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Gabon: Second Mission of the Commonwealth

Saturday  10:40,   23 october 2021

Experts © Bajan28 / CreativeCommons Aerial view of Libreville in Gabon (image of illustration). A second mission of the Commonwealth experts has just stayed in Gabon. The first took place in April 2021. The succession of these missions prepares the >>>

The twitter algorithm further amplifies the right contents than those on the left

Friday  15:20,   22 october 2021

© Twitter asserts wanting to launch a constructive conversation to understand why its algorithm ... Twitter says want to launch a constructive conversation to understand why its algorithm does more Promotion of right-wing political content. |... >>>

Intel increases sales and profit

Friday  03:25,   22 october 2021

of semiconductor giant Intel earns significantly more money in the midst of global chip scarcity. © Christoph Dernbach / DPA Intel increases sales and profit. Sales increased by 5 percent year-on-year to $ 19.2 billion, as Intel announced after US... >>>

Cédric Jubillar "Capable of playing with the cops": the amazing remarks of a close

Thursday  23:05,   21 october 2021

© Screenshot Facebook Cédric Jubillar "Capable of playing with the cops": the amazing remarks of a near indicted For the murder of his wife, Cédric Jubillar continues to deny his involvement. It has been heard several times by the investigators.... >>>

Lyon: "Images will serve as evidence," TCL now equipped with pedestrian cameras

Thursday  21:25,   21 october 2021

The 250 control and security agents of the Lyonnais public transport network will have 92 cameras by the end of the year © C. Girardon / 20 minutes TCL agents are now equipped with pedestrian cameras. Public Transports - The 250 Control and... >>>

Microsoft makes developer tool vs code available in the browser

Thursday  19:55,   21 october 2021

© Provided by Silicon Microsoft_Visual Studio It needs Edge or Chrome. It is only a slimmed version of Visual Studio Code. Microsoft has published an preview of the browser-based version of its Tool Visual Studio Code (VS Code) . Vscode for the Web >>>

512 GB and 2 TB: New memory expansion cards from Seagate for Xbox Series X and S

Thursday  19:55,   21 october 2021

© Provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Series S x Memory Cards Seagate, previously exclusive provider of expansion cards for the memory slot in Xbox Series X and S, has two new memory cards announced , which extend the offer up and down. So far, the... >>>

The inner termination: How to recognize them and what you can do against them

Thursday  15:10,   21 october 2021

Some an employee comes at his workplace to a point where he does not see the meaning of his activity or just lack the perspective. However, that usually does not happen suddenly, but develops over a long time. But where does it come from and what... >>>

Stiftung Warentest: suction and wiping robot in the test: no one can really suck well almost

Thursday  08:50,   21 october 2021

in the new suction and wiping robot check Stiftung Warentest cut after all three robots from well - but none of them sucks well on carpets. On hard floors and when wiping the machines themselves at better. © Getty Images A robotic vacuum cleaner... >>>

Alexa: How to create a shopping list

Wednesday  21:05,   20 october 2021

You forget constantly what you actually wanted to shop, shopping in paper form but you also lose? Then the Language Assistant Alexa can help you: How to create a shopping list with voice commands and what other features offers the app, we explain... >>>

Apple has built up an iPhone feature in the new MacBook Pro - and craves a lot of rid of social media

Wednesday  11:05,   20 october 2021

For the first time for five years, Apple has presented a redesign of his MacBook Pro on Monday. With the new model, features such as Magsafe chargers, SD card and HDMI connectors come back. In return, the controversial touch bar was removed above... >>>

Facebook pays a million added to rejected applicants

Wednesday  02:40,   20 october 2021

Washington. The Internet company is to have US applicants disadvantaged in job opportunities. Now Facebook agrees to pay a total of 14 million US dollars in penalties and compensation. © Josh Edelson A Facebook employee in the company's... >>>

Who seen my status at WhatsApp?

Tuesday  23:05,   19 october 2021

About the status can be shared with WhatsApp with friends for a limited time a photo or the current mood. How to find out which contacts have viewed their own current status. © Provided by Finanzen.net Twin Design / Shutterstock.com WhatsApp... >>>

Valérie Pécresse wants to delete "150,000 positions in the administering administration"

Tuesday  01:25,   19 october 2021

© supplied by Europe 1 guest of "Punchline" Monday on Europe 1, the nomination candidate LR Valérie Pécresse said determined to "put in place all the reforms that the right promised to do ". Among them, the "Reform of Liche Insurance, the... >>>

October-Keynote: New airpods appear at the end of the Month

Monday  23:50,   18 october 2021

The airpods are according to Apple's most popular music products that the Group has ever published. That the company has presented a new generation of the headphones on 18 October, is not surprising. © Apple The third generation of the airpods is... >>>