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13:50  16 june  2021
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NATO squares up to Russia: HMS Queen Elizabeth leads war games

  NATO squares up to Russia: HMS Queen Elizabeth leads war games HMS Queen Elizabeth was joined by vessels from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the US for a display of maritime power in the Atlantic.The £3 billion pride of the Royal Navy was joined by vessels from the US and eight other allied nations for operation Steadfast Defender on Friday - starting off the coast of Portugal last week, it will conclude with ground exercises in the Black Sea region later this month amid simmering tensions with Russia.

The Nobel Prize Excellent Ican Disarmament Initiative Ican demands faster progress from the USA Russia summit. The worldwide risk is high, says the boss of Ican, Beatrice Fihn, in the DW interview.

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DW: The USA and Russia have the vast majority of nuclear weapons in the world. The two presidents meet here in Geneva. What do you expect from you?

Beatrice Fihn: In the last ten years, relations between the two countries have worsened. We have experienced the retreat from bilateral turnover contracts and an modernization of the arms arsenal . That's why I hope so that the two acknowledge the big threat and communicate themselves to work again to disarmament, arms control and a renewed start-up contract (to reduce strategic nuclear weapons, note of the red.) .

Nottingham: Nara for Mladenovic

 Nottingham: Nara for Mladenovic © Provided by Sports.co.uk Tennis - WTA - Nottingham: Nara for Mladenovic Nottingham (Great Britain, WTA 250, Grass, 193,335 €) Title (in 2019): Caroline Garcia (FRA) 2nd Tour Konta (GBR, N ° 1) - Pattinama Kerkhova (PBS, Q) Kozlova (UKR, Q) - BREGLE (USA, N ° 13) Golubic (SUI, N ° 10) - Ahn (USA) Melnikova (RUS, LL) - Van Uytvank (Bel, N ° 8) Vekic (Cro, N ° 3) - Kung (SUI) Dodin (FRA) - Stojanovic (SER, N ° 15) MCHALE (USA, N ° 18) - Garcia Perez (ESP, LL) Dolehide (USA) - Martincova (RTC, N

There are no longer many contracts left between the two states that would rule disarmament or armor control, according to which the agreement on medium-distance weapons and control flights were terminated. What would be necessary?

On 1 January this year, the Global Agreement of the United Nations to the abolition of nuclear weapons entered into force, but neither the US nor Russia has previously joined this contract. I hope that the two can use this as an impulse to do what the rest of the world wants: a reduction of nuclear weapons. It starts that the two states reduce their arsenals and reduce the importance of these weapons in their military doctrines.

Do you think the new Biden government really wants to get involved here?

Belgium 3-0 Russia: Lukaku brace seals Red Devils win

  Belgium 3-0 Russia: Lukaku brace seals Red Devils win Romelu Lukaku dedicated his opening goal to Christian Eriksen during Belgium's 3-0 win over RussiaThe Group B fixture had appeared in doubt when the other match in the group between Denmark and Finland – taking place two hours earlier – was suspended after Eriksen collapsed in the first half.

Video: Geneva: Biden and Putin come together to her first summit (dpa)

I think there is the will. Immediately after President Biden Antrat an office, he has extended the duration of the New Start Treaty on intercontinental weapons. It was very positive that he made it so fast. This means that both sides now have four years to negotiate through new agreements. We do not need an extension of the status quo that would let us remain in a very risky situation. We need more reduction because it is so much. Global security is on the game. I hope the two leaders find today to each other, not to meet concrete agreements, but to determine the course for the next four years. The New Start Treaty, which had been closed in 2010, would have expired. He should actually lead to a reduction in nuclear weapons, which did not succeed. So we live now, so to speak with a borrowed time. Now you have to hurry, because no one knows what comes to Putin or what comes to biders. We need an agreement on disarmament now to reduce the risk.

Russia leads one of its largest military exercises since the end of the USSR

 Russia leads one of its largest military exercises since the end of the USSR © Alexander Semanchuk / Getty Images Russia has been conducting one of its largest military exercises since the end of the USSR while diplomatic relations Between Moscow and Washington are at the lowest, Russia has led a large military exercise in the Pacific Ocean.

What about the Russian side? Which incentive would Wladimir Putin have to be involved in disarmament?

The persistent nuclear wet race is extremely risky. Each use of atomic weapons would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences. Russia has no capacity to handle the consequences of a nuclear war. There is no health care in the world that could handle such a disaster. Even more nuclear weapons will only increase uncertainty. Therefore, Russia also has the incentive to reduce these weapons and create a safe world.

Do the two presidents do not have to worry about other nuclear powers? Other states, such as North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and Iran strive for nuclear weapons or have them.

We see an worrying trend. China, but also Great Britain, increases the number of his nuclear browsers by 40 percent. Nevertheless, it remains that Russia and the US have over 90 percent of the worldwide arsenal. You have to take the lead. If you want others to come to the negotiating table, you have to start.

Beatrice Fihn (39) is director of the "International Campaign on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons" (ICAN), which mobilizes civil society against atomic armor worldwide. The Swedish lawyer accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for Ican in 2017.

The questions asked Bernd Riegert in Geneva.

Author: Bernd Riegert

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