Sport New film highlights how football would be 'nothing' without legendary three kings

08:10  18 october  2020
08:10  18 october  2020 Source:   msn.com

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The grainy black and white newsreel of Jock Stein at Celtic Park uttering the immortal words “football is nothing without fans” is steeped in emotion.

Heard now in filmmaker Jonny Owen’s documentary movie The Three Kings, about Stein, Bill Shankly and Matt Busby, the words take on even more significance.

Jonny set out to show football fans across the world how the modern game would be nothing without the three Scottish managers.

The legendary trio, who grew up in mining communities just 30 miles from each other, led their clubs – Celtic, Liverpool and Manchester United – to unimaginable success.

Talksport host and actor Jonny, 49, whose miner father Brian inspired the documentary, said: “The Three Kings is my love story to Scottish football and a tribute to the three men who created modern football and started off down a pit just like my dad.

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a man standing in front of a building: Bill Shankly Statue outside of Anfield Stadium. © PA Bill Shankly Statue outside of Anfield Stadium.

“They may be gone but the heartbeats of Stein, Shankly and Busby are so strong we can still hear them.

“Their DNA runs through the clubs they turned into global sensations and the game as a whole. Both Stein and Busby famously said football was nothing without the fans.

“I wanted to do a documentary which young people will watch and go, ‘Wow, these blokes changed football as we know it.’

“I wanted to talk about the great Scottish managers and how important Scotland has been to the history of world football and remind people that one of the greatest clichés in football when I was growing up was if your club needed sorted out, you get yourself a Scottish manager.

“You had a Scottish spine in every great British team. Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Manchester United always had really good Scottish players.

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“It’s no coincidence that all the great managers were from Scotland at that time – scratch beneath the surface, you discover they are all from very similar backgrounds and similar upbringings.”

a person standing in front of a car posing for the camera: Jonny Owen and Vicky McClure. © Getty Images Europe Jonny Owen and Vicky McClure.

From the Oscar and Bafta-winning producers of Diego Maradona and based on a book by Owen and pal Leo Moynihan, the feature-length film uses archive footage and behind-the-scenes recollections to illuminate tales of the legendary trio.

With contributions from the likes of Archie McPherson and the late Jimmy Reid, it tells the story through the managers’ own words of how they built their teams and put fans at the centre of everything they did.

Jonny said: “They were all miners in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and they had great community spirit.

“They were fantastic at arguing a point as they were great union men and could inspire teams to stick together. They were hardcore and strong – all the central tenants in any management, especially football.

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“These blokes had it all in abundance. It later carried on into Alex Ferguson. They came from an era and a time when there was nowhere on the planet as obsessed with football as Scotland, they still love it. Record crowds were always born in Glasgow.

“England v Scotland games were huge. There was a reason why these men came from the furnace of Scotland and why they were as good as they were because they were immersed in football culture.”

Jonny, who starred in Shameless and is engaged to Line Of Duty’s Vicky McClure, also wrote and directed the Brian Clough documentary I Believe In Miracles. But this was a personal story inspired by his own father.

He said: “My father Brian was a big part of me wanting to make this documentary. He was an incredible man and forged from the same steel as the big three. He was one of the first miners on the scene at Aberfan as he was working in the neighbouring pit. He helped pull victims from the rubble.

graphical user interface, website: The Three kings: The Makers of Modern Football is set for release in November. © Collect The Three kings: The Makers of Modern Football is set for release in November.

“There is something about those men – the values they had and the world they lived in. They are gone but their influence lives on, especially in the world of football.”

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Welshman Jonny has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Scottish game and reveals why Stein’s legacy drove him to make the movie.

He said: “I was with my dad and grandfather watching the Wales v Scotland game at St Ninian’s Park in Cardiff the night Jock Stein died. The hush, the silence in the crowd. I will never ever forget it.

“Everybody felt it as Stein was one of them. He was a socialist. He was a miner. I really felt it that night as a teenager. They had lost one of their own, it was an emotional thing. There were no arrests after the game. Scotland may have won but both sets of fans left the stadium in silence.”

Jonny, who grew up in Merthyr Tydfil, says the importance they placed in their fans was the secret of their success. That and the fact they were such great friends. In his time at Celtic, Stein won 10 league titles, eight Scottish Cups and six League Cups. Most memorably, he was in charge of the Lisbon Lions side who won the European Cup in 1967.

He also managed the Scottish national team for seven years before his death in 1985.

Busby was manager of Manchester United for almost 24 years between October 1945 and June 1969, wining five First Division titles, two FA Cups and the 1968 European Cup.

Shankly took Liverpool into the top flight by winning the Second Division in 1962, before going on to win the First Division two years later and twice after that. He also claimed two FA Cups and the 1973 UEFA Cup.

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All three are immortalised as statues outside Parkhead, Old Trafford and Anfield.

Jonny said: “Stein used to open the window of the dressing room so the Celtic team could hear people arriving – ‘You are playing for them today,’ he would say.

“Busby, like the others, believed, above all, football was entertainment and Shankly went as far as to say if his players didn’t put on a good performance, they should be jailed for being a menace to society.

“But they were all useless around pay negotiations for players – they couldn’t get their heads around why they weren’t just happy to play for their team and love of the game.”

“They were also lifelong friends. Matt was an older brother to Jock and Bill. They would both go to Matt’s for a chat. Bill was a bit more fiery and often needed talked down. I loved their relationship. It was a beautiful thing.

“When Liverpool phoned Busby and asked who they should get as a manager, he said Shankly, even though he knew his old pal would be coming for him and Man United.

“In a way, football killed them all – Shankly died of a broken heart, Stein literally died for Scotland and the plane crash nearly killed Busby.

“They were forged underground in the pits of Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and they became football royalty – three kings inside and out.”

- The Three Kings is released to cinemas on November 1.

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