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15:05  25 november  2021
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Cologne. "Dooooooaaaaang!" - well, recognized? Who could be conned some 25 years ago by Joerg Draeger, heard an unpleasant noise - and got a Zonk. Now, the game show is "Go the whole hog!" Somewhat surprising back on TV. Does the concept yet?

 Daniel Boschmann (l-r), Zonk und Jörg Draeger in der 1. Staffel der Neuauflage der Kultshow © Frank Hempel Daniel Boschmann (lr), Zonk and Joerg Draeger in the first season of the remake of the cult show, it is again so far

, Joerg Draeger fumbles in his magic jacket, seem to put more money bills in his pockets as in an automated banking machine. He looks his candidate, a nice young man, deep in the eyes and makes him an offer: money. If he does not take goal third For this he whispers: What would he - because for a terrible person if it would lead to a sympathetic candidate duped - Joerg Draeger. "Then I would have such an ass be who I am not!"

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Well, you can make it short: Joerg Draeger is apparently on his show role but just that his candidate remains namely brave, beats any money and let you. television studio in Cologne-Ossendorf finally open goal third Result: He wins a very fantastic trip to the Dominican Republic. Draeger had tried to wangle him.

All this could have happened just as in 1996 - but actually we write the November 2021. The game show "Go the whole hog" that ran a day about 25 years ago on private television, is back , The first of the recently recorded episodes can be seen on Friday (November 26, 20:15) on Sat.1 - now as a full-length prime-time broadcast. After "Wetten, dass ..?" (ZDF) and "TV total" (ProSieben) it is the third show revival within a short time. On

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concept, the station that the now 76 years old show veteran Draeger had indulged in the summer of new air time in the house of "Celebrity Big Brother", thereby not screwed big. Essentially, it is still a question of choosing from different gates, boxes or envelopes. No sooner is the decision sets a Draeger maliziöses smile and tried to shake with money in it. Who gambled himself heard a long "Dooooooaaaaang" and does not get the hoped-for trip or a jaunty bicycle - but the Zonk. In which case the first difference is striking: The Zonk can run in the new edition, as he waited earlier sometimes motionless like a bag of screws behind the goals.

Even then it was not quite clear who is actually prominent - the red rivets mascot or Draeger. More important, the small of actually simple games mini-dramas of seduction and deceit is definitely Draeger makes. A skill that can be learned on a bad Moderators school. "You can wake me up at night and I'll be right back in there," he says.

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In the show Draeger contributes rather wide tie and pocket square. Moreover, he asks the relationship status of its candidates from consistent ( "Are you married or in a committed relationship?") than some dating service. One can like it or not, it's retro definitely. has for the new elements Moderator Daniel Bosch man is responsible, born in 1980, the "go all out" once looked at his grandmother Maria with a bread board on his feet, as he says.

Bosch's job is to go among other things, Draeger in the shouting match and to feed him the right candidates from the audience. He believes that the retro wave has its reasons. On television, there have recently been a lot against each other and around a lot of bad news from around the world. "Since it is clear that many people long for something Escapism, for a good time," he says. "And Entertainment TV does indeed just that: talk. This does not mean that you ignore everything else. "Says

Draeger himself, he had not even a return of" that ran go the whole hog! "Between 1992 and 1997 in Sat.1 and from 1999 to 2003, one cable , believed. Then one day the call came. With its image as a mediocre beleumundeter man on the side of Zonk he apparently never quarreled.

"The Zonk I have everywhere. When we lived in Tenerife, I was down in the pool no water lily mosaic stones - but a huge Zonk "said Draeger. The hang with him in every room. "I have found a niche in which I feel sauwohl." Now, to their still open the door sometimes quite far.

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