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14:00  19 july  2021
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Lewis Hamilton blasted for Max Verstappen crash by Bernie Ecclestone - ‘It wasn't enough'

  Lewis Hamilton blasted for Max Verstappen crash by Bernie Ecclestone - ‘It wasn't enough' Former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has blasted Lewis Hamilton for his crash with Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix.Bernie Ecclestone has blamed Hamilton for the crash and thinks the stewards should have handed down a more severe penalty.

Hamilton , however, who clipped Verstappen and caused him to crash into the tire wall at around 140mph, received no such treatment from the darkest corners of the internet upon clinching his eighth victory at Silverstone to remain its all-time winner by some distance. "These people have no place in our sport and we urge that those responsible should be held accountable for their actions. " Formula 1 , the FIA, the drivers and the teams are working to build a more diverse and inclusive sport, and such unacceptable instances of online abuse must be highlighted and eliminated," it finished.

Verstappen and Hamilton collide, Verstappen is out. 11. 1 k · 630 comments. Toto Wolff to Michael Masi: "Michael I just sent you an email, with diagrams with where the car should be, did you receive that?" ‘It was a desperate move’ – Furious Horner hits out at Hamilton after Verstappen crash . 3733 · 552 comments. [Phillip Horton] Christian Horner tells F 1 's feed that Max Verstappen 's impact was 51G.

Sky Sports F1 pundits Jenson Button, Karun Chandhok and Damon Hill have offered their views on the hugely controversial Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash on the opening lap of Sunday's British GP.

The high-speed shunt, which sent Verstappen hurtling into the barriers and led to a time penalty for Hamilton, who still managed to win his home race, was the first major flashpoint between the two Formula 1 star drivers.

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And it understandably stirred quite the fierce debate in the paddock.

Max Verstappen out of hospital after crashVerstappen slams 'dangerous Hamilton, 'disrespectful' celebrations'Lewis: Max too aggressive | Horner: Hamilton 'desperate'

Verstappen and Red Bull boss Christian Horner slammed Hamilton as "dangerous" and "desperate" - while the seven-time world champion and his Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff staunchly disagreed.

Red Bull offer new Max Verstappen health update after Lewis Hamilton British GP crash

  Red Bull offer new Max Verstappen health update after Lewis Hamilton British GP crash Red Bull motorsport chief Helmut Marko says Max Verstappen has returned to his home in Monaco.Verstappen, who was on pole position, was hounded by rival Lewis Hamilton off the line with the Briton determined to win at his home Grand Prix.

Verstappen and Hamilton collide! The title rivals come together at Copse, pitching Verstappen into a high-speed crash . The Dutchman was able to walk away but he has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks#BritishGP # F 1 pic.twitter.com/ol 1 s9dRJoa. The 36-year-old initially appeared to suggest that he had not heard the question when he was challenged about his apparent discontent by Sky Sports. "I just don't feel he needs to be as aggressive as he is," he then suggested. "We were going down to turn six and he was bumping wheels with me, but it's cool because there's

Hamilton 's car suffered damage, but he was able to stay on the track and sit in second place when the race was red-flagged. Verstappen was able to climb out of his car himself, but the chassis was completely destroyed. Given that there was contact, an investigation was opened by the FIA. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff were both on the radio to race director Michael Masi during the red-flag period, making the case as to who was to blame for the crash . "He was never anywhere near alongside," Horner said, calling for Hamilton to receive a sanction.

But what were the views of the Sky F1 experts? Our pundits and ex-drivers Button, Chandhok and Hill had their say after the race...

Button: Hamilton had to back out of it

Button, the 2009 world champion and former McLaren team-mate of Hamilton, felt his fellow Brit didn't quite get alongside Verstappen when he attempted the ambitious pass down the inside of the 180mph Copse corner - and didn't quite stay to the right-hand side of the track enough.

Because of the speed the two drivers were going, Button said the move was never really going to come off.

"It's a difficult one," said Button, who raced in 306 Grands Prix. "Lewis was almost alongside him but that for me was not the most important part - it's that Max left enough room.

"But at that speed, it's very difficult on the inside to get around that corner.

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Verstappen and Hamilton collide, Verstappen is out. I started watching F 1 recently and don't hate Mercedes or Hamilton . Upon the initial crash I was surprised how much people came out of the woodwork to blame Lewis considering how aggressive VER was being fending off HAM. Surely the fact that there’s this much debate about this incident shows that it’s no where near as clear cut as

Hamilton started the Silverstone race P2, but was on the attack in the first few corners, as he tried to pass Verstappen first into Turn 1 , then later on in the lap into Brooklands. But a third attempt, going down the inside of Verstappen into Copse, saw Hamilton and Verstappen touch, with the Red Bull driver And Wolff was philosophical about how Mercedes’ weekend – and the fallout from Verstappen and Hamilton ’s crash – had panned out. READ MORE: Verstappen transferred to hospital for further checks after British Grand Prix crash . “It was hard racing, and hard racing sometimes, if none of them

"At the speed he was going, Lewis had to back out of it.

