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10:10  14 october  2021
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NBA: KD About Kyrie: "What brings to get started?"

 NBA: KD About Kyrie: The topic of Kyrie Irving continues to employ Brooklyn Nets. After the Point Guard was suspended from the team for the time being due to his vaccination refusal, Star colleague Kevin Durant said about the situation. © Provided by Spox Kevin Durant will have to open the new season without Kyrie Irving. The 33-year-old is neither angry with Irving nor on the Nets, he said on the edge of the final preseason game of Nets against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to the NBA Player’s Union, 96% of NBA players have been vaccinated to date. Notable holdouts include Irving , Andrew Wiggins, Bradley Beal and Jonathan Isaac, the latter of which contributed his decision to natural immunity. “I understand that the vaccine would help if you catch Irving and Wiggins are in a particular bind due to strict vaccine mandates in New York and San Francisco respectively. New York City has some of the most strict vaccine requirements in the nation, where proof of vaccination is required for access to essentially all businesses and outdoor gatherings.

Seven-time all-star Kyrie Irving will become the most high-profile NBA absentee as a result of choosing not to receive a Covid vaccine, the Brooklyn Nets have announced – and fans have been split again by the dramatic development. Addressing suggestions that Irving should put up and shut up, one pointed out: "Easy to say that, except the guy worked his whole life to play ball and now the rules are changed." Another protested: "This is not fair. They are taking his freedoms away."

Kyrie Irving was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets, as he does not want to vaccinate against Corona and thus can not be available for all team activities for all team activities for the regulations of New York. . The 29-year-old has now explained his position to Instagram live.

Kyrie Irving könnte die komplette kommende Saison verpassen. © Provided by Spox Kyrie Irving could miss the complete coming season.

Irving said he believes that each individual should be able to make a decision and that this is not to be regulated by arrangements. "I stand together with all those who believe what's right. Everyone has the right to do what he holds for right," Irving explained.

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Corona rules cost US stars money: Without Law no vaccine!

 Corona rules cost US stars money: Without Law no vaccine! US basketball Irving should not be paid more because it is not vaccinated. That's the wrong way. A comment. © Photo: imago images / UPI Photo Kyrie Irving currently find itself exposed to a kind of compulsory vaccination. His attitude to the virus will cost professional basketball Kyrie Irving probably a lot of money. The Brooklyn Nets of the NBA play a test match on Friday, Irving is not allowed to play - because it is not vaccinated.

Irving could potentially miss up to 45 NBA games this season including the 41 home games, plus two games at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks and contests in Los Angeles and San Francisco, which, like New York City, have local vaccine mandates. Irving did not travel to Philadelphia with the team for Monday’s preseason game with the 76ers, and instead stayed back home. “We’re just trying to navigate this thing, we don’t really know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” Nash said on a pre-game Zoom.

Irving would immediately eliminate the spacing concerns that have plagued the Simmons-Joel Embiid partnership. Irving had the most efficient season of his career in 2020-21, shooting 50.6 percent from the field, 40.2 percent on 3-pointers and 92.2 percent on free throws. Plus, Irving would actually be available to play every game for the 76ers. There are no vaccine mandates in the city of Philadelphia nor the state of Pennsylvania, and visiting players are not subject to the same rules in New York City.

"To see how this topic is the world, is sad. People lose their jobs because of such Arrangements. "

Irving himself has not lost his job, but he is expected to lose half of his salary by the decision of the Nets if he does not transfer. Normally he would earn $ 33 million in this season.

"It's not about being a vaccine opponent," Irving said. "It's about what feels good for me. I feel uncertain, and that's ok. I know the consequences of my decision. They are crazy times in which we live. I did not hurt anyone. I did not crime. "

Kyrie Irving closes career ends from

The arrangement in New York has led to Irving as unaffected players can not deny home matches. Consequently, the Nets decided that they did not want to play the Star Guard as part-time force only in away. If he does not vaccinate and remain the arrangement, Irving would miss the entire season. Nevertheless,

does not think about resignation. "Do not believe that I finish my career," Irving said. "Do not believe that I arose this game because of a vaccination mandate." He wanted to be ready to get back to his team at a later date.

"I will continue to keep fit, ready to play and be a part of this great whole. This is not a political thing; this is not about the NBA, not an organization. It's about my life and the decision I meet. "

NBA: NBA revised Replay rules .
The NBA has adapted the replay rules in the last two minutes of a game, in the coming season "out-of-bounds" violations must be challenged by coach's challenge. In the past, the replay was initiated by the reference in the corresponding situations. © Provided by Spox The NBA has adjusted the replay control in the last two minutes of a game. The corresponding control change was confirmed by the Board of Governor, as the league announced on Wednesday.

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