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Tech & ScienceScientists unveil 'first' 3D print of heart with human tissue, vessels

15:40  15 april  2019
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Can sharks teach us how to cure cancer? Scientists think so

Can sharks teach us how to cure cancer? Scientists think so We humans like to flatter ourselves and imagine that we have what it takes to survive here on planet Earth, but our reign pales in comparison to that of sharks. Sharks like the great white have been dominating the seas for millions of years, and they didn’t reach the pinnacle by chance. Sharks have incredible biological abilities that give them an edge over many other species, including humans. Now, new research into shark DNA could potentially hold the key to cures for human diseases like cancer, but first scientists have to understand exactly what is going on in the animals’ genes.

The first human corneas have been 3 D - printed by scientists . It means the technique could be used in the future to ensure an unlimited supply of corneas. The dimensions of the printed tissue were originally taken from an actual cornea. By scanning a patient's eye, they could use the data to rapidly

Scientists at Chicago based biotech startup BIOLIFE4D this week announced a major breakthrough He further said, “You can think of it like this is the first time all of the proper ingredients were used to properly make the recipe.” 3 D print blood vessels cardiac tissue Human heart Startup transplant.

Scientists in Israel unveiled a 3D print of a heart with human tissue and vessels on Monday, calling it a first and a "major medical breakthrough" that advances possibilities for transplants.

Scientists demand a prohibition on human genetic modification

Scientists demand a prohibition on human genetic modification It's now been several months since Chinese geneticist He Jiankui announced to the world that he had genetically modified human embryos which were then carried to term and resulted in twin girls. His work, which has come under harsh criticism from every corner of the scientific community, landed him in state detention and he may even face the death penalty once all is said and done.

Scientists have found a way to use spinach to build working human heart muscle, potentially solving a long-standing problem in efforts to repair damaged Scientists have already created large-scale human tissue in a lab using methods like 3 D printing , but it’s been much harder to grow the small

The scientists seeded the gaps that the plant cells left behind with human heart tissue . Heart cells, in clusters, beat for up to three weeks in this unusual To meet the demand, scientists have tried to create artificial organs through innovations such as 3 - D - printing tissue . So far, however, no one has

The heart, about the size of a rabbit's, marked "the first time anyone anywhere has successfully engineered and printed an entire heart replete with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chambers," said Tel Aviv University's Tal Dvir, who led the project.

"People have managed to 3D-print the structure of a heart in the past, but not with cells or with blood vessels," he said.

But the scientists said many challenges remain before fully working 3D printed hearts will be available for transplant into patients.

Journalists were shown a 3D print of a heart about the size of a cherry at Tel Aviv University on Monday as the researchers announced their findings, published in the journal Advanced Science.

Researchers must now teach the printed hearts "to behave" like real ones. Then they plan to transplant them into animal models, said Dvir.

"Maybe, in 10 years, there will be organ printers in the finest hospitals around the world, and these procedures will be conducted routinely," he said.

But he said hospitals would likely start with simpler organs than hearts.

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