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Dark matter scientists observe the 'rarest event ever recorded'

Friday  05:36,   26 april 2019

The universe is almost 14 billion years old. This process takes a trillion times longer. .. how can we even see it at all?" and let me tell you, that's exactly what I was thinking, too. It's not only a groundbreaking discovery, but a mind-breaking... >>>

Facebook bans personality quizzes after Cambridge Analytica scandal

Friday  05:35,   26 april 2019

The quizzes weren’t exactly the... >>>

Samsung’s Galaxy View 2 is a 17-inch portable TV that happens to be a tablet

Friday  05:25,   26 april 2019

With a massive 12,000mAh... >>>

Persona 5 is coming to the Switch as an action RPG

Thursday  20:12,   25 april 2019

We never saw it... >>>

Google Duo rolls out group calling to select regions

Thursday  20:11,   25 april 2019

On Tuesday, Google Indonesia announced via Twitter that Duo, Google's answer to FaceTime and Skype, has begun rolling out across the country, supporting group video calls with up to four... >>>

Facebook broke Canadian privacy law, according to regulators

Thursday  20:08,   25 april 2019

‘Their privacy framework was empty,” the report... >>>

Apple recalls AC wall plug adapters due to electric shock risk

Thursday  20:07,   25 april 2019

Plugs were recalled in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United... >>>

Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer

Thursday  15:49,   25 april 2019

If you’re like many people, you may have decided that you want to spend less time staring at your... >>>

Japan creates first artificial crater on asteroid

Thursday  15:49,   25 april 2019

Japanese scientists have succeeded in creating what they called the first-ever artificial crater on an asteroid, a step towards shedding light on how the solar system evolved, the country's space agency said... >>>

Saturn Moon Has Lakes Filled With Liquid Methane

Thursday  15:46,   25 april 2019

The Saturn moon Titan was discovered to have deep lakes filled with liquid... >>>

Mark Zuckerberg has a podcast now

Thursday  12:35,   25 april 2019

It’s part of his New Year’s... >>>

Hubble enjoyed a colorful view of the Southern Crab Nebula to celebrate 29 years in space

Thursday  12:10,   25 april 2019

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided mankind with some of the most incredible views of space that we've ever... >>>

Facebook Stories somehow hits 500 million daily users

Thursday  09:10,   25 april 2019

We can’t explain it... >>>

New device translates brain activity into speech. Here’s how.

Thursday  09:00,   25 april 2019

The research may one day give voice to people who lost speech from neurological... >>>

Are shared experiences the future of virtual reality?

Thursday  06:00,   25 april 2019

VR doesn't have to be lonely, thanks to new theater-like experience that make you part of a mass... >>>