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10:42  12 january  2018
10:42  12 january  2018 Source:   cnet.com

Hyundai to Roll Out Level 4 Autonomous Cars by 2021

  Hyundai to Roll Out Level 4 Autonomous Cars by 2021 New fuel cell CUV debuting at CES will serve as test vehicleThe partners will work on developing hardware and software for autonomous vehicles. The goal is for future vehicles to achieve Level 4 autonomy, which the SAE defines as being able to operate without human oversight under certain conditions.

Cruise Automotive is taking the wraps off its first fully autonomous car , the Cruise AV , and it' s a lot more than a Bolt EV without a brake pedal. That is to say, it has no steering wheel , no pedals and no real driver controls at all -- aside from a touchscreen -- and GM says it'll hit the road in 2019.

meet the cruise av , gm ' s first production-ready driverless car . Plans on track for ridesharing fleet in 2019 with no steering wheel or pedals General Motors has unveiled the Cruise AV General Motors Cruise AV is more than a Bolt without a steering wheel .

a close up of a car © Provided by CNET The autonomous revolution is nearly upon us, and today General Motors is entering the fray properly with this, the Cruise AV. The fruit of GM's $1 billion acquisition of Cruise Automotive back in March of 2016, the Cruise AV is a properly driverless car. That is to say, it has no steering wheel, no pedals and no real driver controls at all -- aside from a touchscreen -- and GM says it'll hit the road in 2019.

Intended just for a GM-operated ride-sharing service, users will summon a Cruise AV using an app, much like they would if using a service like Lyft -- which GM also happens to own a fair bit of. Users can also input their destination through the app and the car will safely, silently usher them along.

Chinese Startup Byton to Launch 'Intelligent' Electric Car At CES

  Chinese Startup Byton to Launch 'Intelligent' Electric Car At CES But will Byton fare better than other electric-car startups?Byton is the latest startup looking to break into the electric car business. The Chinese firm will unveil what it calls an "all-new intelligent electric vehicle" at CES 2018 and plans to begin U.S. sales in 2020. But like all automotive startups, Byton faces significant challenges.

GM Will Launch Robocars Without Steering Wheels Next Year. Welcome to the age of the truly driverless car : GM ' s latest self-driving vehicle It spent a reported 0 million on Cruise Automation, and put the San Francisco–based startup in charge of its effort to develop fully autonomous vehicles.

True to its name, the car will be created entirely without a steering wheel , brake, or accelerator. Should this timeline be realized, the Cruise AV will become one of the very first autonomous cars in In total, GM is requesting 16 adjustments to present vehicle safety rules from the national body, and

But it goes beyond that. Users can also input things like preferred temperature and music, and the car will make sure it's set to your preferences before showing up on the curb.

Once inside, passengers will receive constant updates on the car's progress and status through a series of touchscreens: one in the dash up front and two more behind the headrests for passengers in the rear. It's through these screens the car will give an idea of what it can "see" of the world around.

And how will it see? Through a complex and redundant series of optical, laser and radar scanners, including three separate radar systems. Should any one of the sensor systems fails, a backup system could cover. Likewise, the autonomous processing system is fully redundant, so that any failure there would simply result in switching from one to the other.

New Byton firm unveils full electric Concept SUV

  New Byton firm unveils full electric Concept SUV Crossover Concept from Chinese start-up features 469bhp powertrain, 323-mile range and dashboard-filling display screenChinese electric car start-up Byton, run by ex-BMW I boss Carsten Breitfeld, has unveiled a concept version of its first model, an SUV with support for level four autonomous driving, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

General Motors filed a Safety Petition with the Department of Transportation for its fourth-generation self-driving Cruise AV , the first production-ready vehicle built from the start to operate safely on its own, with no driver, steering wheel , pedals or manual controls. For more information on how GM

GM just introduced a self-driving car without a steering wheel . For 110 years, General Motors has been making cars with steering wheels and pedals. But that just changed. The carmaker' s self-driving arm, Cruise Automation, on Friday unveiled the latest version of its autonomous vehicle -- and the

a close up of a device: Cruise AV © Provided by CNET Cruise AV

The Cruise AV has been tested extensively in San Francisco (and we've surely seen them motoring around at all hours of the day and night) and presumably will launch there first in 2019, when they start hitting the roads. No word on when they might be available to other ride-sharing services or, indeed, whether you or I will ever be able to buy one, but GM says the Cruise AV is a big part of its plan for "a future with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion." That sounds like a pretty good place to us.

Andretti: IndyCar back to being 'pure' open-wheel .
Indy 500 winner and 1978 Formula 1 world champion Mario Andretti believes that IndyCar will return to racing “pure” open-wheel single-seaters with the introduction of the universal aero kit. Both Chevrolet and Honda will run the same aerodynamic package this season, in an attempt to both cut costs for competitors and improve the spectacle with cars being less affected by turbulence. The new design, showcased at the Detroit Auto Show, places a heightened emphasis on ground effect in order to generate grip. Both the front and rear wings have been simplified along with the bargeboards. Andretti believes that the changes made are a significant step forward for the series. “The car is beautiful and going back to what a pure open-wheel single-seater should be,” said Andretti. “Having more ground effect and reducing the surface aero which creates the turbulence is a huge step forward. “From here, we really have something to work with. “The beautiful part is that there is more of a level playing field because there is one kit for all the teams to have, and of course, there is always competition across the board but you always have to keep in mind the show itself. “You always have to keep the competitors on a level playing field.” With cars being less susceptible to turbulent air in 2018 and with the weight distribution being moved forward, drivers will experience a more predictable car this season.

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