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Olivier Giroud discusses "challenge" of homosexuality in football

Olivier Giroud discusses Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud believes football is still a long way from accepting openly gay footballers. Homosexuality still seems like something of a taboo subject within the game, despite many other walks of life now embracing it. Giroud toldLe Figaro that it is an issue that still exists, with the macho nature of the dressing room environment not helping: “When I saw Thomas Hitzlsperger come out back in 2014, it was very emotional. It was at this time that I thought that it is impossible to be openly homosexual in football.” “In the dressing room, there is a lot of testosterone, teasing and collective showers. It is delicate, but that is how it is.” “I can understand the pain and the difficulty for guys in coming out – it is a real challenge and it takes years of work on yourself.” “When I joined Montpellier, I got involved in the fight for tolerance and was on the cover of [French gay magazine] Tetu. At Arsenal, when asked, I wore rainbow laces in support of the gay community.” It is a sad state of affairs that a gay footballer should still have such a dilemma with regards to coming out. Sadly, it is understandable why an individual would approach the situation with such trepidation, though, given the reaction that could follow.

Oh!! A Rainbow !!! It surely looks beautiful but have you ever thought how a Rainbow is formed ? watch all this "seven colors in a rainbow " fun filled fact

Check out our video "The Rainbow -Lesson for kids" and enjoy a range of interesting information about rainbows . Have fun learning everything you've ever

How is a rainbow formed? © Deposit Photos rainbow in a field If you’ve ever seen one, consider yourself lucky. For a rainbow to appear, the conditions must be just right.

Because of their colorful and unique display, rainbows have generated countless legends and myths throughout history. Among the most popular is the Irish folklore that leprechauns store their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But the truth is, rainbows can be seen only if you are in the right place at the right time.

If you’ve ever seen one, consider yourself lucky. For a rainbow to appear, the conditions must be just right.

Rainbows can be seen when light passes through raindrops, says Kristin Calhoun, a research scientist at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the scientific agency focusing in part on the conditions of weather.

This interactive museum in Japan is like living inside of a rainbow

This interactive museum in Japan is like living inside of a rainbow Here's a peek inside of Tokyo's most Instagrammable digital art museum that projects vibrant art and lights onto the walls of a warehouse.

An Experiment to show kids how a rainbow is formed .

We have tried to explain the entire phenomenon of Primary as well as Secondary Rainbow Formation through simple diagrams and lucid language. So now next

When a person sees a rainbow, it’s really an optical illusion created by the refraction and reflection of light. An optical illusion is when you see something that appears to be something other than what is really there.

When sunlight passes through raindrops, the light bends, or refracts, as it enters the droplet, and then reflects off the inside of the raindrop. This happens because the water is more dense than the air that surrounds it. As it exits the droplet, the light separates into wavelengths. Visible light is made up of various wavelengths, and each wavelength appears as a different color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Red light, for example, bends at a different angle than violet light.

This is why “the person on the ground sees each color at a different location,” Calhoun says, and why rainbows look like a bow or an arc. Sometimes, however, rainbows can actually form an entire circle that you can see in a plane with the right conditions.

Man City, Chelsea and more Premier League clubs trolled for LGBT support

Man City, Chelsea and more Premier League clubs trolled for LGBT support Premier League football clubs—including Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal—have faced online homophobic abuse for showing support for Stonewall’s pro-LGBT+ Rainbow Laces campaign on social media. Some 16 out of the 20 Premier League clubs—also including Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City—backed LGBT+ equality in football by posting rainbow-themed profile pictures and messages to mark the Stonewall campaign on Facebook this week. However, homophobic trolls were quick to respond by posting anti-LGBT+ comments.

How is a rainbow formed ? Find out in JUST ONE MINUTE. Это видео недоступно. How Is A Rainbow Formed ? - SuperSmartLand.com.

How is a rainbow formed ? Update Cancel. aHd by Quora for Business. This happens EVERYWHERE when there is rain! There is never "one" rainbow - you just need to be in a specific place for the light to hit your eyes.

Because rainbows are created by light via raindrops, the best time to catch a rainbow is when it’s sunny and raining. “There is an even better chance when the sun is at a lower angle, so early or later in the day,” Calhoun says.

If you’re trying to spot one, the key is to face the rain and have your back to the sun.

With the conditions just right, Hawaii gets lots of rainbows. “Small showers and storms often form in late afternoon due to the combined effects of topography and daytime heating of the land,” Calhoun says. “These types [of] showers often produce heavy rain, but remain isolated over the center of the island.”

Because rainbows are optical illusions, they’re not located at a specific distance. The location is relative to the person. That means there’s no chance you’ll ever find that pot of gold.

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