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10:35  18 june  2021
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regional in Hauts-de-France: Sébastien Chenu wishes to "initiate change"

 regional in Hauts-de-France: Sébastien Chenu wishes to guest of "Lille Policies" on BFM Grand Lille, in partnership with "20 minutes", the national rally candidate (RN) in the election Regional in Hauts-de-France, Sébastien Chenu, wholesale on safety © JEE / SIPA Sébastien Chenu, NR candidate in the Hauts-de-France.

Fears over crime and lack of jobs for youngsters are two key reasons why the de-industrialised and rural north is a far-right stronghold. 'Enough of being on the podium for the region with the highest unemployment, of our voices not being heard,' Denfer said, driving through Roubaix, a deprived town near the Belgian border where vines pushed through boarded up red-brick houses. Polls show the Rassemblement National, founded as the Front National by Le Pen's father, ahead in six regions but likely to face a wave of alliance building and tactical voting in the second round to keep it out.

These rules reflect what we’ve already been told: that the vaccine doesn’t prevent disease or transmission, but rather reduces the likelihood of severe illness in the relative few who may have been prone to it. A medical advisory panel in France is also recommending that the vaccine be obligatory for certain public-facing professions and for school kids. This effectively means that any individuals who choose not to vaccinate – either because they already have natural immunity from the disease or figure that what they risk from the disease isn’t worth the potential long-term risks of taking a vaccine based

Les élections régionales s'annoncent difficiles pour La République en marche. Les chances de victoire de la majorité présidentielle sont faibles et l'état-major se pose déjà la question d'éventuelles alliances pour le second tour. Celles-ci se feront au cas par cas; selon les configurations locales. © Ludovic Marin / Pool / AFP The regional elections are difficult for the Republic. The chances of victory of the presidential majority are weak and the staff is already the question of any alliances for the second round. These will be done on a case-by-case basis; according to local configurations.

How will LREM behave after the first round of

? Sunday voting results will be scrutinized by Macrony. Depending on the situations, likely disappears, the presidential majority will have to make choices for the second round. These are not easy and will probably go up. Several regions are particularly under the spotlight, and the decisions taken could mark the end of the five-year.

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Regional: These six regions where the RN could lead to the first round

 Regional: These six regions where the RN could lead to the first round PACA, Burgundy-France-County, Center-Val de Loire ... in several regions, the Party of Marine Le Pen advances in favorite surveys. © afp.com/francois lo Presti Marine Le Pen addresses the press on May 8, 2021, in Hénin-Beaumont in the Pas-de-Calais has ten days of the first round of regional elections, several surveys confirm, On Wednesday, a surge in the national gathering that would lead in six regions, although alliances and renovations in the second round could prevent it from imposing itse

The two best reasons for investing company resources in vertical integration (either forward or backward) are to: add materially to a company's technological capabilities, strengthen the company's competitive position, and/or boost its profitability. An alliance becomes "strategic" as opposed to just a convenient business arrangement when it serves strategic purposes such as when designed to help: All of these. The best strategic alliances : are highly selective, focusing on particular value chain activities and on obtaining a particular competitive benefit, thereby enabling the firm to build on its

In the second round , only those candidates securing the votes of at least one-eighth of the registered electorate in the first round may compete, and the candidate securing a plurality of the popular vote in the second round is declared the winner. Some candidates eligible for the second round withdraw their It seeks to overcome the disproportionalities that result from majority and plurality formulas and to create a representative body that reflects the distribution of opinion within the electorate. Because of the use of multimember constituencies in proportional representation, parties with neither a majority

Video: Regional: LREM reflects on "tracks" to "reinvent the Republican Front," says Attal (Europe 1)

"It will have to withdraw where he There is a risk RN "

" we will make lace ", thus confides a leader of LREM. The strategy will be different from one region to another. Sunday evening, the macronist staff will look at three elements: his own scores, potentially very disparate at 10%, 15% or 20% depending on the polls, the magnitude of the wave RN, and the balance of power between The extreme right and the lists capable of barring. The chances of victory of the majority are weak in most regions, so the issue of alliances must arise.

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on this subject, a minister is formal: "It will have to withdraw where there is a risk Rn, to avoid any original sin. " A necessary reminder, since it does not necessarily sound like evidence. In the Hauts-de-France for example, some marchers plead for the maintenance if Xavier Bertrand (LR) refuses to merge, which will certainly be the case in view of the statement of the current President of the Hauts-de-France

. The technical mergers are an option pushed by several advisers of the head of state. Left, right and macrony against the RN, in Paca for example. We must all agree. Another case that it will be necessary to decide: Bourgogne-Franche County, today held by the PS and threatened by the RN. "It will be the time of truth," slides a walker, "we'll see if we lean to the right, left or right and left". X1

Catalonia: Independently gracious leaders, and after? .
© provided by the point L has thanks to nine Catalan independentists in prison for their role in the attempted secession of 2017 is a bet of the Spanish government to try to appease the tensions in Catalonia but is far from being a solution to the crisis, according to analysts. The Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced this grace Monday in Barcelona and its government must formally approve it on Tuesday at a Council of Ministers.

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