Sport Roca: "Nagelsmann is very important for my development"

19:15  16 january  2022
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Bavaria fills cadres with talents - Young's star waves club record

 Bavaria fills cadres with talents - Young's star waves club record The FC Bayern is preparing for the back round check with numerous "new" faces. Including two 16-year-olds. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports meets regularly for Bavaria U 19: The ARIJON IBRAHIMOVIC, which has become 16, has just 16. After numerous Corona cases when FC Bayern brought clearly on the champion course at the beginning of December by the 3: 2 away win in Dortmund, Arijon Ibrahimovic and Paul Wanner were not even 16 years old. One month later, both could write on Friday evening (20.30

it is currently running at Marc Roca, the Spaniard committed in October 2020 was almost as a shortcut. He talks about his difficult first year in Munich, his goals, role models and working methods in detail in the interview in the current Monday edition of the kicker.

Gegenseitiger Respekt: Marc Roca und Trainer Julian Nagelsmann. © Imago Images / Sven Simon Mutual Respect: Marc Roca and Trainer Julian Nagelsmann.

Bavaria Spaniard speaks in the Kicker

for the fourth time in series was the 25-year-old on Saturday in the League in Bavaria's starting and delivered a decent performance at the 4-0 victory in Cologne, for example with the passing passport on Leroy Sané in the Emergence of the 3: 0.

Winner Second-youngest player of the Bundesliga History

 Winner Second-youngest player of the Bundesliga History Munich. Because of the numerous corona failures at the Bavarians came in the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach Paul Wancher to his Bundesliga debut. With his comprehension, the youngster was entering the history books of the club and the Bundesliga. © Sven Hoppe Paul Wanner. At the German record champion Bayern Munich, a Youngster in the ranking of the recent Bundesliga players of history was pushed on the second position on Friday.

undoubtedly Roca also benefited from the many failures in the rectens of the record champion, his chance he has never been used, Julian Nagelsmann praised the six last regularly. "For me it is an honor to train and play under him, he is very important for my development," Roca plays the ball back to the coach. Evil words about its predecessor Hansi Flick, under which he did not play a role, does not find Roca, Nagelsmann's type of football but better: "We now have more game control, even more structure, that comes to my game."

"Xabi Alonso always impressed me. He moved all the registers of the game. "(Marc Roca)

despite the difficult debt in Munich with the reservoir role and an ankle infringement during the preparation for the current season, the 2019 U-21 European Champion remained positive:" At no time I have the Hope or trust in myself lost or the desire to learn and show the coach that I can help the team. " As a model Roca calls the former Bavaria star Xabi Alonso: "He always impressed me. He moved all the registers of the game. He had a good eye and positioning game, was strong in the ball of the ball, but then especially in ball distribution, in the ball distribution Play construction, reading the game. "

The Renaissance: The 'Rebirth' of science & culture

  The Renaissance: The 'Rebirth' of science & culture The Renaissance was a period of "rebirth" in arts, science and European society. It was a time of transition from the ancient world to the modern.However, while the Renaissance brought about some positive changes for Europe, the geographical exploration that flourished during this time led to devastation for the people of the Western Hemisphere as European conquest and colonization brought plagues and slavery to the Indigenous people living there. In Africa, it also brought about the birth of the trans-Atlantic slave trade that saw Black people shipped from Africa to the Western Hemisphere to work as slaves on European colonies.

with a private coach Roca works with the concept of Mindfulness, to German: Mindfulness. "I visualize games, ask me what could happen to situations who attacked, as I could react to be able to act faster on the square. I also meditate, breathing exercises to calmly and focused on my tasks Take a look, "he says.

The detailed interview read in the current Monday edition of the kicker ( or here from Sunday evening in the emagazine ). Roca speaks in detail about his competitors in the midfield, his perspectives in the direction of Spanish national team, be in a new country in times of the pandemic, the difference between La Liga and Bundesliga and the upcoming Champions League-duel with RB Salzburg.

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