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21:30  30 june  2020
21:30  30 june  2020 Source:   20minutes.fr

Victor Osimhen (Lille) close to entering Naples

 Victor Osimhen (Lille) close to entering Naples According to RMC and Sky Sports, Lille striker Victor Osimhen is on his way to Campania and should join the Napoli club. © Provided by Football 365 Osimhen should stay in Lille The Lille striker, Victor Osimhen, is currently heading for Naples. The Mastiff player should arrive in Campania at the beginning of the afternoon and will take the opportunity to visit the Napoli facilities, near Castel Volturno, for a transfer.

canal Co-founded by a former kite champion, the Lille company Takuma developed an e-surf that "20 Minutes" could try

Le e-surf de l'entreprise Takuma © M.Libert / 20 Minutes Takuma GLISSE e-surf - Co-founded by a former kite champion, the Lille-based company Takuma has developed an e-surf that "20 Minutes" was able to try

Brice from Lille. No one can say that Lille is not an surf spot. Sure, the Deûle is not famous for its waves, unless you catch the furrow of a barge. However, 20 Minutes did ride a board on the canal, and it was neither a paddle nor an old paddle. The Lille company Takuma invited us on Tuesday to test its e-foil (electric surfing) and we did not resist, even drinking cups of stale water.

Results of the municipal elections in Lille: Who is Stéphane Baly, the ecologist who made Martine Aubry tremble

 Results of the municipal elections in Lille: Who is Stéphane Baly, the ecologist who made Martine Aubry tremble Originally from Brittany, Stéphane Baly, unsuccessful candidate for mayor of Lille, has anchored his environmental commitment in this city since 2003 © SARAH ALCALAY / SIPA Stéphane Baly, EELV candidate in the municipal elections in Lille, in front of the Jean-Baptiste Lebas park, in Lille., June 18, 2020.

Takuma is a company specializing in the design of ski equipment. She is partly based in Lille because a good part of the team is from the North. One of the founders, Cyril Coste, a former junior world kitesurfing champion, is from Dunkirk. Now living in Japan, he gave his box the name of his son: Takuma. He was also the one who developed the e-foil, the first prototype of which came out two years ago.

Up to 35 km / h thanks to the 5 horsepower electric motor

"It is a board that includes a mast, a wing, a stabilizer and an electric motor of almost 5 horsepower. If you count the battery, it weighs around 30 pounds, "said Thomas Bevilacqua, the other founder of Takuma. The engine is controlled using a small remote that looks like a Nintendo Wii stick.

Without a suit despite the freshness of the water and the ambient air, Thomas gives us a demo. “The more speed you get, the more stable the surf. Then just put a little weight back to take off, "he says. And to see it, indeed, it looks as simple as on paper. "We gave him a try at Vincent Cassel and he became addicted," he continues.

E-foil: surfing everywhere and for everyone

 E-foil: surfing everywhere and for everyone Kai Lenny, one of the best surfers of his generation, flies over the water. We see him crack the sea, pushed by a fin with an electric propulsion engine hidden under his board. This funny machine is the latest revolution in the foil world. After the windfoil, the stand up paddle foil or even the kytefoil, the e-foil lands on the waters. © DR The French brand Takuma has in turn launched into the electric race.

It’s our turn and, given the color of the Deûle, we don’t hesitate to put on a full suit. "We're going to start on our knees," says our instructor. Do not hesitate to go around, especially to turn. Without telling us, we take the hit pretty quickly. Rest to fly now. By leaning a little back, indeed, the surf is lifted. The sensation of sliding on the water is really there, even if, in our case, it does not last very long ...

An expensive purchase price but available for rental

The drama arrives when the boss of Takuma encourages us to adopt the standing position. After an unpleasant take-off, we are on our legs for a few seconds before tasting the canal water. The other attempts will end in the same way. "In a few hour-long sessions, you get to master," says Thomas Bevilacqua. Is. This will not be our case this Tuesday. After about twenty minutes, we return to the platform. The machine may be electric, we get out of there tired and foam legs. A laborious initiation but still fun anyway.

Available for sale, Takuma's e-foil costs almost 7,000 euros, "half the price of our American competitors," said Thomas Bevilacqua. If the purchase remains inaccessible for most scholarships, we can also rent it. In the region, this is particularly possible in Berck-sur-Mer and Bray-Dunes.

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