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Rennes. Who will find the statues of the Parliament of Brittany?

 Rennes. Who will find the statues of the Parliament of Brittany? © D.R. The four statues that have now disappeared were on either side of the entrance steps to the Rennes Court of Appeal. The mystery has lasted for over half a century. Four statues of eminent Breton jurists and magistrates once stood in front of the current Rennes Court of Appeal. In 1960, at the end of a renovation project, they disappeared ...

March 1553: Recreation of the Parliament of Brittany , sitting alternately at Rennes 1999: After five years of restoration the building once again began to house the Court of Appeals. Taxation disputes. Questions of choice of place of judgement where the matters may cover many jurisdictions. Parishes had to ask for the Parliament 's agreement when they wanted to raise money for their own needs

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La salle Jobbé-Duval, de 1868, du nom du peintre Félix-Armand Jobbé-Duval, qui a décoré la salle. © Thomas Bregardis / Ouest-France The Jobbé-Duval room, from 1868, named after the painter Félix-Armand Jobbé-Duval, who decorated the room.

It sits majestically in the heart of the city, it is one of the symbols of Rennes: the Parliament of Brittany. Guided tours are organized throughout the summer. Take a look around the walls and behind the scenes of history.

Parliament of Brittany or courthouse?

Both! Today, the premises are home to the Rennes Court of Appeal and the Assize Court. In the beginning, it is the sovereign court of the Parliament of Brittany, created by Henri II, in 1554.

“Initially, the parliamentarians met alternately in Rennes and Nantes” , recalls Lionel Besnard, guide for ten -eight years for the Destination Rennes tourist office. For practical reasons, the seat of parliament was fixed at Rennes in 1561. Until the inauguration of the parliament palace (1655), parliamentarians met in the refectory of the Cordeliers convent, located at the corner of the current streets Hoche and Victor-Hugo.

Tour de France 2021. Brittany is officially a candidate to host the Grand Départ

 Tour de France 2021. Brittany is officially a candidate to host the Grand Départ © OUEST FRANCE During the Tour de France 2018, the day of the stage arriving in Sarzeau. The 2021 Tour de France will no longer depart from Copenhagen, Denmark, the information is now official as of Monday. The Brittany region, through the voice of its president Loïg Chesnais-Girard, confirms to Ouest-France that it is a good candidate to host the Grand Départ of the event. Le Télégramme newspaper revealed last week that Brittany could finally replace the Danish capital ...

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The sovereign court of the Parliament of Brittany, like the sixteen other courts existing under the Ancien Régime, was abolished by the decree of September 6, 1790. It was not until Napoleon and the First Empire that the palace was restored and welcomed the Rennes Court of Appeal in 1804.

La salle d’audiences de l’actuelle cour d’assises de Rennes. © Thomas Bregardis / Ouest-France The courtroom of the current Rennes Assize Court.

A palace built on the thirst of the Bretons?

That's right. Henri IV authorized, in 1609, the levying of a tax on wine in Rennes and on cider throughout the diocese to help finance the construction site. The architect Germain Gautier is in charge of the work. As early as 1611, he imagined the construction of the building on the placis Saint-François, a small square located in front of and at the entrance to the current rue Victor-Hugo.

What to do in Rennes this Saturday July 25?

 What to do in Rennes this Saturday July 25? © Archives Ouest-France Les P’tits Bateaux will set up in the Saint-Martin meadows, from this Saturday, July 25. Navigate the Vilaine aboard the P’tits Bateaux, explore the paths of Bois de Cicé or let yourself be carried away by the Skyzophonik Marching Band. Make your choice, for this Saturday July 25, in Rennes. Whether on the water, in the forest or in the city center, the program is full for this Saturday, July 25, in Rennes.

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Gautier's project did not completely appeal to parliamentarians who asked the king for authorization to appeal to the crown architect, Salomon de Brosse, then busy building the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, the current seat of the Senate . The first stone was laid in 1618 and the entire shell (masonry and roofs) will be completed in 1655.

The palace built at the same time as the square?

The whole is harmonious, the Parliament of Brittany and the square it overlooks are one. However, a century separates them! After the construction of the shell, the interior decoration work continued until 1709. In 1720, a gigantic fire ravaged the city of Rennes. “The whole neighborhood burned down. Houses were destroyed to prevent the blaze from spreading to parliament. He was saved ”, underlines Lionel Besnard. The architect Jacques Gabriel, responsible for rebuilding the burnt city, began work with the development of a royal square in front of the palace.

Lyon, Marseille and Rennes on the Umtiti track (Barça)

 Lyon, Marseille and Rennes on the Umtiti track (Barça) Three Ligue 1 clubs (Lyon, Marseille and Rennes) would follow Samuel Umtiti, leaving Barça this summer according to Mundo Deportivo. © Supplied by Football 365 Umtiti on the go? Samuel Umtiti’s future seems to lie far from Catalonia according to the latest trends.

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Pendant l’été, chaque visite du partement de Bretagne est limitée à 20 personnes. © Thomas Bregardis / Ouest-France During the summer, each visit to the Brittany department is limited to 20 people.

Why a “two-tone” facade?

The ground floor is dark, the first floor very bright. Why a two-tone facade for the Parliament of Brittany? Because 'the ground floor is in granite from the region. The first floor, which parliamentarians accessed by a large staircase on the facade which no longer exists, is in tufa stone from the Loire Valley, from the Saumur region ". A very expensive stone at the time, a symbol of power, "especially since the parliament largely dominated the neighboring houses, which were much lower than the current buildings".

Ravaged by fire, really?

He's beautiful, and yet. On the night of February 4 to 5, 1994, the evening of a stormy day of demonstration by Breton fishermen, the parliament was damaged by a gigantic fire. Ten years of work will be necessary to restore it to its luster. Among the saved jewels, the room of the grand'chambre, designed by the great decorator Charles Errard, in 1656. “If this room had burned down, a piece of the history of French decoration would have disappeared” .

Rennes are interested in Nayef Aguerd (Dijon)

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Les salles du parlement de Bretagne sont un écrin à l’art français. © Thomas Bregardis / Ouest-France The chambers of the Parliament of Brittany are a showcase for French art.

Ninety-minute tours are organized daily for groups of up to 20 people. Prices: from € 4.60 to € 7.20. Family rate. Online reservations on the Rennes tourist office website. Phone. 0 891 67 35 35.

Le plafond de la grand' chambre peint par Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet © Thomas Bregardis / Ouest-France The ceiling of the large bedroom painted by Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet

Ille-et-Vilaine: Faced with incivility, a mayor imposes a curfew on minors .
In Janzé, a small group of teenagers multiplies the damage at night © Google Maps / Street View View of the place de l 'Church in Janzé (Ille-et-Vilaine) where a curfew has been established for minors. SAFETY - In Janzé, a small group of teenagers multiplies the damage at night He noted “an upsurge of nuisances and incivilities ” in his town. On July 21, the mayor of the rural commune of Janzé, in Ille-et-Vilaine , issued a municipal decree imposing an curfew on minors.

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