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Headcrabs, Rhys Darby and Portals: The making of Half-Alyx

Wednesday  18:00,   01 april 2020

"There’s definitely a little bit of trepidation""When we started out working on this project, there was always a little bit of nervousness around the IP, because everybody has a really great reverence for it, and everybody is a fan of it. And we are >>>

Best kids tablet 2020: the top picks for children

Wednesday  18:00,   01 april 2020

A tablet is every parent's favorite childminder, but which one is best for your precious offspring? We round up the best kids tablet options.Kids tablets are hardier than their adult counterparts – and often cheaper too, given they tend to pack... >>>

Passwords could soon be abandoned once and for all

Wednesday  17:55,   01 april 2020

‘Huge desire’ among businesses to rid themselves of passwords, says Okta.Joe Diamond, the company’s Senior Director of Product, told TechRadar Pro businesses are no longer willing to tolerate the friction or hazards associated with managing a... >>>

Minecraft House: How to build the best Minecraft house so you can stay safe and live in style

Wednesday  17:55,   01 april 2020

If you're creating somewhere to live, then here's everything you need to know about building a Minecraft houseWhen you're deciding how to build a Minecraft house you have two main options, both of which have their pros and cons. If you want... >>>

Best gaming keyboards 2020

Wednesday  17:50,   01 april 2020

These are the best gaming keyboards money can buyBut what's the best gaming keyboard for you? It all begins by figuring out whether you want a mechanical or membrane device. If you've got no idea what the difference is, don't worry - let us explain. >>>

Czechs test 'smart quarantine' to curb virus impact

Wednesday  16:50,   01 april 2020

Czech authorities are testing a new IT system to quickly trace back the contacts of those infected with coronavirus to curb the spread, a spokeswoman said Tuesday. The solution offered by the Covid19cz group of computer experts uses data from the... >>>

NASA's Mars rover Perseverance rover has a hidden message for the Red Planet

Wednesday  16:50,   01 april 2020

It won't be the first hidden message that NASA sends to Mars.The car-size Perseverance, which is scheduled to launch to the Red Planet this July, carries a special commemorative plate that holds small silicon chips bearing the names of more than >>>

Key ingredient in coronavirus tests comes from Yellowstone’s lakes

Wednesday  16:50,   01 april 2020

A curious life-form that lives in the park’s thermal pools makes a protein that changed the course of biomedical history.Microbiologist Thomas Brock was tramping through Yellowstone in the 1960s when he stumbled upon a species of bacteria that would >>>

New Fitbit Charge 4 adds GPS

Wednesday  04:07,   01 april 2020

New Fitbit Charge 4 adds... >>>

SpaceX's Starship Users Guide lets you daydream about an escape from Earth

Wednesday  04:07,   01 april 2020

There's nothing better than a glossy brochure.The Starship Users Guide is live on the SpaceX site. It doesn't reveal any Earth-shattering new information, but it does gather together a lot of details in one place while doing an effective job of... >>>

How to get started with Zoom

Wednesday  04:07,   01 april 2020

You can make a free account right nowThis is a quick guide for those who haven’t tried Zoom yet, featuring tips on how to get started using its free version. One thing to keep in mind: while one-to-one video calls can go as long as you want, any... >>>

How technology is helping to maintain positive workplace culture

Tuesday  19:45,   31 march 2020

Covid-19 has been disruptive to many aspects of our lives – including our work. For most organisations, remote working is The post How technology is helping to maintain positive workplace culture during self-isolation appeared first on CityAM.For... >>>

China’s new crew spacecraft looks like it could dock with the International Space Station

Tuesday  19:34,   31 march 2020

China’s new crew spacecraft looks like it could dock with the International Space Station (ISS). An image posted by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) shows the new spacecraft’s docking system, which appears compatible with the... >>>

Astronauts could use their own urine to build moon bases one day

Tuesday  19:33,   31 march 2020

When humans return to the moon to stay, where will they live? Well, it turns out they might stay in buildings made out of astronaut pee.In a new study, researchers have found that urea, the major organic compound found in human urine, could be... >>>

NASA to launch fleet of tiny spacecraft to study monster sun storms

Tuesday  19:33,   31 march 2020

The SunRISE mission will use six CubeSats to investigate solar particle storms.NASA announced on Monday it is moving forward with the Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) mission. The mission has a $62.6 million price tag and is... >>>