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'Find some comfort in the hands of God': Lineker leads tributes to football legend Maradona

  'Find some comfort in the hands of God': Lineker leads tributes to football legend Maradona Tributes are pouring in for legendary footballer Diego Maradona, who has died at the age of 60. Former England star Gary Lineker, who famously played against Maradona in the World Cup quarter-final in 1986, described his opponent as "the best player of my generation and arguably the greatest of all time".Maradona's infamous "hand of God" goal in that match led to Argentina progressing and ultimately winning the title, with the player widely credited as having hauled his team to victory.

Diego Maradona 's last words before he died were: ' I feel sick.' Maradona won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986, having knocked England out in the quarter final with the Diego Maradona , Argentinian footballing legend and one of the greatest ever to play the game, has died at the Former US boxing champion Mike Tyson (L) and former Argentinian football player Diego Maradona after

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My initial reaction when I heard about the death of Diego Maradona was real sadness.

I think there was a bit of sadness about his existence too. For all of his footballing genius, he often seemed a troubled soul away from the field.

Of course it’s all subjective, but I consider Maradona probably the greatest who has ever played.

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What he could do with a football was unbelievable. He played a kind of street football all the way up to international level and that made him unique.

Maradona was the greatest for absolute raw ability, but also for what he achieved. For taking Argentina to the 1986 World Cup, and then what he went on to do in Serie A.

Lothar Matthaus: How Diego Maradona and me went from World Cup rivals to friends

  Lothar Matthaus: How Diego Maradona and me went from World Cup rivals to friends On Diego Maradona's death, revisit a 2019 Lothar Matthaus column for FourFourTwo, where he reflects on a friendship that grew thanks to the 1986 World Cup finalI’d played a game for Bayern against Cologne and arrived back in Munich at about 9pm or 10pm. My management and the people from Naples were all sat together in an Italian restaurant.

15 We usually get a play among ourselves at the end of the term. 16 I ’m going to Berlin on business and I shall be for a week. 17 Tom hasn’t been working; he won’t get. . . his examinations. 20 I tried to ring him up but I couldn’t get. . . ; I think some of the lines are down after last night’s storm.

The parents of the boys he played with always inquired after his father and mother, and were He accepted this as the natural state of things, and a sort of impatience with all groups of which he was He and I first met in the late summer of 1917 when he was out of Yale, and, like the rest of us , was

Playing in Europe was something that separated him from Pele, the only other player who I’d put in the same bracket.

Playing against him at the 1986 World Cup

I was 21 and a young international footballer when Maradona scored his Hand of God goal against our England team at the 1986 World Cup.

There were players far more long in the tooth alongside me who were probably more angry about what happened. At the time, I accepted that there was nothing we could do about it.

Later, I looked back on my life and wondered what difference it could have made to my career, my life, if it hadn’t happened.

It’s a very individual, personal way of looking at it, and the incident did become more important to me for a while.

But as time goes on emotions change and those feelings subsided. And Maradona’s passing now is a time for all of us to really focus on the football.

Diego Maradona: Argentina’s ‘Golden Boy’ from the age of 8, who said cocaine had been his ‘toughest rival’

  Diego Maradona: Argentina’s ‘Golden Boy’ from the age of 8, who said cocaine had been his ‘toughest rival’ Argentina declared three days of mourning for the man who as a precocious teenager earned the nickname 'Pibe de Oro' or 'Golden Boy'The 60-year-old, widely regarded as one of the beautiful game’s best players and for many hailed as its greatest, had been plagued with ill-health in recent months and years before succumbing to cardiac arrest at his home in Buenos Aires – the Argentine capital where he was born into poverty and from which he rose to global fame.

He play football but he doesn’t skate. He can’t ski and skate. George knocked at the door and nobody opened him . I can visit my grandparents tomorrow or at the weekends. Sink and swim. To be or not be?

He didn’t punish me , but explained that cheating makes people feel helpless. We live in the environment that can easily wear us out . Luckily , there are certain methods to reduce stress and have control. However, such technologies can hammer against social norms and raise privacy issues.

The second goal that Maradona scored against us in that game is the greatest goal ever.

As a team we were a little bit shellshocked that everyone in the stadium saw that the handball and only the referee and linesman didn’t.

Before we could pull ourselves together, Maradona had conjured this piece of magic.

When you consider the circumstances – the surface, the heat, the social context of that game –  it’s without doubt the greatest goal of all time.

It was an unreal moment, but a lot of these feelings have only been rationalised over the years.

The ups and downs of his personal life sometimes distracted from his football, but when you think back to all the joyous things he was capable of, it was genius.

Maradona’s game was just on a completely different level even from the international players he was shoulder to shoulder with.

Starstruck by chance meeting with Maradona

I never actually spoke to him, but I did unexpectedly encounter him in Dubai a few years ago.

PETER SHILTON: Diego Maradona had greatness, but no sportsmanship

  PETER SHILTON: Diego Maradona had greatness, but no sportsmanship PETER SHILTON - EXCLUSIVE: My life has long been linked with that of Maradona - and not in the way I would have liked. But I am saddened to hear of his passing at such a young age. He was undoubtedly the greatest player I ever faced and my thoughts are with his family.We thought we were ready for Maradona on that day back in 1986 in Mexico City. A World Cup quarter-final against Argentina was the biggest game many of that England team had ever played and he was their most dangerous player.There were no special plans for him, no man-marking. We just said we would watch his runs, try to cut him off and not let him get into his stride.

He had the grippe, and I figured I probably wouldn't see him again till Christmas vacation started. I was lucky . It was just before dinner and it was getting pretty dark out , but we kept chucking the ball around anyway. Finally we had to. This teacher that taught biology, Mr. Zambesi, stuck his head out of this window in the academic building and told us to go back to the dorm and get ready for dinner.

7. He bought me a beautiful gift for my birthday. 8. I am so excited to have a dog. It really bothers me that I haven’t had enough energy to play football since I got ill. He says I ’ll soon feel better. Apparently, I ’m lucky . For some people, especially the old and the weak, the flu can be very serious.

My teenage daughter was playing a match against another women’s team, who it turned out had Maradona’s girlfriend up front.

There he was, on the touchline with his entourage, all sitting on fold-up chairs, at this pitch in a suburban park. It was surreal.

Standing there with my dog, I wondered whether I should go and say ‘hello, remember me?’. And I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was starstruck. In awe.

So I can’t say I knew him as a man, but I’m fortunate enough to say I played against probably the greatest footballer of all time.

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Napoli wear special fourth kit inspired by Argentina .
The football world is still mourning Argentine icon Diego Maradona's tragic death after he passed away following a heart attack at the age of 60 earlier this week. And on Sunday, Napoli's players wore a special fourth kit inspired by Argentina's strip in honour of their former star, who led the side to two Serie A titles and a UEFA Cup during an illustrious seven-year stay between 1984-1991.

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