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Cryptojacking campaign takes Microsoft Onedrive in the sights of

Wednesday  21:20,   05 october 2022

© provided by Silicon Hacker Cryptojacking Bitdefender Discovered 700 Microsoft-Onedrive instances in May and June 2022. The Cryptojacking danger grows: Hackers use resource of infected PCs, or mobile. to use their resources for your own... >>>

Echo Dot, Microsoft Surface & Co: At Amazon, fat technology deals now dust

Wednesday  18:10,   05 october 2022

© pr technology deals on Amazon The best technology deals on the Prime Day 2.0 fat discounts of 30, 40 and even 50 percent are on Amazon Prime Day is not uncommon. This year's Prime Day was a real success for real bargain hunters. The two days were >>>

on the iPad: Microsoft Remote Desktop now supports the Apple Pencil

Wednesday  17:10,   05 october 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Remote Desktop Apple cover picture Small throw-in to everyone who is traveling professionally or privately with the iPad and often have to do with the Microsoft ecosystem here: The Redmonders have given the... >>>

Alibaba share: Jack Ma convinced: He would never get a job at Alibaba today

Wednesday  12:20,   05 october 2022

only last year Alibaba founder Jack Ma retired after a successful working life. But he also had to fight at the beginning and now admitted that he would never have received a job at Alibaba today. © provided by Finanzen.net Servais Mont/Getty... >>>

the Milky Way: The nail polish trend around Milky Nails is the most popular manicure

Wednesday  11:51,   05 october 2022

what else bathroom window or front doors is now on the nails. Milky glass becomes a trendy nail polish trend in autumn 2022 : with Milky Nails . It is a semi-transparent and broken white that Jennifer Lopez also wore on the nails at her wedding... >>>

Nobel of Physics: Alain aspect, father of quantum entanglement and mentor of a generation

Tuesday  19:30,   04 october 2022

© Jonathan Nackstrand The announcement of the three winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, October 4, 2022 in Stockholm Many predicted the prestigious reward To their "mentor": Alain aspect, 15th French to receive the Nobel Prize in physics,... >>>

The Nobel Prize in Physics rewards three researchers, including French Alain aspect, for their "revolutionary experiences" on quantum mechanics

Tuesday  16:50,   04 october 2022

the French Alain Aspect, the American John Clauser and the Austrian Anton Zeilinger were awarded Tuesday for their Pioneer works on "quantum entanglement", a mechanism where two quantum particles are perfectly correlated, whatever the distance that >>>

Quatennens case: The filing of complaints is "not a new element" according to LFI

Tuesday  15:20,   04 october 2022

© Stephane Mahe/Reuters Adrien Quatennens in the National Assembly on September 26, 2017. The wife of the deputy of La France Insoumise A filed a complaint against her husband Monday September 26 in Lille. This comes after two handrails. For the... >>>

Password Manager: Mozilla invests in German Startup Heylogin

Monday  12:40,   03 october 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Mozilla cover picture Mozilla not only develops your own solutions that pay attention to the privacy and safety of the users, they also invest in corresponding third -party products. With this in mind, Heylogin has now... >>>

"Optimus" prototypes: Elon Musk presents walking robots in front of

Sunday  23:00,   02 october 2022

New toys from Elon Musk : The Tesla boss demonstrated the prototype of a humanoid robot on Sunday, which, according to its conviction, could eventually become more important than the company's electric cars . © AFP Telsa showed the first prototype... >>>

Interactive auctions: Should we sell a property through this?

Saturday  16:30,   01 october 2022

every Tuesday, at the Hôtel de la Compagnie des Notaires, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, it is the same ritual: small locks are lit at regular intervals. They consumed slowly - the flame goes out after twenty to thirty seconds - the time for... >>>

Stadia: Ubisoft will transfer the purchases to Ubisoft Connect

Saturday  14:50,   01 october 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Google Stadia cover As we have reported two days ago , Google will hire its own streaming service Stadia in mid -January 2023 and has already taken the first measures to initiate the processing of the service. While the... >>>

Optimus: Tesla's ambitious humanoid robot presented by Elon Musk

Saturday  13:50,   01 october 2022

© - The robot "Bumble C" sketched a hi after having arrived on stage, this Friday in Palo Alto, California. AFP He plans to "transform civilization" and build a "future of abundance" where poverty will have disappeared. Elon Musk presented two... >>>

Rip Stadia-Google will post its Gamestreaming service in January 2023 an

Thursday  21:10,   29 september 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Google Stadia Cover It was not the question of whether, but rather when it happens: Google announced the hiring of its game streaming service Stadia, and the servers will be switched off on January 18, 2023. All purchases... >>>

SwiftKey: Microsoft ends the support for iOS and iPados

Thursday  08:40,   29 september 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows SwiftKey cover for users who are at home in the Microsoft ecosystem and have an iPhone or iPad in parallel, there is bad news. Already in the coming week, the Redmonders will end the support for their keyboard SwiftKey on... >>>