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20:30  23 january  2022
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Lauterbach: Other corona measures needed

 Lauterbach: Other corona measures needed waistband and countries had agreed on Friday a 2G plus scheme for restaurants, cafes and pubs. Accordingly, only vaccinated and geneses with negative Corona test as well as people with refresh vaccination have access. The quarantine for contact persons and the insulation for infected are shortened so that important infrastructures do not collapse with a rapid spread of the omikron variant.

Leipzig's Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff calls for an increase in the allowed audience numbers. In addition, the RB-Boss bosses against Karl Lauderbach.

Leipzig-Boss stichelt gegen Lauterbach © Provided by Sport1.de Leipzig-Boss Citrated against Lauterbach

On the occasion of the Prime Minister Conference on Monday, Leipzig's Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff called for an increase in the allowed auditor's numbers in German stadiums - and also did not divide criticism. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

"I finally hope for clear decisions that are hit with healthy sense. We can no longer understand much, "said Minttzlaff at Dazn clear words.

Gislason strokes goalkeeper Birlm - for the time being

 Gislason strokes goalkeeper Birlm - for the time being Handball National Trainer Alfred Gislason has reduced his squad just before the start of the European Championship - the Leipzig goalkeeper Joel Birlahm was deleted. © imago images / wolf-sport photo Handball goalkeeper among themselves: Andreas Wolff (Li.) Is at the EM, Joel Birlmeh for the time being.

"I can not understand that the football has to serve for everything, that's a bit of symbolic policy for me".

Söder Announcement surprised Mintzlaff

at the 2: 0 victory against the VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday were only 1000 spectators in the Red Bull Arena were admitted.

for Minttzlaff Unintelligible: "There are operas that are full of 100 percent utilization indoor and we have only 1000 spectators outdoor and suffering from suffering. Of course, this is not comprehensible. "

also a side block towards the Minister of Health Karl Laudutbach, The most recently Oliver Kahn met , could not resist the RB boss.

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"I hope all enough time to analyze that is reasonable and the Federal Health Minister is not only in TV shows, but is also looks at the concepts that the Bundesliga submits. "

Fourth Corona vaccine: Who needs the booster after the booster?

 Fourth Corona vaccine: Who needs the booster after the booster? in Israel - pioneer at the Corona vaccinations - this fourth dose is already administered by Corona-endangered people . It causes a renewed increase in antibodies. Shortly after the fourth vaccination, it was again on the same level as shortly after the third, the Israeli data revealed.

The announcement of Söder to allow more viewers in Bavaria , Minttzlaff" surprised, but also pleased ".

"We do not want to demand too much"

also in Saxony you have already received signals that such a way is conceivable there.

that there can not be sold-out stadiums from today on tomorrow, this is quite aware of this.

steelwork double pass on Sunday from 11 o'clock live on TV and in the stream on sport1

"We do not want to demand too much. We are already clear to us that we are still in a pandemic, "Leipzig's managing director was clear.

Nevertheless, you have placed on the table with 2G + "concepts that make sure that you can guarantee at least 30 or 40 percent utilization without problems".

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Faeser dissociates itself from its shutdown threat to telegram .
Berlin. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has relativized its threat to lock the Messenger service telegram in further violations of German laws. You especially have gone to "increase the pressure". © Bernd von Jutrczenka Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. "Of course it is not my goal to turn off Telegram," Faeser said on Thursday in Hessian broadcasting. With their shutdown threat in an interview two weeks ago, it gone to all things to "increase the pressure".

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