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18:58  30 july  2020
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"Ice Hockey Task Force" introduces audience and hygiene concept

 Munich. The German professional ice hockey continues to hope for a season start in November with spectators. The so-called "Task Force Ice Hockey" has now presented a hygiene concept for returning to work. © Roberto Pfeil The Kölner Haie against Düsseldorfer EG in the past season. To make this possible, the so-called "Task Force Ice Hockey" presented an extensive hygiene and spectator concept on Thursday.

Next Tuesday, the professionals from Mainz 05 will be training for the first time after the summer break. In the six-week preparation, there will be five or six test games. All closed to the public, the same applies to the practice sessions. Meanwhile, Mainz II played its first friendly game - in front of spectators. A contradiction? Apparently only!

Der 1. FSV Mainz 05 bastelt an einem Hygienekonzept für den Bundesligastart. © imago images The 1. FSV Mainz 05 is working on a hygiene concept for the Bundesliga start.

300 people are theoretically admitted, according to the Rheinhessen club, to follow the performances of the professionals. However, a hygiene concept must be created in which distance rules are defined, access is possible without the risk of infection and the addresses of the viewers must be archived in order to be able to interrupt chains of infection if necessary. Mainz II tested under similar conditions at Hassia Bingen, where the maximum limit was 76 spectators. When this number was reached, the Oberligaverein closed the gates of the sports facility. Many spectators had to stay outside and flatten their noses at the fence - sometimes without observing the distance rules.

Mainz boss: «Make sure that we don't lose fans»

 Mainz boss: «Make sure that we don't lose fans» © Thomas Frey / dpa Stefan Hofmann, chairman of the Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05. Stefan Hofmann is the chairman of the Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05 a return of spectators to the stadium is highlighted, even if it should be financially “a zero-sum game”. «It is important for all of football in Germany to bring fans closer again.

This experience has encouraged those responsible to take no chances when it comes to the appointments of the professionals. Depending on the test opponent, the number of 300 tickets might not be enough, which would leave frustrated fans. The implementation of a hygiene concept would involve a great deal of organizational and financial effort, and the organization of a test game with spectators would probably be a subsidy business.

As far as neighboring Frankfurt, Mainz is not yet

In addition, the office has a lot to do to prepare a hygiene concept for the Bundesliga start. Mainz is not yet as far as neighboring Frankfurt. Eintracht board member Axel Hellmann recently said: "In our planning, we assume a size of 20,000 spectators, which can be 15,000 or 24,000 depending on the print run." With a capacity of over 50,000 spectators, the Arena am Main is also significantly larger than that in Mainz (33,305).

"05er Rheinkultur - The Mainz Fan Summer"

So that the FSV supporters are not too strange, the association offers a series of events under the motto "05er Rheinkultur - The Mainz Fan Summer". In the city and in the Rheinhessen region there are court festivals on wineries and in pubs. The event will kick off on August 1 in Mainz-Bretzenheim, where the new home kit will also be presented.

Season ticket sales: This is how tickets are distributed in the Bundesliga .
© FIROFIROSID The regulations differ from club to club Frankfurt / Main (SID) - The uncertainty about when fans will return to the stadiums of the Bundesliga the clubs in season ticket sales face difficulties. However, there are numerous solution models, from sales and direct debit freezes, cash collection and later repayment to season tickets for the second half of the season.

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