"He's misjudged the apex, which is completely fair enough because he's coming in at such a speed from an angle that he never has before. He has missed the apex, there wasn't enough room for two cars."

Button, who also competed in 17 British GPs, added: "It is unusual to put the nose in that corner. Normally you are ahead if you're going to make a move into that corner. That's just always been the way for me."

While marginal, Button said he understood the 10-second penalty for Hamilton.

"It's a difficult one to have a definitive answer on who was wrong," he stated. "I get the penalty for Lewis, because he was put someone in the wall.

"I think the awareness of Max Verstappen is fantastic, what he can do with the car, and I think that is beyond everyone else. I think that is the struggle when you're racing him."

Chandhok: It was a racing incident - and penalty was harsh

Chandhok analysed the incident in-depth at the SkyPad on multiple occasions on Sunday afternoon - and believed both drivers could have done more to avoid the incident.

Lewis Hamilton branded 'dangerous' after Max Verstappen drama at British Grand Prix

  Lewis Hamilton branded 'dangerous' after Max Verstappen drama at British Grand Prix Ralf Schumacher has branded Lewis Hamilton "dangerous" after colliding with Max Verstappen during the opening lap of the British Grand Prix.Verstappen, who started on pole, had the weaker of the starts off the line as the Mercedes driver chased him down from second place to try and gain control of the race.

Verstappen and Hamilton collide, Verstappen is out. I remember when Hamilton publicly complained that Button had unfollowed him, and it turned out Button never followed him in the first place. Or how the gloves are off now in the Mazepin vs Schumacher rivalry since Mazepin hit

Lewis Hamilton is targeted by racists online after his British Grand Prix win and accused of being 'disrespectful and unsportsmanlike' for celebrating the victory while F 1 title rival Max Verstappen was in hospital after a huge first-lap crash with the Mercedes driver. Verstappen , 23, was taken to hospital after his Red Bull car was tagged by the Mercedes as it overtook on entry to Silverstone's Copse corner at 180mph on Sunday. The Dutch driver, who later described it as a "dangerous move", was sent out of control and crashed into the wall, leaving Hamilton , 36, with a 10-second time penalty for causing a

Immediately after the crash, he said: "Lewis expected Max to back out of it, and Max expected Lewis out of it. But they're both racing drivers, and they're both racing for the world championship.

"Max could have given Lewis more room, and Lewis equally could have gone more to the kerb on the right-hand side.

"If you ask me, they both could have done more. I would probably put it down to a racing incident."

After the race, Karun maintained that view.

"Even after watching it again and again and again, my personal belief is it was still a racing incident," he explained. "I think both drivers could have avoided the accident.

"Max could have given him more room, Lewis could have backed out of it earlier and gone further to the inside. These are two hard-headed drivers who are being punchy, and feisty and aggressive on the opening lap."

And he felt the penalty for Hamilton was harsh: "Unfortunately, I think with the way we see penalties this season, in Lewis' case they came down a bit harder on him because they felt he should have backed out of the move, basically.

"But I personally think the penalty was a little bit harsh.

Max Verstappen unfollows Lewis Hamilton on Instagram as F1 feud escalates

  Max Verstappen unfollows Lewis Hamilton on Instagram as F1 feud escalates Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have developed quite the rivalry in recent seasons.Verstappen saw his lead at the top of the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship standings cut from 33 to eight on Sunday.

"If that had happened to two drivers battling for, let's say 10th and 11th place, do we think they still would have had a 10-second penalty? I'm not convinced. I think five seconds, similar to what drivers got in Austria, would have been OK."

Hill: Hamilton wasn't going to go down without a fight

1996 world champion Hill echoed Chandhok in believing both drivers had to take some portion of the blame, commenting: "Lewis has kept it on the inside and really banked on Max backing out of it, which he didn't do.

"But I'm sure that Max knew that Lewis was there, and he didn't make enough an allowance for that.

"Two cars shouldn't come together. If they were young, inexperienced drivers you'd look at that and say calm down."

He also believed Hamilton - after losing out to Verstappen in fierce wheel-to-wheel combat earlier this season - "staked his intention" on Sunday by battling his rival aggressively and not backing out.

"We saw a level of aggression from Lewis that we haven't seen for a while," said Hill.

"It was a high-risk move from Lewis, and he has clearly staked his intention: He is not going to let this go without his street fighting skills, to win back his advantage."

Hill, following Horner's remarks about Hamilton's win being "hollow", added: "He scored a fantastic victory and I do not agree with Christian, it is not a hollow victory."

Buxton: ‘Gloves are off’ in Max/Hamilton battle .
F1 journalist Will Buxton believes that the niceties between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are finished after their Silverstone crash. © PA Images Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton The British Grand Prix was billed as must-win for Hamilton, a race where if he could not beat Verstappen to the chequered flag then the signs would become very ominous indeed for his chances of wrapping up an eighth World Championship this season.

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