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03:50  29 november  2022
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Thick fog alert as Met Office warns of cancelled flights, delayed trains and chaos on roads

  Thick fog alert as Met Office warns of cancelled flights, delayed trains and chaos on roads The Met Office says people should expect 'slower journey times with delays to bus and train services possible', while there is also 'a chance of delays or cancellations to flights'.The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for fog until at least 10am amid predictions visibility will be reduced to 'around 100 metres' in some areas, potentially causing issues on the roads as people make their Monday morning commute to work.

Some take a little longer. This applies to the development of the Manforter Innovation Park as a whole, as Bernhard Marewski admitted in his capacity as mayor on Monday. But this also applies to the new building, for which the foundation stone is laid on this damp morning. Finally, you have to say, with a view to the genesis of the project.

Man was written in 2010 when the construction company Vollack and the top of Levaco - at that time the company was still called Tanatex - looked around for the first time in Manfort. There was an existing building that was to be converted and expanded for the purposes of the chemical specialist. Martin Honak, partner at Vollack, is reminiscent of this. Two years later, it was about its own building for the first time; Eight locations were examined. One of them at least on the old Wuppermann site. However, not where the foundation stone has now been laid.

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Levaco new building project: Five years "Creative Pause"

The five years later Honak describes Honak as a "creative break"; In 2017 the project took shape again. Incidentally, one that suggested a lot of what seems sensible today; he remembers. "There will be many more video conferences," was forecast five years ago. The necessities of corona pandemic have made it real.

With another aspect, however, a lot has happened since 2017, Jens Becker from Levaco emphasizes: "The way we build it today, we would not have built the house five years ago." Saving energy is the top priority; The manufacturer of emulsifiers, deforestation and aids for textile chemistry has its new headquarters built according to the KfW-40 standard. Of course, solar collectors come to the roof - is now standard in the innovation park . All of this "costs a little more, but you also save good money," explains the Levaco CFO.

BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty ‘expelled' from school over explicit drawings

  BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty ‘expelled' from school over explicit drawings BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty opened up about her teenage years and how she once got in trouble with her teachers for what she drew on her last day of school.The comedy show Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains features a number of celebrity guests coming on to take a trip down memory lane.

says Managing Director Marius Mühlenberg with a view of the global market, where the former Bayer division is on the road that "there are also cheaper locations in the world". Nevertheless, the specialist is on growth course. Situations such as 2009, when a third of the then 95 employees in Leverkusen was released, the boss ruled out: "We don't want that, we won't."

In the meantime, around 120 people are on board in Leverkusen alone, another 50 in the Uerdingen plant. Half of the Leverkuseners are supposed to move to the Dhünnbogen, of which a dozen are employed in the laboratory, which will take a short half of the almost 1700 square meter new building.

Bauantrag voriges Jahr, Fertigstellung in einem Jahr: Im Manforter Dhünnbogen entsteht die neue Zentrale von Levaco. Thomas Käding © Thomas Käding building application last year, completion in one year: the new Levaco headquarters are being built in the Manforter Dhünnbogen. Incidentally, Thomas Käding

not only based on the company's loyalty to the location that “Lev” is part of the name, Jens Becker still says. The low trade tax rate of 250 points also "helps to make such decisions". The building administration and the Leverkusen business development agency also get away from Levacos CFO well: "You have a question, the next day you get an answer."

Biofrontera: Another extraordinary general meeting

 Biofrontera: Another extraordinary general meeting © Thomas Käding The board of Biofrontera still consists only of the chief of finance Pilar de la Huerta. As soon as seven million new shares are placed , Biofrontera wants to get money again on the stock exchange. Again, it is around seven million euros in new shares that are to be offered at a price of 1.05 euros each. This has just decided on the board and the supervisory board. The vote at the top of the Manforter Pharma-AG is not enough: the shareholders have to agree to the plan.

Because it is also eager to work on Monday, the schedule will appear realistic at the end of next year: at the end of next year: Levaco wants to move into the new headquarters and thus set a statement outside the Chempark. "Lanxess did it that way," says Jens Becker, without wanting to compare himself to Bayer's chemistry. Even if today's Levaco and the meanwhile Tanatex had the black-red Lanxess logo in the letterhead after the Bayer era. Anyone who has experienced so much change in less than two decades will certainly not find a move within Leverkusens as a huge challenge.

around 200 products has Levaco in its range. Bayer's earlier textile chemistry produces recipes that make fabrics, for example, more grippy or give them different properties. In addition, there are dispersed agents, emulsifiers, network agents, defoors and various specialties in the catalog that are used in agrochemistry, in colors and varnishes as well as in fibers.

2007 is today's Levaco for 60 million euros to the Dutch Egeria Fund, a financial investor. The Leverkuseners produce for seven years under the name Tanatex.

2014 takes over the Diersch & Schröder group of Bremen and gives it the name Levaco, in 2018 an office in Hong Kong will be founded in order to better serve the textile focus of East Asia. In March 2019

, Levaco took over the majority at Krefelder Defotec, an important manufacturer of chemicals, improve processes in the food, paper and cable industry as well as many other industries. At the beginning of this year, Defotec fully merges with Levaco. (TK)

Invoices: Creditreform: Payment standards of German companies deteriorate significantly .
in the construction industry, the payment morality is particularly bad. Due to increasing material prices and cancellations of orders, the delay in payment rose to 14 days on average. © provided by Handelsblatt Regional, the payment morality in North Rhine-Westphalia was the worst with 12.3 days. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The payment behavior of German companies has deteriorated significantly in the summer quarter.

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