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5 tips: How do I protect myself if someone in my household has Corona?

 5 tips: How do I protect myself if someone in my household has Corona? The decisive instrument to contain the corona pandemic is currently the partial lockdown with the associated contact restrictions. But if a member of your own household has become infected, you live in constant contact with the infected person. In this situation, special care should be taken to avoid further infections within the family or among roommates.

But when will it end and when will we be able to get on with our lives? Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he believes the UK can "turn the tide" against the outbreak within the next 12 weeks and the country can "send coronavirus packing". But even if the number of cases starts to fall in the next three

With confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally exceeding 1 million and more countries going into lockdown to slow the pandemic, the emerging question is: “When will this all end ?” The answer depends in large part on uncertainties about the novel coronavirus that causes the disease, including whether you can

The Chancellor and the Prime Ministers are extending and tightening the Corona restrictions. The virus is increasingly determining all levels of politics and society, says Jens Thurau.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Axel Heimken / dpa / picture alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle

Is anyone really still surprised that the corona restrictions in Germany - initially planned until the end of November - are now being extended and even tightened? If you believe current surveys, a majority of people in Germany are not. What is more, most of them are in favor of further restricting contacts, as has now been decided. This is good news for the government. With all the suffering, with all the chaos in the struggle between the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, it remains that the rough line from Berlin will find approval. Not as clear as in spring, but still. The new resolutions of the Prime Ministers with the Chancellor have a big headline: We'll save Christmas and a little New Year's Eve, we know how important this time is for people. So we are loosening the restrictions for the time just before Christmas Eve until the New Year. It should be noted that Angela Merkel also considers this to be a high risk, but in recent months she has had to realize that her power is insufficient to force the Germans to give up more.

The tragic corona fate of an NBA star

 The tragic corona fate of an NBA star The death of his mother by Corona was only the beginning of a horror year for Karl-Anthony Towns. An incredible streak of deaths hits the NBA star. © Provided by sport1.de The tragic corona fate of an NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns should actually be electrified in view of the upcoming season start in the NBA (December 22nd).

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When this ends , we will reorient our politics and make substantial new investments in public goods—for health, especially—and public services. I don’t think we will become less communal. Instead, we will be better able to see how our fates are linked.

Germany's health system continues to hold up

Chancellor Merkel has repeatedly emphasized that a look across the borders shows that Germany has still gotten through the pandemic, even now. In other countries there was and is actually something like a curfew, and with the exception of a few hotspots, Germany has always been a long way from this. The health system has always worked, and it still works now when the pressure is increasing. In Germany there were no pictures of long queues with dead transports in front of the clinics as in Italy. But the situation is serious enough for us too. Exactly on the day on which the 16 country leaders decided on further restrictions with Merkel, the authorities report a record number of corona deaths. And what has always distinguished Merkel is the view beyond tomorrow, into the future.

Portugal extends restrictions to contain the corona pandemic

 Portugal extends restrictions to contain the corona pandemic In view of the increasing number of infections, Portugal is expanding its corona restrictions. From November 30th to December 7th, schools and authorities have to remain closed, as the government in Lisbon decided on Saturday. © PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA In view of the increasing number of infections, Portugal is expanding its corona restrictions.

No More Corona Virus Novel Corona Will End From Worldwide,Research Paper of Singapore university of technology about Pakistan and all other countries from

Opinions on the coronavirus outbreak. Last updated: March 9, 00:15 GMT. We're concerned that in some countries the level of political commitment & the actions that demonstrate that commitment don't match the level of the threat we all face. This is NOT a drill NOT the time to give up NOT a time for

DW-Redakteur Jens Thurau © DW DW editor Jens Thurau

Are we going to get a superspreader event with a largely approved Christmas? How do Germans behave when the traditional skiing holiday is due in February? In any case, the partial lockdown since the beginning of November has only led to the pace of the increase in infections being slowed, and a reversal of thrust in the direction of falling numbers is not in sight. Merkel would have had to abandon and deny her entire line of the past months if she had not now insisted on further restrictions.

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Corona fatigue spreads

Once again to look beyond the borders: It does not help people in Germany if they are constantly warned that things are worse elsewhere. The virus hits a society in which togetherness and sense of family are continuously decreasing, in which the number of single households is increasing. The consequences of months of isolation for many people will only become apparent after a long time. And corona fatigue is spreading. Merkel is said to have said in one of the rounds that people wanted "the thing" to finally disappear. That's true. All the more, every new measure, every new tightening, must be well founded. That has been less successful in the recent past than in the spring.

Corona farce: Ravens star withdrawn from warming up

 Corona farce: Ravens star withdrawn from warming up The duel between the Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys becomes a corona farce. Just before the game starts, Dez Bryant tests positive, but the game still takes place. © Provided by sport1.de Corona farce: Ravens star withdrew from warming up The Baltimore Ravens celebrated a clear victory against the Dallas Cowboys - Dez Bryant was not part of the game.

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. End of a Theory” and continues: “The corona crisis is not without advantages.” She hopes that the coronavirus will bury the “neoliberal ideology” that she claims has allegedly dominated the Western world since the early 1980s.

Importantly, that robust immune response also prevents transmission. If a germ can’t secure its hold on your body, your body no longer serves as a vector to send it forward to the next potential host. This is true even if that next person is not yet immune. When enough of us represent such “dead ends ” for

Merkel can act more freely than the Prime Minister

The main reason for this is of a structural nature: Merkel is not responsible for implementing the restrictions, it is mostly the states and municipalities. In addition, she will not run again for the next year, she can do and encourage what she really thinks is right. And it is evident that she intends to resign as a Chancellor who has spared her country the worst damage caused by the virus. The prime ministers, on the other hand, have to explain the unreasonable local demands to their citizens, and yes: they still want to be re-elected. In such a field of tension, Merkel came up with ideas such as the one that young people should only be allowed to meet with a friend. The country chiefs rightly countered that at this point they had lost touch with reality. How much this excited people is shown by the fact that Germany's largest tabloid, the "Bild-Zeitung", called on outraged citizens for days to tear Merkel's "one-friend plan" to pieces. But a majority will also support these current resolutions. Most people had already prepared themselves beforehand that they would not be able to visit their favorite pub until the New Year at the earliest, when it hopefully still exists. It's true: the stupid virus just won't go away. So what's left? Hold on, hope for the vaccines, and somehow calm down - towards the festival. More is just not possible. Merry Christmas.

Author: Jens Thurau

Rent payments: Justice Minister Lambrecht is targeting uncooperative landlords .
Only some of the commercial landlords approve of relief for their tenants. Justice Minister Lambrecht regulates this with a legal clarification. © dpa Federal Justice Minister Lambrecht (SPD) wants to strengthen the negotiating position of commercial tenants and leaseholders. In the corona crisis, Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) jumps to commercial tenants in conflicts with uncooperative landlords.

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