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Rice blows Stafylidis - and explains its own red card

Saturday  22:02,   16 april 2022

0: 3 in Freiburg, Stafylidis lost with a place of space and even sent with red on the tribune: the afternoon of Thomas Rice was one forgotten. Bochum coach was not aware of any guilt and clarified. © Imago / Eibner Referee Sascha Stegemann moves... >>>

Microsoft's Feedback Portal continues to grow: Windows 365 is the latest member

Friday  11:50,   15 april 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Feedback Portal Title Image Since the end of 2021 Microsoft works on a new feedback platform. The ambitious goal: All customer feedback on all Microsoft products should be collected at a central location. In >>>

Right on fast internet maybe later than planned

Thursday  09:25,   14 april 2022

In the so-called right to fast internet, it is very likely to come to a delay. The Federal Cabinet shifted an actually planned cabinet recording to the end of April for this week. © Sina Schult / DPA Fiberglass Cable are located on a construction... >>>

Virtual Reality Headset: Pico Neo 3 Link presented

Wednesday  18:40,   13 april 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Pico Neo 3 Title Image With the Neo 3 Link, Pico today presented its first VR headset for Consumer, after the company has been working exclusively in the commercial environment. The Neo 3 link should attract customers >>>

27 million for Mark Zuckerberg's Security: The numbers Other tech bosses

Wednesday  16:15,   13 april 2022

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (37) gives more money for its safety than all other tech bosses in the world. As the META boss of the Exchange Supervision SEC announced, its costs amounted to more than $ 26.8 million in 2021 alone, converted... >>>

Debate of the between-two-tricks: How are the two journalists who animate this evening event?

Tuesday  19:45,   12 april 2022

© Chamussy / Sipa Debate from the Entre-Tower: How are the two journalists who animate this evening event? Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will debate on Wednesday, April 20th on TF1 and France 2, as was the case in 2017. How are the two... >>>

Tesla boss Musks Spacex Provides construction of room capsules An

Tuesday  13:45,   12 april 2022

The production of the Crew Dragon fleet is set according to Spacex President Gwynne Shotwell. The number of crew dragons is to be limited to four room capsules. © Provil by Finanzen.net Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Fleet is limited to... >>>

iPhone, pixel and co.: Just rent the phone?

Tuesday  10:55,   12 april 2022

Smartphone manufacturers throw new devices on the market in the quarter key, often they exceed each other only in details. One way to constantly be in possession of current cutting technology is to rent the devices for a limited period of time.... >>>

Florian Silnicki Atomizes Fabrice Di Vizio in TPMP: "You are an Illuminated!" (Video)

Tuesday  01:25,   12 april 2022

Tonight, the debates were keen and numerous in TPMP on C8. Come on the outcome of the first round, the Florian Silnicki crisis expert involved in Fabrice di Vizio, Florian Philippot's support. © C8 Tonight, the debates were keen and numerous in... >>>

Hamann: Kimmich meets core task not

Monday  15:55,   11 april 2022

Dietmar Hamann is currently not sparing with criticism of Bayern. Now he analyzes the center around Joshua Kimmich - and finds clear words. © Provided by sport1.de Hamann: Kimmich fulfills core task not calculated in the decisive phase of the... >>>

"Yellow sky": the sand dust of the Sahara are returning to France this Monday

Monday  14:00,   11 april 2022

© Franck Dubray / West-France Nantes, mid-March 2022, during the passage of a cloud of sand dust. A new cloud of sand dust from the Sahara is heading for France this Monday, April 11, 2022. The Southwest will first be concerned and, Tuesday, April... >>>

refuel in neighboring countries usually significantly cheaper

Monday  11:45,   11 april 2022

Berlin. Even if the prices have fallen from their highs in March again: refueling has still tasted significantly more in the first week of April than before the war in Ukraine. How the prices differ in neighboring countries and on which routes can... >>>

Windows 10: Support ends for older versions seam

Monday  10:50,   11 april 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 10 Logo Title Image In May 2022, the support for two older versions of Windows 10 ends, which are at least loud unofficial statistics still in use on every eighth PC. Windows 10 1909 and 20h2 receive last time >>>

Duisburg successfully: «Against all resistors»

Sunday  12:15,   10 april 2022

coach Hagen Schmidt sees the team of the MSV Duisburg fighter and mentally set for the final season phase in the relegation battle in the 3rd football league. "Everyone has turned out everything, we really held together as a team and stems against... >>>

Spacex. Follow the arrival of the first tourists in the International Space Station

Saturday  15:30,   09 april 2022

© AFP Photo / NASA / ROSCOSMOS The three businessmen and their captain must stay aboard the ISS for 8 days (photo of drawing). The Axiom-1 mission, the first private flight to the international space station, is arriving at the destination, this... >>>