Sport Corona Help: These cars can count on a purchase bonus

14:29  26 may  2020
14:29  26 may  2020 Source:   handelsblatt.com

First ride: 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI prototype

  First ride: 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI prototype First ride: 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI prototype The front passenger seat is not the place I’d usually choose to sit when it comes to the Volkswagen Golf GTI – a car whose very existence is based on the visceral thrill delivered by its driving experience. But as this is the latest, eighth-generation model not due to see UK showrooms until later this year and we’ve got one of the world’s best test facilities all to ourselves for the next hour or so, it is time to make an exception.

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Auch einige SUVs könnten in den Genuss der Kaufförderung kommen. © Ford Some SUVs could also benefit from the purchase promotion.

The auto industry is to be pushed again with a purchase bonus. Which requirements are discussed and which models would be eligible.

The car industry is calling for Corona help, the federal government is apparently ready. According to media reports, a purchase bonus is planned that applies to all cars with CO2 emissions below 140 grams. Which cars would that be? How much is 140 grams? Currently, the average CO2 emissions of new cars sold in Germany is around 150 grams per kilometer. The purchase premium could therefore help to depress this value.

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However, both 150 and 140 grams are far from the EU limit, which is the equivalent of around 117 grams this year (95 grams according to the old NEDC standard).

What is the consumption of 140 grams?

CO2 emissions are directly related to fuel consumption. 140 grams of carbon dioxide are produced by burning around 6.0 liters of gasoline, 5.3 liters of diesel or around five kilograms of natural gas (CNG). Both the CO2 values ​​and the consumption are the standard information from the laboratory. On the street, the numbers can be significantly larger.

Which drives remain below the limit?

The CO2 emissions of electric motors are zero in the state statistics, even if carbon dioxide can be released during power generation. Plug-in hybrids are also always below the 140 limit; their standard emissions are usually around 50 grams per kilometer. And that regardless of size and engine power - even luxury SUVs with over 400 hp from Porsche or Range Rover would be eligible. They would normally not be with conventional motors. There, the limit is a more effective selection tool.

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Deep divisions within the European Union are hampering efforts to tackle the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Which conventional cars would be eligible?

Even if the 140 gram limit is not overly ambitious: even some small cars would fail because of it. On the other hand, numerous large vehicles are able to undercut the requirement. The mid-range is the limit for gasoline sedans - only individual models designed for particular economy make it below the limit.

In the compact class, on the other hand, the petrol selection is relatively large, only the particularly sporty engine variants - such as a Golf GTI - have problems. If you buy a diesel, you can even go to the middle class. At least the entry-level engines remain under 140 grams even with the German premium brands.

In the upper middle class, only a few diesel variants are then eligible. Most station wagons and all four-wheel drive cars fall out from the start.

Which SUVs make it below the limit?

While limousines and station wagons even make some business models with conventional drives below the 140 mark, SUVs have a much harder time. Many compact crossovers already have emissions that are too high, even those without all-wheel drive. A VW Tiguan, for example, is currently only available from 142 grams. And even with the smaller T-Roc, only two engine variants remain below the limit.

A class lower, for the mini SUVs, the range is larger again - the VW T-Cross, for example, at least narrowly undercuts the requirements in every engine variant. In general, the following applies: the newer the vehicle types, the sooner their standard value remains in the funding area: the best variant of the recently released compact Ford Kuga SUV is 132 grams.

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