Sport Mathieu van der Poel makes her mea culpa: "I'm sorry".

22:00  27 september  2022
22:00  27 september  2022 Source:   sportal.it

ADP: This surprising confidence of Karine Le Marchand on Mathieu and Alexandre

 ADP: This surprising confidence of Karine Le Marchand on Mathieu and Alexandre supplied by Starmag Karine-Le-Marchand-Mathieu-Alexandre Fans of Love is in Pré are still in shock. This Monday, September 12, 2022, Mathieu revealed that Alexandre had left him at the end of August. The young man aspired to a quieter life and posed that the one he led with the one he had married in June 2021. Unable to hold him back, the Camarguais bull breeder decided to continue the project of the project alone GPA started by the duo long months ago.

  Mathieu Van der Poel fait son mea culpa : © supplied by Sportal.fr van der Poel will also have to pay a fine of 1010 euros. The misadventure of Mathieu Van der Poel in Australia ends with a fine and a ban on entering the country for the next three years. The night preceding the world championships in Wollongong, the Dutch cyclist had an altercation with two teenage girls who disturbed peace in the hotel corridors. Arrested by the police, then released in time for the race - from which he then retired after about thirty kilometers - the cyclist was accused of having done justice himself, without alerting security. Australia, very rapid in its timing, has already returned its verdict: van der Poel, who pleaded guilty, was ordered to pay a fine of 1010 euros, as well as a ban on stay in the ocean country for the next three years. Back home, the Dutchman told his experience to VTM microphones. Admit that he made a mistake, but also to make appropriate details: "I recognize that I made a mistake, but I didn't want to hurt these girls," he started. "I took one by the arm, but not with the intention of injuring it. Those who know me know that I have never hurt anyone. The rumors that I would push them are false. Two different versions of the story, but since Australia, it was difficult to refute it. I am sorry and I was wrong. I should not have done it, but it was unfortunately happened. I should have Call the reception or warn someone, but I thought I could settle it myself. It turned out that it was the wrong choice. Now, it's up to me to put it behind me. I Am already happy to be back home, where I can find a little peace and tranquility, "concluded the cyclist.

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Next week it will be serious at "Sturm der Liebe" . Alexandra (Daniela Kiefer) tells Christoph (Dieter Bach) the real reason why the Schwarzbachs urge the sale of the "Fürstenhof" east wing: they do not want to invest the profit in the conversion, but rather compensate for their fake balance sheets. While Christoph Alexandra assures his support, Werner (Dirk Galuba) unreasonably signs the contract. Christoph hopes that with his support at Alexandra he has hit a nerve and can conquer her heart.

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