Sport background processes: Microsoft accelerates the start of its Edge browser

14:10  27 october  2020
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Microsoft accelerates graphics with AV1

 Microsoft accelerates graphics with AV1 “Enabling hardware support for AV1 allows users to take advantage of this improved video codec, and moving the decoding work from software to hardware tends to reduce power consumption and increase it the battery life on mobile devices, "said Microsoft. Microsoft explains that in addition to the correct GPU or CPU, users also need Windows 10 1909 or higher with the Microsoft AV1 Video Extension installed and a browser or application with hardware acceleration support for AVIF.

If you don't use Microsoft Edge (legacy), you should disable its startup processes to avoid wasting system resources as you sign in to Windows 10. If you're running Windows 10 Pro, the easiest way to prevent Microsoft Edge from starting processes during startup is using the Local Group Policy Editor.

Microsoft claims that the processes initiated through Startup Boost are low-priority processes and won’t impact the overall functioning of the system. This is the same path you use to enable and disable the hardware acceleration . When you do this, the browser will launch in the background

Microsoft Edge (Bild: Microsoft) © DEFAULT_CREDIT Microsoft Edge (Image: Microsoft) Windows 10 loads the core processes of the browser when the operating system starts. They are given a low priority in order to save memory resources. The feature can be switched on and off in the browser or via group policy.

Microsoft is testing a new function for Windows 10 , which should shorten the start time of the Chromium-based browser Edge . Start-up Boost loads Edge's core processes in the background as the operating system boots. This should make Edge ready to use faster, regardless of whether started from the taskbar or desktop or via a link in another application such as Word.

Irish Sea checks will be ‘operationally effective’ even if facilities are unfinished

  Irish Sea checks will be ‘operationally effective’ even if facilities are unfinished A senior Stormont official expressed hope the ‘staff and systems’ would be in place for the start of January.Additional checks on animal-based products entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain are required under the terms of the Brexit Withdrawal Treaty.

Microsoft replaced its legendary Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge , a brand new browser built for the modern web. Since its release, Microsoft has been pushing users to give Microsoft Edge a try and probably make it their primary browser since always. In a number of claims, they have also shown it

If Microsoft Edge is running in background mode, the session might not close when the last window is closed, meaning the cookies won't be cleared when the window closes. See the BackgroundModeEnabled policy for information about configuring what happens when Microsoft

If Edge is not open, Windows should execute the Edge processes required for it with a low priority. The developers want to ensure that Start-up Boost only has a minimal impact on the memory resources of a system.

In the latest build of Edge - version 88 - the function is optional. Users can activate or deactivate them themselves. Control is also possible via a group policy.

The final version should be available to all devices with Windows 10. However, the company reserves the right to remove Start-up Boost from devices on which the function does not have the desired positive effects . The function can be switched on or off in the Edge settings under "System".

"We are in the process of implementing this feature, so it may be a while before you see it in your respective channel and build," Microsoft announced.

Is Google doing like Microsoft?

 Is Google doing like Microsoft? The antitrust lawsuit against Google in the US is a renewed attempt to limit the power of the tech giants. The results of such proceedings so far have been mixed. © Eibner Europa / imago Provided by Deutsche Welle The antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet subsidiary Google, which the US Department of Justice (DOJ) brought this week, is a challenge to the dominance of global technology giants .

Microsoft Edge . Contribute to MicrosoftEdge/MSEdge development by creating an account on We are starting down a path to adopt Chromium open source in the development of Microsoft Edge on the While browser vendors across the industry have made significant progress in aligning to these

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for all Windows 10 devices. It ’ s built to be highly compatible with the modern web. For some enterprise web apps and a small set of sites that were built to work with older technologies like ActiveX, you can use Enterprise Mode to automatically send users to Internet

So that Edge can assert itself against Google Chrome - both browsers share the same code base - Microsoft relies on the constant development of new functions. For example, a new password manager has been rolled out since June to inform users about potentially compromised passwords. Also new are expanded tracking protection, a function for copying content via drag and drop and vertical tabs. In addition, a version of Edge for Linux is now available that can be used on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSuse Linux.

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Microsoft Edge Developer Preview 88.0.680.1 .
© Provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Edge Developer Preview Also this week there is an update of the Microsoft Edge developer preview. Build 88.0.680.1 was released on Thursday evening and brings a few minor innovations.

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