona consequences: European banking supervision warns of a massive increase in bad loans © dpa The consequences of the corona crisis are not really having an impact on the banking books. The banks in the European Union go into crisis with large capital buffers, but they were previously too unprofitable, the EU authority complains. The consequences of the corona pandemic will hit European banks hard, according to the European banking regulator Eba. The EU banking supervisors fear above all a significant increase in bad loans in the books of the institutes.

Full cases, empty staff

The reality of this model, precisely, is that of a logic which is probably intended to be purely economic. A notable exception for PSG, the era of "dancers", like the OM de Tapie, where clubs were more of a showcase than a cash machine, is coming to an end in France. That of investment funds begins. In Lille, Bordeaux, may soon be Toulouse , the owners suddenly seem taken by an astonishing conviction: it is possible to make money with a football club. The recipe is laid out on paper: minimize expenses, recruit young talents at bargain prices, develop them, then, finally, resell them with added value, often abroad. If everything goes as planned, the DNCG can find nothing to complain about: the accounts are balanced.

The funds are Covid

What the National Directorate of Management Control does not quantify, on the other hand, is the impoverishment of hexagonal football, which the advent of investment funds in France threatens to provoke. Funds which will not seek to invest any surplus cash in the sports sector, but rather to collect it. Ultimately, it is the phenomenon of vassalization of French football, as a supplier of talents of all kinds to major foreign championships, which is likely to increase. Arsène Wenger would thus be the standard bearer of a naive, but essential question: what is the point of ensuring economic survival, if it is accompanied by a persistent death of sporting considerations and ambitions? A question to which neither the DNCG nor any regulatory body governing professional football seems empowered to give even an embryonic answer.

The Risks of Passive Investing .
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