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YouTube’s trending tab is there to lure in new users, not views

Thursday  14:25,   20 september 2018

Why you don’t see more creators trending.How important is YouTube’s trending section for getting views? According to YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl, it has less of an impact than people might believe. In an interview posted today,...[...]

Nearly half of cellphone calls will be scams by 2019, report says

Thursday  14:10,   20 september 2018

An Arkansas-based firm predicts an explosion of spam calls, marking a leap from 3.7 percentage of total calls in 2017 to a projected 44.6 percentage by early 2019.Nearly half of all cellphone calls next year will come from scammers, according to...[...]

Samsung's mid-range Galaxy A7 has a triple camera setup

Thursday  13:50,   20 september 2018

Triple-camera smartphones are officially the new normal. Samsung has unveiled the mid-range Galaxy A7 with three cameras at the rear: an 8-megapixel shooter with an ultra-wide 120-degree lens, a 24-megapixel main camera, and a "depth" lens to give...[...]

Apple Music now works with Android Auto

Thursday  13:50,   20 september 2018

The Android version also adds song search by lyrics.Apple hasn’t ignored some of Android’s conveniences; Apple Music also supports microSD card storage, something that doesn’t exist on...[...]

NASA's mission to 'touch the sun' beams back first images

Thursday  13:30,   20 september 2018

Sun not...[...]

Facebook building a 'war room' to battle election meddling

Thursday  13:05,   20 september 2018

Facebook on Wednesday said it will have a "war room" up and running on its Silicon Valley campus to quickly repel efforts to use the social network to meddle in upcoming elections. "We are setting up a war room in Menlo Park for the Brazil and US...[...]

Elon Musk promises Tesla dashcam feature coming soon

Thursday  10:56,   20 september 2018

Dashcam mode would use the cameras on the vehicle normally used for Autopilot and will be released with Tesla software version 9 as a beta...[...]

Nuclear Pasta: Universe's Strongest Material Discovered

Thursday  10:55,   20 september 2018

Computer simulations will help scientists better understand the smallest and densest known stars.Instead, it can be found deep inside the crust of the smallest, densest known stars, scientists have discovered via computer...[...]

iOS 12.1 setup hints at new iPad this fall, report says

Thursday  10:50,   20 september 2018

A new entry for "iPad2018Fall" in iOS 12.1 has apparently appeared in its onboarding code.Several other tidbits have come out of the beta version of iOS 12.1, which Apple released to developers on Tuesday, one day after iOS 12 was released to the...[...]

A tiny galaxy almost collided with the Milky Way and astronomers can see the effects

Thursday  10:30,   20 september 2018

A galactic near-miss. From our perspective here on Earth, the Milky Way looks like a bright streak of stars against the night sky. But its actual shape is a more complicated spiral, with curving arms reaching out in a disk around a bulging...[...]

That Apple wireless AirPod charging case is delayed, so Huawei is making one instead

Thursday  10:25,   20 september 2018

One of the minor new products that we were expecting to see at Apple's fall iPhone event last week was a new wireless charging case for Apple's signature AirPods. Unfortunately, wireless charging is a sore spot for Apple right now. The...[...]

Apple pays off its $15.4 billion Irish tax bill

Thursday  09:05,   20 september 2018

The EU is to drop its litigation against Apple over its cosy tax relationship with Ireland now that the iPhone-maker has paid back 13.2 billion Euros ($15.4 billion) in back taxes, plus interest of 1.2 billion Euros ($1.4 billion). "The...[...]

NASA’s Beloved Mars Rovers Are Having a Rough Year

Thursday  08:50,   20 september 2018

At the start of 2018, NASA had two active rovers on Mars. Then on Saturday, the other rover, Curiosity, experienced a technical problem that has prompted engineers to temporarily turn off all its science instruments while they...[...]

Facebook could face EU sanctions if it doesn’t change its terms of service

Thursday  08:50,   20 september 2018

The social network has yet to comply with new EU rules instituted back in March.As detailed back in February, authorities want Facebook to better protect consumers’ rights, including the ability to withdraw from an online purchase, sue in Europe and [...]

Facebook wanted banks to fork over customer data passing through Messenger

Thursday  08:25,   20 september 2018

Facebook also saw its Messenger platform as a siphon for the sensitive financial data of its users, information it would not otherwise have access to unless a customer interacted with, say, a banking institution over chat.In the wake of the...[...]