Sport qualifying postponement: it was not the manhole cover, but the concrete

12:20  25 october  2020
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President says Napoli should be thanked for Ronaldo not having Covid19

  President says Napoli should be thanked for Ronaldo not having Covid19 The local health authority in Naples - ASL - stopped Napoli from travelling to take on Juventus last weekend after first-team members Elif Elmas and Piotr Zielinski tested positive for Covid-19. Despite the ruling, Juventus were angered the fixture could not go ahead after arriving for the game and naming a starting XI, and claimed protocols were not followed.

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Michael Masi war am Ort des Geschehens © Motorsport Images Michael Masi was at the scene of the event

The qualifying for the Grand Prix of Portugal was postponed by half an hour on Saturday . The reason for this seemed to be a loose manhole cover. But FIA race director Michael Masi now explains that the problem in Portimao occurred for the first time in this form, since the lid itself did not trigger the delay.

incidents with manhole covers are not uncommon in Formula 1: George Russell was the victim of one in Baku last year, and Romain Grosjean had a serious accident in Malaysia in 2017. However, the problem on Saturday in Portugal was different: It was not the lid itself that was defective, but the concrete coating.

Suzuki beaten in qualifying: No temperature in the front tire

 Suzuki beaten in qualifying: No temperature in the front tire © Motorsport Images Joan Mir only qualified for 14th position at Le Mans. In qualifying for the French Grand Prix, the Suzuki duo did not make it into Q2. Joan Mir qualified for 14th place on the grid and Alex Rins for 16th place. This is not an ideal starting position, especially for Mir, because World Cup competitor Fabio Quartararo made it to pole position. © Motorsport Images Alex Rins, Jose Manuel Cazeaux "It was a very difficult day," sighs Me.

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In the last corner, at the end of the third training session, the drainage cover came loose when Sebastian Vettel strayed from the ideal line and lifted the cover. As a result, the route operators had to carry out extensive repairs in order to continue to guarantee safety.

"It wasn't actually the manhole cover itself [damaged], but the concrete shell underneath," explains Masi. "And then we saw the manhole cover itself rising. As soon as we noticed it, the third training session was obviously suspended, it couldn't be continued."

The FIA ​​race director admits that such an incident has never occurred before. "So we checked all the other drains with all the officials around the circuit, that was the most efficient way of doing that. There were a few other cracks that were immediately identified and repaired."

Max Verstappen: Understeer in Q3 costs potential pole

 Max Verstappen: Understeer in Q3 costs potential pole © Motorsport Images Red Bull driver Max Verstappen: In the end he finished third in qualifying Max Verstappen speaks of an "interesting" qualifying at the Nürburgring ( Formula 1 Follow 2020 in the live ticker! ). And in fact it seemed from time to time that the Red Bull driver would even be considered for pole position. In the end, however, it was "only" third place behind the two Mercedes. Would have been more possible? Verstappen seems to think so.

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In turn 14, the damage was repaired with a plastic pipe that was filled with concrete. "Then we put a quick-setting concrete on top and tried to get it dry as quickly as possible." This resulted in the delay in the afternoon.

"It is better that we did it this way and checked everything." As soon as qualifying was over, further checks were carried out on the entire track, a precautionary measure emphasized Masi. He also has an explanation for why the incident occurred: because of the high downforce of the cars.

"I would suggest that," he says. "We don't value the forces that a Formula 1 car generates." It was "unpredictable". After all, the racetrack has been modernized for the Grand Prix, including new asphalt and new safety barriers.

Lewis Hamilton isn't concerned. The Briton also emphasizes how "physically demanding" the cars are on every route. No other car can replicate that. "Nobody was put in danger and they did a fantastic job," said the Mercedes driver.

The incident was a "surprise". Nobody expected that. However, not many pilots drove over the drainage at that point. GPDA Director Romain Grosjean adds that it is not the driver's job to inspect the tracks.

"I was confident that the job was done right and that everyone in the FIA ​​and on the track had solved the problem," said the Frenchman. "I think the GPDA is doing the maximum we can."

Williams: "Nothing has changed" in Russell's approach despite F1 future speculation .
Williams says nothing has changed in George Russell's approach to Formula 1 despite the speculation about his future in the championship at this weekend's Portuguese Grand PrixRussell has been the subject of rumours regarding his place at Williams in 2021, with suggestions he could be replaced by Sergio Perez - despite the team announcing in July, before it was taken over by Dorilton Capital, that he and team-mate Nicholas Latifi would carry on for next year.

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